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Celebrating Wizard Wednesday with Ross of 8-Bit Zombie!

If you've liked the HorrorMovieBBQ on Facebook , you've already seen that I have started "Wizard Wednesday", a day where I celebrate one of my favorite movies of all time, The Wizard! It's a day where I try my best to spread the word of this unusual movie in hopes more people either discover it for the first time or maybe rediscover their love for it. It's a fun day that I look forward to every week. Now, what do I normally do on #WizardWednesday? Normally, I post a screencap, a piece of merch, some trivia, a video, anything I can find that may have ties to this movie. One of the things I've wanted to do was try my hardest to get a hold of some cast members, maybe the director, whoever I could that could give me a few moments to discuss The Wizard. Now, obviously Christian Slater was out of the question, but I'd love to get a hold of everybody one way or the other! One person I needed to reach out to was Ross. Who's Ross? Why the mastermind ar

Non spoiler review of BvsS:

So I just got out of Batman vs Superman... Wow... As I've explained many times in this blog, I'm a lifelong DC Comics/Batman/Wonder Woman/JLA fan. It's just the way it's been. I've been excited for Batman vs Superman since it got announced 3 years ago. And I've been hearing about how terrible this movie was going to be from nearly everyone. Was it going to fail? It could. Was it going to be great? It could. All I knew is I was excited to see two of my favorite heroes on the big screen, after all this time. For the past years, my excitement has grown and grown and blossomed into a full blown fanboy-boner.  And ya know what? It's exactly what I was hoping it would be. And more. It was exciting, emotional, action packed, even a little humor here and there. Everything was a perfect blend. Nothing too overbearing. Still a little over the top and some intense stuff, but it's a comic book movie, what do you expect? Now, DC Comics have a

Village Gate Toy Show March 2016 Report

Well, today was the big day. Another day that I chose to vend at the local toy show, "Village Gate Toy Show". I've written a few times before about my experiences about it, but really though, it's a toy show you HAVE to attend. It's not big and fancy like a Wizard World or even a minor league comic con. It's a down and dirty toy show where every vendor has the same exact spot, selling the same exact products, willing to negotiate so they don't have to lug a MIB Castle Greyskull back to their car. I'm a firm believer that's one of the charms of this show. This show has been running strong way before I even moved to Rochester. It's pretty legendary amongst those in the region. Run by the owner of local toy store, Yankee Clipper House of Cards, this show takes over both floors of the rather compact sized Village Gate shopping center, a local independent business-filled shopping plaza. And while it may be modest on most days, today...forget it.

5 VHS For A Great Saturday!

It's Saturday, it's 55 degrees outside and I have zero motivation to go anywhere today. With the windows open, the wind blowing in, I've got myself planted right on the couch. I've got a Diet Pepsi next to me and a bunch of fun VHS tapes stacked up on the TV stand. When it comes to weekends, I try to get as much done, but if I don't have a good movie going, I find it hard to get motivated. Maybe I'm lazy. Or... No, I'm lazy. That's what it is. No way around it or sugarcoating it. Anyway, while my weekends don't necessarily consist of nonstop vhs binging, it is a big part. I mean, I did have a plate of waffles for breakfast. So...there's that. See? Progress and productivity. But the question stands: Just what tapes do I have rarin' and  ready to go while I lay in bed? Well, strap in, because I've got 5 tapes that will make even YOU want to call out! RETURN TO OZ: Holy crap! This one. I didn't watch this til last October at