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Flea Market Adventures: July 20-21 2013 Edition

It was a very long and tiring week. Plain and simple. Working outside all day in the 90 degree weather takes a lot out of you. And this past weekend, I had just planned on just laying in bed and doing next to nothing aside from watching Saved By The Bell and eating ice cream. I don't know how to explain it, but falling into an ice cream coma while the Buddy Bands episode plays is a feeling that you simply can't miss. Well, it didn't really work out that way. Apparently plans for shaking my head at Screech's awful shenanigans had to be saved for another time. Which kinda sucks, but if I knew what was ahead of me, I wouldn't have complained.  I was up by 8 and something was telling me to go to the flea market up in Buffalo (a good hour and a half drive). I couldn't shake this feeling and something was pulling me away from my bed, so I decided to go with it. I filled up my Ninja Turtles water bottle and hit the road shortly after. An hour and a half later,

Joe Jusko Gives Us Rowdy Roddy Piper: Monster Killer

Longtime wrestling fans will recognize comic book/fantasy artist Joe Jusko's amazing paintings. Posters such as Royal Rumble 1991 and 1992, Wrestlemania 7 and the packaging art to the WWF Remco Table Hockey Game will no doubt bring back some memories for those fortunate enough to grow up in that time period. In fact, Joe's famous "Alley Fight" artwork appeared on a WWF Lunchbox!!! Wrestlemania 7 Poster "WWF Table Hockey by Remco" packaging art "Good Guys" Art "Bad Guys" Art Courtesy of Joe Jusko's DeviantArt page Well, apparently 21 years after his last foray into bodyslamming the wrestling world, he's stepping back into the ring. And oh man, am I excited! Joe will be teaming up with the new upstart comic book label Grindhouse Comics to bring us...get ready...ROWDY RODDY PIPER, MONSTER KILLER. Yes. This will no doubt fly off the shelves. Look like Hot Rod still hasn't replenished his bu

Somewhat Amazing Flea Market Finds

This weekend was all about relaxing before I headed back to work. I've had a a two week period between jobs and I wanted one last hurrah. And essentially I got it. For most, this past 4th of July weekend means the three B's: Barbecues, beers and the beach. Not for me though. I stayed in, had an endless Office marathon, drank orange soda from my new Sodastream and went to the flea market. Sadly, this weird 1940's Disney-like fellow wasn't in attendance . Ahhh...the flea market. The great American past time in where strangers rifle through your garbage and act like what they're buying won't end up on eBay. I've been a fan of the flea market since I was a kid. There's just some sort of unidentifiable charm when you go. The thrill of the hunt is probably the best feeling if you're a collector and when you go to a huge flea market, the endless possibilities can be somewhat overwhelming. Much like a thrift store trip, you just don't know whe

7 Cartoon Theme Songs You May Have Forgotten

We grew up in a fantastic time. A wide variety of toys, cartoons, movies and music. I mean, that's the point of this site! To celebrate the great(or not so great) nostalgia. Sadly, as we get older, the memories start to fade and only our favorite memories stay with us. Everything else, just kinda falls behind. And that's just why I'm here today. To present to you some of the best cartoon theme songs you may have forgotten and left behind. So, to start this article I present to you today, I had to really rack my head and do a lot of research. Like, the kind of research that should've made me get better grades in high school. I'm telling you the truth. Had I spent the same amount time working on my English projects as much as I did listening to the theme of Turbo Teen, I probably would've gotten to college and would be currently working for Warner Brothers writing the next installment of Lost Boys or something. But, I digress. The point of this article is to

The Perfect 4th Of July Movie Barbecue!

It's that time again! 4th of July is here! America's birthday! While celebrating the birth of our country is a rather monumental day, it's usually spent by almost everyone grilling up burgers and hot dogs while drinking, telling the same stale jokes we've heard a billion times and our Uncle Jack breaking wind and giving us noogies. I've never been a huge fan of the 4th of July cookouts, though. I don't know why. I enjoy the fireworks and the pageantry that goes along with it. I like a good cookout, especially with all the burgers and mac salad, but something about this holiday just never hooked me. Maybe it's the heat. I'm a human faucet and sweat when it's 70 degrees, so add July heat and steam from the grill, and I'm screwed. I end up looking more like the T-1000 in liquid form at the end of the day. And that's not helping anyone. . That said, I usually spend 4th of July isolated. I tend to get more enjoyment in grilling on my George