Feel The Power of HAUNTED HELLGLOW!!!!!!

A few months ago I became so frustrated after a deal went sour over a very rare Masters of the Universe figure. It was SCAREGLOW, perhaps the rarest single carded figure in the original line. This little old lady had him listed for $35 which I immediately jumped on and set up a meeting place and time. However she quickly became inundated with offers and told me she received a whopping offer of $400 for the toy and couldn't turn it down. Part of me understood since she was just trying to make some extra cash and then part of me was so bitter that she went back on her word. In the end, much like AC/DC said, Money Talks...What's that phrase? "Necessity is the mother of invention"? So I started thinking to myself "Chad, old bean, you like customizing. Find a Scareglow head and make him yourself.". See, I'm not just good looks, dear friend, I sometimes have a good idea. Of course! Why drop 300 on a figure when I can just get a friend to mold me the head and …

MOTU Mystery Minis!

I'm a big fan of "mystery mini" figures that have been gaining popularity over the past few years. Seems to be really fun ways to get your favorite characters in a smaller scale to easily display on your shelf or your desk at work! But the real thrill is not knowing who you'd get! It's like buying an empty cereal box just for the prize. It's pretty fun! Now, I've picked up quite a few from WWE to Garbage Pail Kids to Nicktoons, but none made me as excited as the ones I found today!  MOTU MYSTERY MINIS! Made by Mattel, these little guys are no bigger than an inch or two and are very colorful and delightful! Just as fun as the figures themselves, are the fun Castle Grayskull packaging they come in! Admittedly, at first, I thought they were one of those old figural Topps candy containers from the 80s. Same hollowed plastic, one colored paint job and containing a special surprise! While cheap sugary chiclets weren't awaiting me, the Power of Grayskull woul…

Feel The Hellglow of The Undertaker!

In my last entry, I covered the new MOTU: Origins figures and gushed over just how amazing they were but if you noticed, I included a little photo of the amazing WWExMOTU figures hanging out with He-Man and Skeletor simply because I believe the amount of creativity and fun that goes into both lines should be celebrated. While I'm sure I could've saved this for SlamFest in January, I simply couldn't wait to sit back and talk about my current favorite of the bunch:


I applaud Mattel for bypassing an Undertaker-Hordak or an Undertaker-Skeletor mashup because that would've been my choice, but going the Scareglow route is one I wouldn't have seen coming and after seeing it with my own eyes, I'm glad they made it happen!

This particular figure showcases the super evil/quasi Satanic priest era of the Undertaker's career where he'd sacrifice people, hang them from cages and shoot lightning at his opponents. Yeah, 1999 was a wild time to be al…

VIEW: He-Man and Skeletor MOTU Origins Figures

Well, time to eat crow...
When I first saw Mattel's new "Masters of the Universe: Origins" line, I initially wrote them off as just another set of unarticulated trash, along the lines of the Super7 figures, which were good looking figures, but other than a new headsculpt, offered almost nothing to me personally as a collector. But after seeing these Origins figures in person? I'm ready to admit I was wrong.VERY wrong.From the packaging to art on the back, we're already hitting it out of the park. Here we see old Bonehead's card and unless I'm blind, I don't see any difference between the card art and the original figures. Well, other than the "Retro Play" and "New for 20" labels. I'm fully aware those weren't on the package in 1981.

The back of the cards also feature brand new, updated art featuring the characters. Skeletor art usually swings toward the more cartoony, kid friendly Skeletor and while this maintains a touch of…

My Favorite He-Man

We all have at least one toy that we've held on to since the second we got it. Something big or small that just remains one of the lasting connections to our childhoods. It could represent a moment that means something, it could also just be that favorite toy we would take to the playground or that long roadtrip to your aunt's house. My choice is the ultimate figure that captures all that and more as well as providing the perfect link to my lifelong devotion to the Masters of the Universe:

Flying Fists He-Man was a variation of the titular hero that was released alongside a similar version of Skeletor called "Terror Claws Skeletor" in 1986, which was a point where the line started to begin to go downhill in popularity. At that time, you were a loyal MOTU collector and fan, it had been years since you purchased the original figure and prolly needed a new upgrade. And while there have been other cool looking variants, in my opinion, this was the coolest. It still remain…


I told myself I wouldn't do any more of these theme months until Thanksgiving. I actually had a full slate of Ghostbusters content I wanted to produce this summer but with the movie being pushed back it just wasn't doable. Then about a month and a half ago, I realized needed something to energize me. Blogging, creatively, podcasting, whatever, I just need something to motivate me and as it has been the case since I was a kid, that's when He-Man stepped into save the day...

MOTU MONTH, a fun He-Man-centric event that I started back in 2017, has always been something I looked forward too. It always made me dig into the mythology of my favorite childhood toyline and explore things that even I didn't know about! It's a fun time of year. Of course I know everyone is gearing up for Halloween and fall but I'm just still trying to squeeze that last feeling of summer and when I think of summer, I think of being a kid and having as much fun in the backyard with my GI Joes…

On His Own: A Tribute To Bobby Brown and The Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters 2 remains not just my favorite Ghostbusters movie, but one of my all time favorite movies. There's just so much going on in this movie that I just adore and one of those things happens to be one of the songs from the soundtrack and one of the most random cameos ever by none other than R&B's original bad boy, Bobby Brown!