Calling Dick Tracy!

On this day in 1990, Gremlins 2: The New Batch and Dick Tracy were released. Yes you read right. Two classics released on the SAME DAY. That’s pretty wild to think now because most big movies are spread out but back in 1990, Disney and Warner just said “no screw that, you’re on!” to each other.

I was pretty obsessed with both movies and easy to see why. My entire household love love LOVED the first Gremlins movie so a second Gremlins movie that proved to be the most amazing, insane acid trip ever was no doubt going to be a favorite for everyone. It had EVERYTHING I would want as a kid. To be honest, it’s hard to describe it in a single blog entry, I’d have to do a 15 part series and that’s not something I have the energy for sadly. But all I’ll say is imagine a live action Looney Tunes adventure disguised as a Gremlins movie with a cameo of Hulk Hogan and about every b-movie name you can imagine. It’s pure magic and I love this movie even more now than I did as a kid.

In terms of Dick Tracy, this was essentially Disney’s attempt at making their own version of Batman. And to be honest they didn’t do a bad job. It’s a great looking movie, unbelievable cast, great soundtrack and a ton of crazy merchandise! I was still on that Batman 89 kick(which to be fair, I’m still on to this day) so I was more than willing to buy into it. I had the bedsheets, the McDonalds promo cups and scratch off cards, the trading cards and stickers. Shockingly enough I didn’t have the figures for some reason but I did have the famous two way wrist watch! Guys when I tell you this was the height of my fashion as a kid, I mean it. I didn’t want anything else that sumner, just this watch and when I finally got it, wore it everywhere.

Don’t think I’m not tempted to open this and wear it all year round.

…well…for about a week…

One day I went to my friends house and we were actually playing Dick Tracy in his backyard. Since I had the watch, I got to be the hero in yellow. So there we are chasing each other around when out of nowhere, he throws a piece of handcuffs at me(I’m sure I had it coming tbh) and it hit my wrist, shattering my beloved watch!!!  I remember he felt very badly about it. He was the kinda kid who would never hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally so I was more upset that he had a bad throw. I never did get a replacement until years later when I found one at a McDonald House Sale(MOC EVEN!) and could feel the joy I felt when I received it as a kid…and admittedly the sadness I felt when it was destroyed. It’s a beauty and still looks pretty cool. 

Anyone out there have an adult sized wrist watch band?


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