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August Loot Crate Delivers Happiness!

My girlfriend is so amazing. She puts up with me which can't be hard to do. I mean, I don't put the bag clip on the chips, which by many standards is enough for her to leave me. But, she hasn't. And for four years now, she's given me the best gifts during my birthday and Christmas. And she always blows me away. The thing is, she always loves giving gifts so much, she gives a few gifts way before my birthday. I'm talking a month in advanced, she surprises me with a Mr. T coloring book. Yes, I'm serious, look... Jealous? Yes you are. Stickers and bookmarks and many other goodies. But that will be for a future entry. I can't give it all away! So, last night, after a very long and tiring day, my loving lady presented me with an amazing gift that is essentially makes it hard to follow up. In fact, it's a number of gifts in a nice little package. It's a LOOT CRATE!!! That contents tho. So, Loot Crate is a great subscription service for us g

25 Years of Saved By The Bell!

Today marks a huge milestone in tv history. Well, that may be a little too much of an exaggeration but if you're a member of my generation, you'd probably be more inclined to agree. You see, 25 years ago today, Saved By The Bell debuted. Yes. That's right. Feel old. Because I certainly do. Sure, we celebrate 30, 25 and even 10 year anniversaries of movies and tv shows, but I have a hard time believing I've spent 25 years obsessing over Tiffany Amber Thiessen and dreading Screech appearing. But it's true. It's all true. 25 years ago today, NBC rolled the dice and hoped for a hit and they got it. Well, kind of. The first season was crapped on by critics as being too hokey and silly. But the kids loved it and with in a few years, it changed Saturday morning forever. Cartoons, which some would argue NBC was king of Saturday morning cartoons(me included), were gone and in their place were a variety of kid and teen friendly sitcoms featuring similar characters a

Reviewing Turtle Power!!

When I first got word of a new Ninja Turtles documentary entitled "Turtle Power, " I almost flew through my chair. I mean, thirty years of history of something so near and dear to my heart in one documentary is going to be a very interesting watch  and more importantly a documentary on my childhood. Does that sound weird? I don't think so. I feel no matter how huge my love of G.I.  Joe and Masters of the Universe may be, for some reason Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the toyline that sends me back to the toy aisle of Kiddy City quicker than any other. It sends me back to the first grade when my best friends and I got up at the end of the day and started singing "We're The Turtles" from “Coming Out Of Our Shells.”  It sends me back to seeing the poster for "Secret Of The Ooze" for the first time in a theater and freaking out big time. So, no, I guess it doesn't sound weird at all. Eastman and Laird. Creators of the Ninja Turtles