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Cheetos Halloween Bucket

The Halloween season has officially kicked off. Stores have already begun stocking their shelves with all kinds of orange and black coated goodies for the next two months. Of course the big news is the return of Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute to join their compadres of the Monster Cereals and it's kinda hard to beat that. Especially with the Target exclusive Flashback Packaging(replicating their original packing from the 70s) hitting stores and sending fans into a tizzy trying to complete a set of 5. But I stopped into Target today to look for them and came up short. My heart was broken, but my spirit was not broken. Especially when I turned the corner and saw the beautiful sight of the Halloween section slowly being constructed. Now there wasn't a lot of stuff out. It's in it's infancy stage of construction. The candy is out as is the cake and cookie decorating stuff. I perused the selection and picked up a few items that caught my eye. The Halloween edition of