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The Great Ghostbusters Ebay Hunt!

Well, it happened again. I have a license to go down eBay rabbit holes and I may need that license revoked. Although, I may have to wait til the next three shipments I'm expecting. Much like the majority of my friends, I've been hooked on eBay and other sites a little more since the whole country has shut down last year. It gets to be a little much at times but it's good for the thrill of the hunt...or thrill of the bid. Screw it, I'm only mortal! I can't turn down a Sid Justice figure for $3.99! Or in today's case, a lot of fun Ghostbusters goodies! There she be. A bounty of Ghostbusters 2 greatness. If you look at it from a certain POV, you could consider this the ultimate road trip kit! You don't? Well, ok, maybe it's a stretch, but if I'm traveling anywhere, I know for a fact all these items will all untie to make a useful, almost Voltron-like force of entertainment. MEET A REAL GHOSTBUSTERS RECORD: Offered in boxes of Ralston's Ghostbusters