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Remembering Hardees Hideaways

Halloween is such a great time to look back and reminisce on your favorite moments of your youth. I guess that's why holidays truly exist. To come together with friends and family, create new memories and enjoy laughing at moments of yesteryear. I'm ok with this. Because quite frankly, despite having a lot of crap happen to me as a kid, I really did have a great childhood. I can't really complain. And I grew up in a great era too! I mean, the 80s and 90s were a fantastic time for cartoons, toys, comics, movies. I wouldn't trade it for anything! I mean, the memories I have of playing with the toys of my youth with my friends were some great memories. Sadly, as I get older, some of those memories fade away and go forgotten. But thankfully trips to Hardees with my dad and getting some amazing toys from their kids meals is not one of those memories that have faded away. Back in 1989, Hardees was tops. My family didn't really do a lot of fast food. That was more of a t

1992 Halloween Starring Urkel-Taker

1992 was an awesome year for the WWF. Still one of my all time favorite years of pro wrestling ever. Flair won the title in still to this day remains one of the best Royal Rumbles EVER, Randy Savage won the title at WrestleMania 8(from Flair). Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, and Bret Hart started getting pushed heavily to the moon and thanks to great matches being put on by all, my interested was at an all time high. So naturally, because I was a huge fan of pro wrestling, that year I had to be a wrestler. I wasn't gonna prance around in Shawn's goofy looking chaps and jacket. And I couldn't get a pair of Hitman shades in time. Finding a Randy Savage hat and outfit was also going to be a challenge as well. And while I was a huge fan of Roddy Piper, walking around in a skirt was not my idea of fun at that age. So, that left me with one option.   Yup. The Deadman himself. Ol' Mean Mark was getting popular pretty quickly by the time he arrived in the WWF. Ev