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Happy SharkOWeen!

Shark Week is always a huge deal on the internet. In fact, as long as I can remember, Shark Week was a pretty big deal. For the past 15 or so years, I've actually known people who actually hold shark-themed parties and hold it to the same degree I hold Wrestlemania. Which, you gotta love. I mean, that's some serious shark love, son. So, ready to celebrate Shark Week? Well, you gotta get all the right components for your celebration. Food is essential, obviously. And drinks. Can't have a party without them. Sure, a party without games is more than excusable but food and drink? That's a one way ticket to failure. But aside from Shark Bites gummy snacks and maybe even actual shark sandwiches, there's not a lot of options. Thankfully, our pals at 7-11 got you covered! Slurpees! Treats! Cups! Straws! Donuts! We're gonna need a bigger fpantry... Remember how I said if you didn't have a lot of food and drinks present at your party, you'

2016 Flea Market Adventure Volume 2

I went back into the wild for the first time in about two months . I had been away from the flea market game for about 2 months. After the famous McDonald House 4 day victory(which yes, I know I alluded to a third entry, but stuff happened and I didn't. Sorry, I gotta admit, nothing that amazing was found anyway, so it's for the best) I decided I was going to take a small hiatus. But today, I decided I had waited long enough. I sat on the sidelines while my fellow flea market fanatics struck gold. So I decided today was the day I'd grab my water bottle, iPod, and head back out into the ocean of bargains. While I went in with ZERO expectations(as you should always do when it comes to flea markets! I can't stress this enough!), I didn't expect for the first table that I saw as I entered the market to be one of my favorite tables ever and a huge victory. My eyes directly went toward table after table filled with toys, toys, TOYS!!! Check it out, you wouldn't beli

Review: Quantum Leap Seasons 1 and 2

Oh boy... Mill Creek is putting out one of the most beloved sci-fi shows of all time and I can't be happier. I missed out on the original DVD releases from 2004, so it's pretty nice that I have the ability to get a (considerably cheaper) second chance at owning these seasons. First off, what can be said about Quantum Leap? The story of Dr Sam Beckett, who thanks to a scientific experiment gone wrong, hops through the bodies of complete strangers to fix catastrophic moments in time with only his sharp-tongued holographic sidekick, Al. A lot of historical, and fictional, situations seen in this show. You can see Sam rub shoulders with famous faces before they were famous from Stephen King to Sylvester Stallone to Donald Trump, usually in silly, quick gags. And it works. For a show that's sometimes super emotional and serious, it's nice to have a good measure of humor every once in a while. Not only do the famous youngsters provide fun moments, but Sam and Al&

The Ecto Cooler Adventure

According to my log, this is my 200th post. My gosh, have I been really rambling for 200 posts? Wow. Well, thank you kindly for continuing to read my humble blog! It's always very much appreciated!  It's also Ghostbusters Day! Time to celebrate! Well...maybe not them. Admittedly, I am a fan of the Filmation series. Primevil was a really cool villain and the car was cool! And well, Futura was hot. For a cartoon, that is. Don't you judge me. Allright, so, you see the title. You know what today's blog entry is all about. There's no introductions needed at this point in time. But with all due respect to you guys, I still have to type it out just so I know it's real. ECTO. COOLER. I'll skip the entire spiel on Ecto Cooler. You know the deal. You know the history. Chances are, much like me, you're one of the many who have requested this drink over and over again. You're part of the many who laid awake at night, crying and longing for th


Happy National VCR DAY! A day to celebrate that is every analog. I mean, sure, YouTube and WWE Network are good options for watching these too, but I want some over the top, nonsensical trailers before and some of that lovely VCR noise while I slowly pass out. You know the noise. It's like a beautiful white noise machine. It's relaxing. Don't look at me like I'm crazy. So, I've got my comfy bed, my Gizmo head pillow , my feet up, a big glass of water, a bowl of Market Pantry Cheese Squares. I'm comfy. What's the first tape I play? X-MEN, NIGHT OF THE SENTINELS: X-Men series debuted in 1992 and took over every young boys lives immediately. I read X-Men comics before so I was already familiar with these characters. Also, I had been a fan of the Pryde of the X-Men short as well, which happens to be my all time favorite animated X-Men adaption ever by the way, so this was an easy sell for me. Fox had so much faith in this that they actually premiere