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Monster Mania 17 Report

So Monster Mania 17 has come and gone. And it was a pretty wild ride... Monster Mania is a very popular convention in Cherry Hill, NJ, and has for many years. And since it's inception in 2003, it has grown to be one of the most popular conventions in the country. I've known fans from Australia and England to come over once or twice a year to visit the mega-show! And the rabid fans of the show usually are the real stars. Monster Mania's fanbase is very loyal to the convention and always enthused to hear the latest rumors and guest lineups. The fans definitely make the show a lot of fun and very memorable. It's one of the very few conventions where I've made true friends. In fact Saturday morning was spent with my "gore mentor" and a very great human being Mr. Phil Fasso at Old Country Buffet. And it was quite a pleasure to spend breakfast discussing conventions and the fandom. So let's hit the Monster Mania review, shall we! My experience at this sh