Boomerangs, Kangaroos and Wrestling Figures, Oh My!

 I have a weird obsession over the most obscure and goofy characters in pro wrestling history. Be it Nailz, PN News, Zeus, I'm all about short term characters that people will forget (probably for very good reason) and today's subject is no different. Say g’day to OUTBACK JACK!!!!

Even the most hardcore of pro wrestling fans will scratch their heads on this one. Outback Jack arrived to the WWF around 1986 to much fanfare but after he didn’t connect with the crowd like the company would hope, he sunk to the lower mid card matches on Superstars and Challenge.  And while didn't have any prolific feuds on tv or even make any PPV appearances(which is odd, he was around long to be thrown into at least ONE Survivor Series match) he DID appear on the song “If You Only Knew” on the Piledriver album and even joined in for the live performance at The 1987 Slammy’s! 

It’s important to also remember that Jack who was a legit Australian native, was created to help capitalize on the success of the mega popular Crocodile Dundee. He seemed to have a lot of charisma, he was a big guy and sounded and looked cartoony, so he fit the WWF standards at the time. Vince thought he had struck gold but the sad truth is he more or less struck tin foil…

His figure was produced by LJN at the height of the WWF's popularity and didn't come anything outside of his trademark hat (which, as you can see, is lost very easily and kinda hard to come by). With a pose that looks like he just threw back a pint in the pub or tossed his opponent out of the ring, Jack was most likely the top jobber in any kids figure fed but honestly still a great looking figure to be in the collection. Still way better than the Ted Arcidi and Billy Jack Haynes figures!

And just remember, not EVERYONE got a figure in their career so Jack must've done something right (See: IF YOU ONLY KNEW) and garnered enough attention or Vince just saw him as an easily marketable guy. Which makes sense since Jack also received a tshirt, trading cards and I believe I’ve seen him on the side of an old gas station fountain cup. Either way, the figure is still a fave of mine from the line and just sums up how fun and silly wrestling was at the time. Or nonsensical. Take your pick. I’d go with “safe nonsense” to be on the safe side

He didn't have the most technical ability like Ricky Steamboat, he didn't cut the most memorable promos like Jake The Snake , but he was still one of those guys that looked like he was having fun and someone you really wanted to cheer on. I mean we’ve cheered on a lot lamer guys. Brutus Beefcake, anyone?


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