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In Memory Of Penelope

​ Well. I’m gonna give you a heads up. This could be a long and very emotional ride ending in the loss of a pet. If you wish to avoid it, I don’t blame you. I’ll return to writing fun, nostalgia, silly stuff soon. But this is something I needed to do for myself. If you do continue, which I thank you, please note that I can possibly hop around a lot. Given the circumstances, I’m sure you understand. Thank you. Took a small break from writing. A lot of real life stuff happened and well, it all kinda sucked. I guess the one thing I feel most comfortable discussing is the loss of my beautiful baby rabbit Penelope, who my wife and I have made a huge part of our family for 8 years.  Sadly, God decided it was her time. Penelope Jane was born in 2012(adopted by my wife and I in 2014), and in fact, celebrated her 10th birthday in March. Anytime a rabbit makes it to double digits, is a miracle. The lifespan of rabbits isn’t as long as say a cat or dog. So, naturally, you cherish every moment and