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Essential Freddy Krueger Merch!

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of, what some fans consider to be, the greatest sequel in horror movie history, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors. To many that movie, more than any other, represents what Freddy Krueger should be: scary, ghoulish, frightening, and one heck of a sense of humor. It's very hard for me to disagree with that. In fact, if I was to introduce anyone to the series, I'd actually start with that one. No disrespect to any of the others in the series. While part 5 is my personal favorite as crazy as that sounds to some, this movie contains great characters, a fantastic story that involves Nancy passing the torch to another generation of Dream Warriors and one of the greatest lines in movie history: So, while yesterday I didn't present a writeup on Dream Warriors like I originally wanted to, I decided today to take you down a somewhat different path. Today I wanted to take you on a trip down Elm Street for some of the best merchandise

BUY ME TOYS! 7 Things I Want From Toyfair 2017!

Toyfair is that time of year where toy collector starts drooling. Sadly, they also hear their wallets crying and whimpering at how much they'll likely be spending on plastic crack throughout the year.It is rather upsetting but hey, man...gotta get those Batman toys! For those who may not know, Toyfair is the annual event where all major toy companies show off their  goods for the year. It's been a long standing tradition for me, since about 1998 when I would get Toyfare, to make a little checklist of stuff I wanted. Obviously, there's always a toy or two that doesn't get released for one reason or another but for the most part, these toys get released and gobbled up by collectors everywhere. It's a nice time and a great way to start off the year! But what caught my eye at Toyfair this year? Let's take a gander! (All photos are credited to the fantastic site . Please give their site a visit. It's a great source of toy info!) Teenage Mutan

Cheetos Paws Are BACK, BABY!

First, Crystal Peps i made it's way back into our lives... Then, it was Ecto Cooler's turn .. It was only a matter of time until one more piece of the nostalgic junkfood puzzle was to be filled. Now, if you're thinking I'm talking Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies, sorry, I'm not. Even though those had a permanent spot in my lunchbox for the year or two they were available and I did love those, I'm referring to a snack that was around longer and that I have a lot more affection for. I'm talking about...CHEETOS PAWS!!!!!! Look at it. It's here. Live and in living color. Never in a million years did I think they would come back. We had been teased by Cheetos Halloween offering, Bag of Bones, which actually contains the Paws themselves and had that same crunch, but being a white cheddar flavor, it's a nice effort but it's not the same. I will say, the white cheddar is pretty darn delicious and can't suggest those enough! Just a quick ru

Time To Shuffle With Da Bears!

Welp, another football season has come and gone. I'm very happy for fans of the Falcons and The Patriots to see their favorite team head to the Super Bowl. Despite what people may say about either team, it truly takes a lot of hard work, determination and heart to make it to the big game. As a Bears fan, I'm really disappointed in my boys this year, but as the saying goes, "We'll get it next year...". Which is what I've been saying since 2007... Of course being a Bears fan, when it comes to "Bears" and "Super Bowl", there's a lot worse things that come to mind... Oh jeez....The Super Bowl Shuffle. Good gosh. Ok. I'm being over-dramatic. If you're actually a fans of the Bears or just love corny music, this song holds a special in your heart. The 1985 Bears were one of the most beloved teams due to their immense charisma as well as being some of the most unique characters and hardest workers in the entire NFL. When p

The Great 2017 Thrifting Adventure!

It's been a while since I gassed up the old battle wagon and drove around looking for old crap I can either put on my shelf or put on my table at the Village Gate Toy Show in March. I decided today I'd try my luck by driving up to Buffalo for a few hours. My head full of golden possibilities and my wallet filled with...well...not much. But I'm ready to make it stretch. I hit about 8 stores total today. All within a 60 mile radius. Buffalo has a great thrifting offerings so I like to hit them up at least once or twice a year. It would be kinda tiring but thankfully, the first store I entered, I was greeted by some very good signs of what I could possibly expect. Or...posters... A cornerstone in any 80s/90s kids bedroom or playroom. Or video stores. I tend to remember the kids section in a few places had these. Right on. So let's check out my haul: VHS: Westworld is my favorite scifi movie of all time. Since I don't have HBO, I haven&