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Revisiting The Ghostbusters 2-Hardee’s Promotion

  In 1989, Hardee’s teamed up with The Ghostbusters for a promotion that fans felt was just too hot to handle and too cold to hold.  From June 25-July 30 1989, fans of Ghostbusters could visit their local Hardee’s to join in on a fun promotion featuring some memorable items. Food, toys, a cup and poster, even a dessert! Now these days, it’s pretty normal to get a movie themed dessert and high end promotion with all the works but for a company like Hardee’s at the time, it wasn’t as expected. It was, pun intended, a real nice treat.  Admittedly, I am a bit based towards my love of Hardee's. I have many cherished memories going there with my father, who LOVED Hardee’s, so we’d find ourselves there quite often for lunch or if on the way down to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to one of his skydiving meets. Hardee’s was a big deal to us. It was one of our special things. And as you get older and you look back, those special things are usually the biggest things in the world to you.  Of c

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