The Joy Of Baja Blast

This is something I never thought I’d say but we’re living in odd times: Baja Blast may have overtaken orange soda as my favorite summer drink. As I type that, I’m still not sure I’ve processed it properly. My love of orange soda goes back to my childhood and still remains one of my favorite drinks. But this summer seems to be a changing of the guard…

To the shock of no one, I have always and can continue to be stubborn when it comes to trying new things at times. Yes, the guy who refuses to give up wearing his favorite Etnies hat is stubborn. Shocking I know. But while I’m better at giving new things a chance now, back in 2004 when Baja Blast was introduced, I wasn’t as adventurous. In fact, heck, my go-to Taco Bell meal was just three crunchy tacos and a Diet Pepsi. Yeah I was a basic you-know-what when it came to The Bell and I sure as heck wasn’t gonna switch it up for a Mountain Dew that looks like windshield wiper fluid. To top that off, I was still very much a Mello Yello loyalist who would never dream of betraying his beloved neon highlighter looking drink for the competitor. However, in the last  few years, some of my friends had suggested I can’t really go to Taco Bell these days without having a Baja Blast. Finally I gave in to the peer pressure and my gosh were they right…

Now DONT get it twisted.  I’ve tried a Baja Blast here and there in the past ( Hello DewCision 2016!) but I guess this is the first summer I’ve actually embraced it being a contender favorite “summer drink”. I guess this is how so many people felt about Pitch Black as a Halloween soda.  And while I can’t go back in time and magically change my drink of choice for all those years (also how weird would that be?), I can make sure it’s my current preference and thank goodness I did, because now we have the option of a SUGAR FREE BAJA BLAST. What a world we live in. 

And check out that s-s-s-s-sweet can. Taco Bell Original? Well jeez, now I just want a nice crispy taco to go with this! 

Even if it’s just a temporary victory over orange soda, that’s ok. It’s a good idea to change things up and get some new favorites in every season or so. 

Bottoms up! Catch the wave!


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