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Essential Batman 89 Merchandise

Well, today's the day! June 23rd marks the 25th anniversary of Batman's release. Yes, I can't believe it's been 25 years since the Dark Knight made the whole world know his presence by simply saying "I'M BATMAN". For those who weren't around, this movie was everything and superhero films were changed forever. Thank goodness too, because had it not been for Batman, we'd still have gotten a mid 90s X-Men movie with bright spandex costumes and Ethan Hawke as Cyclops. That's not a movie anyone would've needed in anyway shape or form. Unless we got Neve Campbell as Rogue. But Batman made superheroes serious again, in the same way Superman 78 made Superman believable. Also, as explained in an earlier post , the effect it had on toys was massive. Everybody had that Toy Biz Batman with the extended utility belt and a Batmobile. We had some pretty sweet toys to look forward to on Christmas morning. But what about the other stuff? What about the ot

Celebrating 25 Years Of Tales From The Crypt

Hello, boils and ghouls! Today marks a very important anniversary! Yes indeed. Today, June 10th 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the very first episode of Tales From the Crypt hitting the airwaves! It was 1990. My Aunt Kay came over a weekend to watch my brother and I while my mom was out of town. My Aunt Kay was the "fun" aunt. She was the aunt that let my brother and I drink soda after 8 pm, let us watch R Rated movies, and most importantly, one fateful night, let me watch Tales From The Crypt. Yup. Tales From the Crypt. Along with Creepshow, the reason I love anthologies so bloody much. I mean, what's cooler than a crazy corpse telling different stories week in and week out? All it took was me not being able to sleep and joining my Aunt on our couch while she watched the episode "Four Sided Triangle" that involved Patricia Arquette falling in love with a scarecrow. I don't know why but something drew me in and after that night, I was hooked. My

The Paperboy Delivers!

If you were around in the mid-90s and watched cable television at any point in time, you'll recall the movie The Paperboy. It's a movie that revolved around a 12 year old paperboy, Johnny McFarley (played by young Canadian actor Marc Marut) who falls in love with his former neighbor(played by Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul. Good taste, Johnny!) and essentially, after being turned down and told she didn't want him around, he loses it and practically goes on a neighborhood-wide killing spree.   So, I know what you're thinking. That's it? Yeah, pretty much. But, the first time I saw it in 1996, I was pretty entertained. It wasn't the biggest budgeted, didn't have the biggest stars, but everyone seems like they were putting out their best and it was actually pretty entertaining. While I've heard others write it off as a bad Lifetime movie, it's been a movie that I've been watching close to 20 years now and a movie I can still watch and enjoy.

NOW Is The Time For Ecto Cooler To Return!

 It's been years since we've had a taste of the REAL Ecto Cooler. HI-C discountinued Ecto Cooler around 2000 or so, and since then, it's flavor was given a new name, "Shoutin' Orange TangerGreen" and "Crazy Citrus Cooler". Sadly, it became a disaster to try and find and in 2007, HI-C withdrew the flavor completely. It's been 7 years since it's complete discontinuation. Try as they might, HI-C wasn't able to silence us forever. We remember the taste of Ecto Cooler, either coming out of a juice box or those giant metal cans that weighed just as much as a bowling ball. The juice itself tasted like a heavenly blend of oranges, a dash of lemonade and a full punch of Slimer's magic touch. The juice was introduced in the late 80s and was only meant to promote the second movie, but it was so delicious that it stuck around a lot longer. And it worked! To this day, there are online petitions, fanmade recipes(both alcoholic and non alcoholic

Batman Comes To The Dryden

It goes without saying, Batman 1989 is my all time favorite movie. I'm a lifelong fan of Batman as a whole. To me, Michael Keaton is Batman and Jack Nicholson is the one and true Joker. As great as Christian Bale was as Batman, nothing touches the first Tim Burton movie. Nothing. Everything about this movie is perfect in my mind. The design of both Gotham City and The Batmobile, the one liners delivered by every character, the poster, everything. All those actors and actresses involved really put out their best effort and truly put on a memorable show. Lest we forget, we also got an amazing soundtrack and score by Prince and Danny Elfman respectively. Without this movie we would've never gotten Party Man. Just imagine how awful life would be without this song... As much as I love this movie, it's always been my goal to see it on the big screen. I kinda had a chance in 1989 but circumstances made that goal impossible. My family, especially my father, were  huge Ba