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The Joy Of Baja Blast

This is something I never thought I’d say but we’re living in odd times: Baja Blast may have overtaken orange soda as my favorite summer drink. As I type that, I’m still not sure I’ve processed it properly. My love of orange soda goes back to my childhood and still remains one of my favorite drinks. But this summer seems to be a changing of the guard… To the shock of no one, I have always and can continue to be stubborn when it comes to trying new things at times. Yes, the guy who refuses to give up wearing his favorite Etnies hat is stubborn. Shocking I know. But while I’m better at giving new things a chance now, back in 2004 when Baja Blast was introduced, I wasn’t as adventurous. In fact, heck, my go-to Taco Bell meal was just three crunchy tacos and a Diet Pepsi. Yeah I was a basic you-know-what when it came to The Bell and I sure as heck wasn’t gonna switch it up for a Mountain Dew that looks like windshield wiper fluid. To top that off, I was still very much a Mello Yello loyali

Nobody Beats GI JOE!

Nothing much to say, just wanted to show some love for one of my all time favorite GI Joe figures: Tunnel Rat, the sarcastic wiseguy who turned out to be one of GI Joe’s best bomb disposal experts. Not only was he one of the best new characters and figures introduced in the movie, he appealed to everyone. He seemed like a big kid in the military. Tunnel Rat would see numerous future releases in almost every style Hasbro has to offer but very few would ever top his original. It just looks so cool! Figured it would be appropriate seeing as the original animated movie will be released in theaters in a few days by Fathom Events Like many fans, I’ve always wanted to see it on the big screen but it’s just never been a possibility until now. Which is great, it’ll be worth the wait imo. Especially with that insane opening sequence. Seeing GI Joe vs Cobra at the Statue of Liberty on the silver screen? Yes please. I’ve had to have seen this movie over 100 times in my lifetime and I say that wit

Boomerangs, Kangaroos and Wrestling Figures, Oh My!

  I have a weird obsession over the most obscure and goofy characters in pro wrestling history. Be it Nailz, PN News, Zeus, I'm all about short term characters that people will forget (probably for very good reason) and today's subject is no different. Say g’day to OUTBACK JACK!!!! Even the most hardcore of pro wrestling fans will scratch their heads on this one. Outback Jack arrived to the WWF around 1986 to much fanfare but after he didn’t connect with the crowd like the company would hope, he sunk to the lower mid card matches on Superstars and Challenge.    And while didn't have any prolific feuds on tv or even make any PPV appearances(which is odd, he was around long to be thrown into at least ONE Survivor Series match) he DID appear on the song “If You Only Knew” on the Piledriver album and even joined in for the live performance at The 1987 Slammy’s!  It’s important to also remember that Jack who was a legit Australian native, was created to help capitalize on the su

Calling Dick Tracy!

On this day in 1990, Gremlins 2: The New Batch and Dick Tracy were released. Yes you read right. Two classics released on the SAME DAY. That’s pretty wild to think now because most big movies are spread out but back in 1990, Disney and Warner just said “no screw that, you’re on!” to each other. I was pretty obsessed with both movies and easy to see why. My entire household love love LOVED the first Gremlins movie so a second Gremlins movie that proved to be the most amazing, insane acid trip ever was no doubt going to be a favorite for everyone. It had EVERYTHING I would want as a kid. To be honest, it’s hard to describe it in a single blog entry, I’d have to do a 15 part series and that’s not something I have the energy for sadly. But all I’ll say is imagine a live action Looney Tunes adventure disguised as a Gremlins movie with a cameo of Hulk Hogan and about every b-movie name you can imagine. It’s pure magic and I love this movie even more now than I did as a kid. In terms of Dick

WWF Superstars Cookies!

Searching for a treat that will body slam your hunger? Look no further than WWF Superstars! WWF Superstars Oatmeal Cookies were released by Salerno in 1990. I believe it was around the same time every other kid friendly property were getting cheap cookies made. I think the most famous example was the Ninja Turtles cookies that came with a plastic coin bank, which I definitely remember more than these. I’m also kinda remembering a Bart Simpson cookie similar to these as well. I think that also came with a coin bank. I guess what I’m getting at is if these were released in the form of a Dusty Rhodes coin bank, I’d prolly have a clearer memory of buying them. The common man becomes the uncommon cookie.  The box is pretty standard for the time. Throw Warrior and Hogan on the front posing like goofballs while giant cartoony logos adorn the package. Just for good measure, they threw in Andre the Giant as the cookie example too. Even better, this is the cookies actual size. So while I don’t h

Hey Slimer, Cut It Out!

​Just thought I’d share this because it’s just amazing… A few months ago, my dear friend (and TPIF cohost) Derek was nice enough to get my Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman figure signed by Dave Coulier (who voiced Peter in the cartoon after Lorenzo Music moved on to play Garfield). Dave was a last second addition to the already heavily stacked show. I think he got announced 2 weeks before the show itself. I have almost all of the Real Ghostbusters rerelease figures and the Ecto 1 and just thought it would be fun to get them signed by the voice actors. So that’s one down, 3 to go. Although, I’ve heard Arsenio Hall is gonna be a tough one to get. Hope he does a private signing soon! I  should prolly invest in some figure packaging protectors sooner than later, those could come in handy! Especially seeing Frank Welker and Maurice LaMarche doing signings across the country, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the others signed. Derek was worried that Dave’s autograph was too light. I’m not worr