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Celebrating 25 Years of Batman Returns!

By now, you're probably aware that Batman 1989 is my favorite movie of all time. in 1989, it was a pretty big deal and to this day I think it holds up just so well. Even better, if you were around when that movie came out, you remember just how big of a deal it was and how that entire summer was BATMANIA! Ah and what a time it was! Batman was the coolest thing in the world thanks to this new and fresh take on the character. Batman and Joker shirts, hats and shoes were seen everywhere. Toys, cereal, everything! If it had a Bat-logo, it had to be owned. So of course, with all the money being delivered by the dumptruck full, it made perfect sense to follow it up with a sequel. And after a 3 year wait, were given one Released on June 19 1992, Batman Returns was Tim Burton's second stab at the Batman universe. While a lot of people thought the first movie was just too dark, although most of those arguments came from those of age to remember Batmania in the 1960s due to the Ada

Ranking Hershey's Summer Goodies!

We're still a ways away from Halloween, and by that I mean, really a month and a half til we see Halloween goodies hit the stores, but that doesn't mean companies aren't working hard to give us options to satiate our sweet tooth! In fact, I'd argue that we get more amazing summertime treats than we do in the Halloween season. I mean, I could be wrong, but I'd still find a way to slip into an argument. I'm stubborn. Can't help it. Now, thanks to our friends over at Hershey, our favorite candy bars get a little local twist from cities across America, resulting in somewhat different and unique takes on an old favorite or two...or four... Now, changing a formula to an already successful product is a little risky (Coke 2, anyone?) but this seems to be seasonal and not a permanent replacement to the traditional favorites. Hersheys is no fool. They know, much like Hulk Hogan circa 1989, where the power lies. But offering a new variety from time to time neve