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The Beginning Of It All: My Obsession With The Super Powers Collection

Much like all great adventures, it all started at my local library on a Friday afternoon in 1996 Yes, yes I'm sure you've heard that before, but this trip is mainly responsible for what I am today. It was just another random trip. My mom was picking up some book for her church group or something and I tagged along. And boy am I glad I did. While my mom searched for her book of choice, I kinda just hung out at the entrance and just tried to look as cool as 1996 would allow me, the biggest nerd in my school, to look and check out whatever books were on the return cart. I thumbed through a bunch of books that meant nothing: a couple of home improvement books, a Stephen King book or two, and then I got to it. A book I had never seen or heard of before: GREENBERG'S GUIDE TO SUPER HERO TOYS.    With the cover showing a bunch of superhero toys arm wrestling, I was intrigued. It seemed to be nothing more than an independently written book with no big budget or sponsorship behind it

The Great Ghostbusters Ebay Hunt!

Well, it happened again. I have a license to go down eBay rabbit holes and I may need that license revoked. Although, I may have to wait til the next three shipments I'm expecting. Much like the majority of my friends, I've been hooked on eBay and other sites a little more since the whole country has shut down last year. It gets to be a little much at times but it's good for the thrill of the hunt...or thrill of the bid. Screw it, I'm only mortal! I can't turn down a Sid Justice figure for $3.99! Or in today's case, a lot of fun Ghostbusters goodies! There she be. A bounty of Ghostbusters 2 greatness. If you look at it from a certain POV, you could consider this the ultimate road trip kit! You don't? Well, ok, maybe it's a stretch, but if I'm traveling anywhere, I know for a fact all these items will all untie to make a useful, almost Voltron-like force of entertainment. MEET A REAL GHOSTBUSTERS RECORD: Offered in boxes of Ralston's Ghostbusters