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Terror Twins Podcast: Treasures!

Ok, this one's a bit late, but I'm sure you can forgive me for the delay.

Today on the Terror Twins Podcast, Stacy of StayStillReviews and I discuss our most treasured collectables and prized possessions. It could be anything! A VHS, a crew shirt, an autograph or two? You'll have to listen to find out what they are and the stories behind them!

You can find Stacy at her site, Stay Still Reviews and her Facebook page, where she's always got something fun up her sleeve! You just never know what fun stuff she has in store on her blog!

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Halloween Skeletor!

One of the great contributions to the 200X line was of course the awesome (and sometimes painful to hunt down) chase variants. A lot of cool colors and thought were put into these and it gave us some great looking figures. Of course, one of my favorites in the entire MOTU history was a variant and it's one I wanna dig into today...

There's a lot of names this one goes by: Fruity Pebbles Skeletor, Disco Skeletor, but my personal pick for it is "Halloween Skeletor". Just look at it. Does that not scream Halloween to you? I don't exactly think it's "disco" but I suppose I can appreciate the term. Taking the basic Skeletor and slapping a different coat of paint on him is nothing new. Skeletor already received an inverted skull and crossbones variant but this enters an almost psychedelic level with this. I mean, a golden/orange-ish body with black highlights? That's a new one.

Plus, gold/orange/black weapons? Who's gonna truly fight a guy with a…

Review: Hordak Staction

By 2005, the MOTU line was dead. Fans had given up and ready to accept defeat. Even though we hadn't received a lot of characters, we accepted it's fate and were ready to move on. But suddenly a savior appeared in the form of NECA and The Four Horsemen and we were blessed with STACTIONS!

A combination of "statue" and "action figures", these mini statue/figures filled the holes of fans collections with all their favorite obscure characters. NECA, The independent toy company responsible for mini busts and the sculptors behind the 200X series would be in charge of giving us the characters we had dreamed of. Via an announcement in Toyfare, Hordak and Clawful were the first to be announced and suddenly fans got their hopes back up that this could be a resurgence of the line and He-Man could get a second chance. Personally, as a HUUUUGE Hordak and Evil Horde fan, I was so excited to finally get my hands on these characters in this particular scale but I tried not…

Mosquitor Doesn't Suck!

Some of the most unique and craziest characters released in the MOTU line was offered in the last wave or two. Whether it was a new costume for He-Man, a firefighter with an elephant head or ninjas, Mattel really beefed up the line to keep fans interested. A lot of crazy ideas, but the one that stands out the most is none other than Mosquitor!

Mosquitor, the blood sucking pest of The Evil Horde was one of the more gimmicky characters of the final lines. A giant mosquito with the power to drain his enemies blood via his giant nose? Yup. Mattel was really stepping up their "WTF" game and really hit a homer with this one. And people say Mattel was out of ideas come 1987. I beg to differ. A 6 foot blood sucking mosquito? That's either out of a David Cronenberg movie or some serious drugs. I'd like to believe both but who am I kidding, Mattel knew what they were doing. The more insane the figure was, the cooler it was. Like you didn't want a giant lobster with a muscu…

Stinkor Smells Like A Winner!

Last year's San Diego ComicCon exclusive MOTU Pop was a big winner. Scare Glow, an obscure character with such a unique gimmick? Totally made for a Funko Pop! If ScareGlow was such a huge success, how would they follow it up the next year?

Stinkor! Of course! I smell a giant pile of money. At least I hope that's what I smell.

The most odious member of the MOTU mythology was a perfect choice to be given the Pop treatment! Brilliant! If you're gonna do a gimmicky character, why not go with one who smells?!? Stinkor, was the most hated skunk on Eternia with a rather controversial history. Stinkor was a character that actually had a smell to him. Not just a figure that you press a button and emanates a smell. Nope, I'm talking straight up patchouli mixed with the plastic. A rather genius idea because once kids heard they could own a figure that smelled like a dirty fart, they wanted it even more. Parents weren't too thrilled to purchase their kids a figure that stunk u…

A Trip To The...SLIME PIT!

Both He-Man and Skeletor got their time in the sun with their respective playsets, but what about Hordak? Surely he can't be left out in the cold! The line changed for the better once the Evil Horde debuted so it was pretty much guaranteed that The Evil Horde had their own playsets too. Fair is fair! If Skeletor gets Snake Mountain, shouldn't Hordak get SOMETHING? Well, he did! In fact, he got two playsets: The Fright Zone (which I'll be covering later this month) and obviously today's subject: The Slime Pit.

If you were a kid and played with He-Man, it was a sure bet you were into weird stuff. Sword, sorcery, horror, monsters and of course slime. As a child, I couldn't get enough of the stuff, no matter how messy it was. Of course, most of the times, I wasn't the one cleaning it up if it got stuck in the carpet (sorry, mom) but it was worth the mess. In fact, I'm pretty sure every successful (read: weird) toyline had some form of slime. Ghostbusters, Ninja…

Welcome To MOTU Month 2018!

Has it really been a year?

Welcome to MOTU-Month here on the! Last year I decided to try something new and dedicate a month to my one of my favorite toylines, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Of course, while I had fun with the writeups and podcasts, it didn't exactly take off like I had hoped. I completely blame that on my lack of planning and ideas. So here we are a year later. A little wiser. A little smarter. And definitely more prepared!

This years theme is: BRING ON THE BAD GUYS! I'll be taking a look at the best of the bad from the MOTU line and giving my thoughts on what made them so great to hate! Hordak, Skeletor,  Faker, Stinkor, Catra and so much more! After all, isn't it time your favorite villains from the line get the spotlight instead of their buffed arch nemesis? Of course! So what do I have in store? Some fun toy reviews, some fun memories, some cool artist spotlights, and some more fun surprises! I'll be looking at some mode…