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Something Old, Something New: Visiting The Cartoon Network Hotel

A few weeks ago, I drove down to MD to visit family for the weekend and on the way back home, I decided to stop off in Lancaster, PA for a quick stretch and sight seeing. Growing up, Lancaster was a big summer vacation spot for my family. We'd always stay there for the weekend, stop by the outlets, the local theater and enjoy some local food. It was a great place to visit and stay. One of the things to look forward to was always the hotel we'd ALWAYS stay at: The Continental Inn, a fine little motor inn right in the heart of town. As fun as it was to stay there, it was a wee bit outdated by say 1995. It was more of a motor inn you would've seen in a 1980s John Hughes road trip movie. The carpet, the decor, the game room, the...well...everything. I always remember looking forward to staying there but always curious what would happen if someone were to modernize and update it. Well...I think I got my wish thanks to Cartoon Network: Wow...I guess be careful what you wish for..

Horror Movie BBQ Podcast: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

 This year's Thanksgiving episode of the Horror Movie BBQ Podcast is all about the classic Thanksgiving special, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Following last year's episode about  Garfield's Thanksgiving it seemed like a natural choice to follow up with the other big titan of animated holiday specials! Corey Chapman and Jayme Kilsby sit down with me to discuss what we love and maybe don't love about this special! You can download this episode here or check me out on iTunes!     -Chad

Some Mighty Macho Merch!

   Oooooh yeah, it's the birthday of the late great Macho Man Randy Savage who would've been 68 years old today. Randy, for a lot of us (myself included) was one of the first performers to inspire so many to live their life to the max and influenced so many kids and adults to just be themselves with the volume turned all the way up which is still how I live my life. Probably to my own detriment but hey, why not stand out by being myself? I've always preferred to wear bright loud clothing more than I should but I blame that on growing up in a time when everyone thought it was appropriate to dress like giant walking Macy's Christmas Displays and there was none more colorful and inspiring than Randy.   As you'd imagine I've accumulated quite a few pieces of Macho Man memorabilia through the years. Randy's face has literally been on everything you can imagine from cups to coloring books to underwear to toothbrushes and everything in between! Today, I thought it