Monday, September 16, 2019

Interview: Bill Moesely

Bill Moesely has done it all in film. He's played lovable goofballs, sadistic murderers, even cartoon characters.

Well, ok, maybe that's just Otis Driftwood, but if you call yourself a horror fan, you've no doubt have seen him in your favorite movies. And it thrills me to borrow a moment of his time to chat with him about his time with Rob Zombie AND Cannon films. Ever wonder what Bill was doing on the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2? How did he come up with Otis' iconic look? And did Charles Manson have any inspiration on Otis? Check it out and enjoy his answers and don't forget to check out 3 From Hell, which opens today and stars Bill, Sherri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig and Richard Brake!


Monday, August 19, 2019

5 More Rad VHS!

Well, summer vacation is over and it's time to get ready for all the fun Halloween will present us. It was a decent summer, but I'm ready for hoodies, cold wind, apple cider and lots of orange and black goodness around every corner! Now, that's still a ways away, so until then, I wanted to get some blog rust off.

Recently I got to go VHS hunting with some friends with the goal to find some gold. They found some great gems for their collections, but me? Well...let's take a peak at what I added to my ancient vhs cabinet...


Oh of course I'd pick this. It's so typical of me to add a Bronson-Cannon film that I'll probably never watch to my collection. I mean, they're not awful movies, they're just all the same. I've seen at least 67 of these Bronson movies come through my collection, but never really watched them. To me they're all the same but I still can't turn them down. Especially with all these amazing rental stickers all over the covers. Oh and Media? Oh sign me up!


Speaking of being a sucker, anytime I find a celebrity fitness video, I always have to grab it. Whether it's Dolph Lundgren sharing his thoughts of physical health benefits on the beach or even Stephanie McMahon telling potential winners how to get a slammin' booty, I'll buy them. Mainly for the laugh factor. Most of these tapes offer nothing useful and usually sit on shelves, but the terrible dialogue is usually what makes them entertaining.  Enter Jenny Garth. One of the hottest stars on tv in 1992, thanks to 90210. What she lacked in charisma, she made up for in beauty and thanks to this tape, we too could be as beautiful as her thanks to her dynamite workout and diet tips. No doubt that if anyone can help me get in shape, it's the girl that broke Dylan and Brandon's hearts!

Of course, what really grabbed me about this tape is the fact that it's sponsored by Diet 7-Up. As soon as I saw those logos, my VHS hunter instincts immediately knew what this meant: commercials. And sure enough I was right. At the end of the tape, it features a Diet 7-Up commercial and even a big advertising graphic for Nike. The amount of 90's nostalgia in this one tape can't be described, so I suggest you check it out here.


The story of this movie goes that Cheech Marin plays a magician who casts a spell to convince a little girl to buy her magical bear. And along the way...ok, confession, I couldn't get through this one. If the cover didn't feature Mr. T looking pissed off with his life decisions and Cheech desperately wanting a big fat jay while dressed like an extra from Hook, I prolly would've passed. Although further research tells me T plays a "ghostman" who encourages the freedom of all animals and almsot acts like a spirit guide to this little girl and she runs with her magical bear. So maybe I made a hasty decision in not watching this tape all the way though. Two minutes already seemed like an eternity. But Mr. T as an animal loving ghost? Hmmm...think I'll revisit this afterall.What's to lose other than my sanity?


This one wasn't purchased for the movie, although I've heard people tell me it was pretty good. But the real reason I bought it? It came from a hometown video store in Maryland that I used to frequent all the time before it closed:

Ah yes, Wonder Book...we meet again! I wrote all about Wonder Book a few years ago when I went back home for a fun adventure with some awesome friends, so I won't go too crazy into detail. I will say though, this comes not from that particular location, but another store that closed in 2006. Still in the same city, but a little further down the road. It was a weird location too. Always poorly lit and had the most massively heavy looking bookshelves containing VHS I've ever seen. It was smaller than the regular Wonder Book but actually had more VHS. I remember being there on the last day and scooping up as many tapes as I could knowing they'd either end up in a warehouse or a dumpster. Most if not all mentions of this particular store have been wiped from the internet and most people's memory but for me, spending all those hours in that store will remain with me forever. And getting this tape with all the rental stickers and labels, just helps me miss it even more!


The real prize out of all the entire lot of course was THIS. I'm a huge RUN-DMC fan and even I didn't know it existed! An action movie starring RUN-DMC, Rick Rubin, Russel Simmons, Slick Rick and The Beastie Boys? My gosh, this has me written all over it! Truth be told, it's not a great movie but it certainly comes off as a fun effort and even a late 80's blaxploitation movie. This is also from a time when New Line Cinema was taking a lot of chances to see what could work for them. Kinda similar to how Def Jam was taking a lot of chances as well, so the connection worked to some degree.

The soundtrack is fantastic, the acting is...well, the cast weren't classically trained actors, so it's as good as you can expect. However, it's a fun treasure and a fun foot note in the history of RUN-DMC and hip hop. If you ever find it out in the wild, I highly suggest picking it up!


Friday, June 21, 2019

BONUS EPISODE: Batman 89 Merchandise and Hype!

You didn't think I was through talking to my awesome friends about Batman '89 did you? Oh come now! You'd have to think I'd have gone nuts!

On today's special bonus episode of The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast, I'm joined by my pal Jay of The Sexy Armpit and 1/2 of The Purple Stuff Podcast  to discuss the hype job and merchandising bonanza that Batman created. Some who are too young may not realize just how huge this movie was and in order to help make it so huge, you gotta have all the fun side cash grabs!

We discuss it all! The toys! The cereal! The commercials! The Batmobiles! The Posters! The...pamphlets?!?!? huh?!?! Yup, we'll be chatting all about what made us kids even crazier for that crazy Bat!


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Horror Movie BBQ Podcast: Celebrating Batman 1989!

Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?

Today on The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast, I'm joined by William Bruce West of West Week Ever, Corey Chapman of the Chap Report and Ben Scrivens of Fright Rags to celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, Batman!

We discuss the movie, the hype, the marketing, the soundtrack, the trailers and of course...BOB THE GOON! Lots of great memories of that summer are shared from all involved(well, maybe not William) and a lot of laughs are had as we sit back, hop in our Batmobiles and chat about the Dark Knight!


Friday, June 14, 2019

The Horror Movie BBQ Podcast: 30 Years of Ghostbusters 2!

It's back. After having to deal with my previous podcast hosting site, I've finally been able to find a better host and produce a few new episodes of the Horror Movie BBQ podcast! And what a great episode to make my comeback!

Too hot to handle Shawn Robare of and Jason Gross of  for a fun discussion of all things Ghostbusters 2!

In this episode, we break down:

  • The Movie!
  • The Promotion!
  • The Soundtrack!
  • The Hardees Promotion!
  • The Impact Real Ghostbusters Had On This Movie! 
  • The Toys!
And so much more! Don't forget to check out both Shawn and Jason's sites and give them a follow on Twitter and Facebook as well!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Mill Creek Loves The 90s!

For the past year or so, our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment has been releasing some of our favorite video store classics in amazing retro VHS packaging. While a lot of hardcore VHS collectors initially wrote this gimmick off as pure cash grab and a little on the stupid side. But in my opinion, a lot of these movies wouldn't get the chance to get a bluray release, let alone with original artwork.  I love these releases. Check out what they've been offering us lately!





For their 1980s collection, the movies were done in the style of the previous release, mainly the Columbia-TriStar packaging with a red and white border with a black cassette peaking out. But now, the 90s collection feature different colored cassettes for each. Colored cassettes were more prevalent in the 90s than the 80s, so this is a nice bonus.The slipcovers themselves, featuring original artwork, are fantastic and really capture that great video store feel.

If you're wanting more 90's goodness, they also have some other fun releases including Mindwarp, which before this release was only available in a limited edition Twilight Time release. Glad to see this Fangoria Film get another life on this bluray release with Brainscan. Two great early 90s cyber-horror movies on the same disc? Works for me! I've always hoped I could get my hands on Mindwarp, so for this release to be so affordable and paired with another fun classic, is just great news all around for everyone.



If you're looking to spice up your collection and want some great flashbacks to your youth, pick these up. They look great on the outside and the transfers are pretty great too. You just can't go wrong! If you have interest in any of these great releases and more, you can head over to Mill Creek's site and check out the great products!


Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


"Power up with six incredible teens who out-maneuver and defeat evil everywhere as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! But this time, the Power Rangers may have met their match when they face off with the most sinister monster the galaxy has ever seen – Ivan Ooze. Unleashed upon the good citizens of Angel Grove after six thousand years of imprisonment, Ivan Ooze strips the Power Rangers of their powers! Now they must journey to a distant planet to learn the secrets of the ancient Ninjetti. Only then will they become empowered with strength enough to restore their Morphin ability and defeat the evil Ivan Ooze. Join the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and their new Ninja Megazord as they fight to save Angel Grove and the world from evil!"


By 1995, Power Rangers were unstoppable. They had taken over the hearts and minds of children everywhere, yours truly included. The exciting Saturday morning had become a merchandising machine and pop culture icon so naturally a movie had to follow. Something to make the PR universe even bigger, brighter and badder! And to usher in a new adventure, the tough teens from Angel Grove were given a new gimmick(the Ninjetti), some rad costumes, a much bigger budget and a brand new villain...


IVAN OOZE! The campy, over the top slimy supervillain was introduced as one of Zordon's most legendary foes and in my opinion, the true star of the movie. Played by English actor, Paul Freeman, Ivan is portrayed as a big smart-ass who just wants to mess around with the Power Rangers, attempt to murder Zordon, and turn the parents of local children into slaves. If you take anything away from this movie, it's gotta be how amazing he is. Part HG Welles, Part Frank Gorshin as The Riddler, Oooze steals the show and makes it his own. 


I'll be honest, back then, I simply liked Ooze and his goofiness. I was also a HUGE fan of Batman Forever(as I am to this day), so it's not like my standards were too high. But now? Well, I love him even more. The silliness of this character was really refreshing especially how serious we take super hero movies and the characters these days. In 1995, we were a little more lenient with such characters would be portrayed. We were Post-Tim Burton and Pre-Blade, so any and all superhero movies were on the hokey side. Truth is, I think sometimes we need that and remember that these movies are intended to be fun. Ivan brings that to the table and even though I'm not the biggest Power Rangers fan anymore, I can see myself playing this when I need a good laugh or just a feel good movie to watch. 


On the other hand, there is of course the CGI. By 1995, CGI was just merely toyed with and not exactly where it would be today. Even back then, I thought the effects were cheap. Now? It's worse. However, a movie that features a big purple-ooze covered demon fighting a bunch of teenagers in Robocop outfits? We can let this one slide. It's not like the CGI in Avengers will hold up in 5 years either. Forgiven. Especially after those awesome new costumes we got. A Power Ranger with headlights on their helmet? Sold.


  • A Look Back At Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Including New Interviews With Director Bryan Spicer And Stars Johnny Yong Bosch And Paul Freeman And More!
  • Original Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

The "Look Back" is pretty interesting to watch. Not a lot of new information outside the creative process is discussed but it's still fun to hear just how much fun everyone had on this film. Especially Paul Freeman. The original 1995 press featurette also features the majority of the cast speaking about their experiences, which I tend to remember see being aired on Fox at that time, so that was a nice little flashback. My only criticism about the features is it didn't feature the music video for the 90's-cornball classic "Trouble" by Shampoo, which was played nonstop all summer long and forever tied to this movie. But, if that's the only major qualm I have, it's a pretty amazing release, wouldn't you say?

Revisiting this movie was a real joy. I hadn't seen it in well over 20 years. I expected corniness but I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. If you're looking for a fun superhero adventure, check this one out.

Shout! Factory has made me fall in love with this movie all over and again, and I'm sure they'll do the same for you. If you'd like to purchase this and other great Power Ranger titles, head on over to the internet's equivalent to the Angel Grove Juice Bar and pick yourself up a title or two!


Monday, May 20, 2019

Hitting The Sale!

Longtime readers will remember The Sale, a rummage sale of sorts where all proceeds goes to the great Ronald McDonald House charity to help families in need. I've attended past sales before at their previous location and always walked out with something special...

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Slimer Slurpee and More!

Something very spooky and very green hit our friends up north. Something I simply had to investigate! I got the call, I packed up my group, got a grip, came equipped grabbed my proton pack off my back and I split!

A Ghostbusters promotion? At 7-11? In 2019? WHAT?!?!

Monday, April 29, 2019

The 2019 Flea Market Kickoff!

It's that time again. It's been way too long since I've hit the dusty trail known as the local flea market. And boy do I mean "dusty"...

(We should all just accept that I'm gonna use that outdated banner everytime I write these. Good? Good.)

For those just tuning in, the first flea market of the year took place and I way too woke up early to be one of the first in line. Time to dig through those old boxes filled with old soda cans and used car parts in hopes to find gold. Thank goodness for a tetanus shot, because I swear these places have more rusted metal than a junkyard.

 As we've gotten closer to the big opening day, I've gotten more and more excited for the hunt. Some days will be gold, some days will be nothing but a box of Desert Storm trading cards. That's the name of the game! Due to rather unfavorable weather, the place wasn't as filled with vendors. But hey, this is just a taste of what to expect, so it's not like I expected to find some vendor selling MOC G.I. Joe's for 2 bucks each. Can't get your hopes too high on the first day, otherwise you'll just end up failing the rest of the season. Despite the lack of vendors, it didn't take me long to find some great items. Well, kinda...

See those great mint in box toys? Cool items, really fun to find at a flea market but the vendor thought that these were his ticket to fame and fortune, but his asking price was way too high. In fact, as I examined the boxes (resealed by the way), the vendor brought out a piece of paper with eBay prices and how much they were listed for. I didn't have the heart to break it to him that there's a feature called "Completed Listings" but I decided to let him be and just move on. I had bigger fish to fry.

Trading cards! And lots of them! I'm always amazed to find boxes of trading cards when I hit this particular flea market, it seems like a lot of people held on to them and are now just realizing what a foolish idea that really was. But hey, for $3 per box, YOU would be the fool to pass these up!

Ok, maybe Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and 1990 Nascar cards aren't the most exciting thing in the world, but Rocketeer? NKOTB? Deal. I'd gladly fork over the cash for those boxes.

Enough nonsense for now. You've seen the rather minimal amount of highlights, so let's get to the main event. What did I pick up?


Much like Dick Tracy had his two way wrist watch, you had the power to harness the ultimate power of your favorite Barnyard Commando. Burger King released these spaceship/bacon infused bracelets at the end of Barnyard Commandos already brief run (1989-1990). It always amazed me that these guys received a fast food promotion but Food Fighters didn't but I guess a giant ice cream with a missile launcher doesn't grab every 6 year old as much as an angry boar in a spaceship.


 Back in the 80s, every movie released received a novelization and this time traveling classic is no different. Usually these novels had something different from the movie, maybe some deleted scenes and unused dialogue.I haven't gone too deep into this particular novel to find much, but I'm hoping to find something fun. Love the cover too!

 Back in the 1990s, everything that we held dear got overtaken by the "EXTREME" trend. Soda, pro wrestling, staplers and even our beloved GI Joe. By 1995, our favorite military toy line became bigger, badder and much more IN YO FAAAAACE! Replacing Cobra Commander was the Spawn/Skeletor/terrible indie wrestler hybrid known as IRON KLAW, the leader of SKAR who looked cool but had the poseability of a rock. But worry not, this proprietor of the most 1990s Halloween costume ever has some opposition in the form of FREIGHT, a mix between Heavy Duty from the original GI Joe line and I think a garbage man? I still can't figure him out all these years later.

Gone were the days of backpacks and fun guns and helmets. In 1995? These figures came with goofy, crappy accessories such as a boatload of armor and giant sticks. I actually had both of these guys in 1995 due to my love anything GI Joe related, and was EXTREMELY overwhelmed. But now? I can appreciate trying to freshen up the brand by introducing new characters.


It seems every time I hit the flea market on opening day I ALWAYS find a lunchbox somehow. Not that I'm complaining!

I fondly remember this one. From 1991, this particular lunchbox showed the final battle from Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Oooze that featured the Turtles and Super Shredder. Now, while some Turtle purists aren't fond of the Super Shredder sequence, I loved it as a kid and now. Plus, Kevin Nash as Super Shredder? Win.

I tend to remember seeing this particular lunchbox all around the lunchroom at school and summer camps that year. Once I locked eyes on it, it was 1991 all over again. I could instantly remember the tantalizing smell of peanut butter and jelly and Mott's apple sauce resting in those lunchboxes. You know the smell. The kind that gets locked and trapped in the plastic. It's a comforting smell on a hot day as a kid and every plastic lunchbox on the schoolyard had it.Unless you were the weird kid who had generic apple sauce. You should've been more vocal. The Motts were worth the extra twenty cents.


These scream "childhood Halloween". These cardboard, multi jointed beauties were really the things that helped us fall in love with the season. If you had a Halloween and these didn't get hung, you may as well have just hit the restart button and start over completely.

That jive turkey pumpkin may be my favorite. He kinda reminds me of the pumpkin from Return To Oz. Frightening but welcoming at the same time.

The Skeleton is a pretty average decoration. He glows in the dark and has the flexibility of a porn star, so that's a plus. Still, you can't have these decorations and not include the skeleton.

THE MVP. The witch almost looks like it would've been a Jim Henson character if the design were ever used in a live action movie. She's short, squat and much like the pumpkin, she kinda toes the line between menacing and loving. Could she be your friend or would she try to turn you into a calzone? I guess you'll just have to wait and see!


My personal favorite find of the day. Yes, the decorations were great but these were a real treasure! If you were a youth in the late 80s/early 90s, you no doubt had a giant button of some sorts. Not only were they stylish and large and in charge, but you could use them as a display piece. Each of those had a cardboard backing that could be folded out to prop up. Kinda like a photo frame. So if you weren't going to a New Kids on The Block concert that afternoon, you could still off your love for Joey by putting the button on your shelf. These aren't exactly the hardest or even valuable collectibles to find but they are always fun to see when you do find them.

The Bartman character was a great gimmick for The Simpsons early on and made for easily sold merchandise. Kids loved Batman. They loved Bart. How couldn't he sell buckets of merchandise? This button is a perfect reminder of the early days of Simpsons. I have nothing but love for the Underachiever Button and it's amazing neon colors, but Bartman just looks tremendous all around.

We've only just begun, ladies and gentlemen. Let the flea market games...begin!

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