Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cheetos Paws Are BACK, BABY!

First, Crystal Pepsi made it's way back into our lives...

Then, it was Ecto Cooler's turn..

It was only a matter of time until one more piece of the nostalgic junkfood puzzle was to be filled. Now, if you're thinking I'm talking Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies, sorry, I'm not. Even though those had a permanent spot in my lunchbox for the year or two they were available and I did love those, I'm referring to a snack that was around longer and that I have a lot more affection for. I'm talking about...CHEETOS PAWS!!!!!!

Look at it. It's here. Live and in living color. Never in a million years did I think they would come back. We had been teased by Cheetos Halloween offering, Bag of Bones, which actually contains the Paws themselves and had that same crunch, but being a white cheddar flavor, it's a nice effort but it's not the same. I will say, the white cheddar is pretty darn delicious and can't suggest those enough!

Just a quick rundown. Cheetos Paws was offered from 1990-1993 and in that small time it left a huge impact on anyone who ate them. Why? Look at them! THEY'RE CHESTER'S PAWS! You're essentially eating Chester, which admittedly, these are healthier and less cruel than actually eating an animated, skateboarding Cheetah, but that's neither here nor there. These were also one of Cheetos first varieties, after the Paws experiment was through, we'd get X's And O's, Checkers, Twists, and other crazy shapes. But The Paws? Those were what we really wanted. I can't count how many times I sat in front of my couch with an Ecto Cooler, and a bowl of these and Ninja Turtle Crunchabungas mixed together while watching TGIF or Saturday Morning cartoons in that 3 years. I loved everything about these.
From: Pintrest

Cheetos always seemed like an awesome snack after school, but turn them into Paws and I want them even more. But the appeal wasn't just their shape but their taste was different. They were a little bit of a mix between the regular puffs and the crunchy Cheetos themselves, which is pretty good if you consider sometimes you just want both but maybe you just have one bag in the pantry. This solved that. Why just have one when you can both in one tasty crunch?

Now, let's catch up. Does it taste the same? Does it LOOK the same? Certainly the bag doesn't look the same. Although I would love that lime green bag back. That thing was sweet looking. It's very early 90s. Just looking at the bag itself sends me back to watching Full House and Family Matters.

Well, I guess there's only one way to truly get the full experience. Gotta get some Ecto Cooler!

The Paws are a tiny bit different looking. The original Paws were flatter but these have a slight curve to them. They're more like lighter rib-cages used in the Bag Of Bones I previously mentioned. On top of that, the Paws offered in that same bag are more accurate to the original form and crunch. That said, I'm not bothered by it because the taste is still there. They're a bit airier than the originals as well which means the crunch isn't the same.

Is that a disappointment? No. I'm all in on these. I'm just happy they're back, hopefully all year round, It's pretty cool to see them on the shelves for a whole new generation to have the same memories of being lazy after school that I did.

So while it's not exactly the same as I recall them to be but it still gets my seal of approval. I definitely enjoy them and they do make a nice side dish alongside of a sandwich. In fact, I may have to just put a bowl together to watch Full House tonight. Feels right, no?

Cheetos definitely pulled out the favorite of many millennials to enjoy once again and for that, I tip my hat to them. It's really the experience of holding the bag and seeing "CHEETOS PAWS" emblazoned on the bag while Chester devours his own hands. Which is an odd visual but Chester is an odd dude himself.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Time To Shuffle With Da Bears!

Welp, another football season has come and gone. I'm very happy for fans of the Falcons and The Patriots to see their favorite team head to the Super Bowl. Despite what people may say about either team, it truly takes a lot of hard work, determination and heart to make it to the big game. As a Bears fan, I'm really disappointed in my boys this year, but as the saying goes, "We'll get it next year...".

Which is what I've been saying since 2007...

Of course being a Bears fan, when it comes to "Bears" and "Super Bowl", there's a lot worse things that come to mind...

Oh jeez....The Super Bowl Shuffle.

Good gosh.

Ok. I'm being over-dramatic. If you're actually a fans of the Bears or just love corny music, this song holds a special in your heart. The 1985 Bears were one of the most beloved teams due to their immense charisma as well as being some of the most unique characters and hardest workers in the entire NFL. When people talk about players like The Fridge, Mongo McMichael, Jim McMahon, Willie Dent and of course, Sweetness himself, Walter Payton, they smile. On top of being one of the toughest teams ever, they also weren't afraid to have fun. Between The Fridge getting his own GI Joe figure to silly commercials for McDonalds and everywhere in between, they were more than willing to put a smile on their face and entertain their fans.

Now, when it comes to the Super Bowl Shuffle, it's very clear the Bears were taking themselves seriously and willing to throw down some unique vocals and killer dance moves. The Junkyard Dogs confidence was at an all time high. While a Super Bowl ring was their real goal that year, throwing down a memorable performance was their real goal. And memorable it was. Music scholars will often tell you the highlight of 1985 was seeing Walter Payton comparing playing football to making love and seeing the Fridge do his iconic dance "Pointing and Lunging".

Of course, the true star of the season and the music video itself was the "Punky QB known as McMahon". Jim McMahon was the master of throwing the pigskin, taking names and wearing headbands and sunglasses. His outrageous carefree antics were something to be reckoned with. Why, I bet he even wore two different colored socks on the field and left his keys in the transmission of his TransAm while he ran into WalMart for Cheetos. He's a bad boy. But a reasonable bad boy. He's pretty wild but he knows that the Super Bowl Shuffle is his moment to shine. He kept his trademark shades, but in order to be taken even more seriously, he convinced himself to leave his Frankie Say Relax headband at home. It was almost like a Jim we had never seen at that point.

Cocky? Yes. But with purpose. He's sending the point that he's so good, that when he plays the game he "got no plan". A plan for a quarterback is always necessary. Not Jim. He just throws that ball, doesn't care where it goes and quite frankly, doesn't care if he wins or loses. He's just here to have a good time. But the Shuffle? All business for big Jim. Just don't let him fool you with his confidence. As he says in this Grammy Nominated song, "I play so cool, I aim to please." and pleases us he does. Whether it's his mad rhymes or dynamic dancing, Jim brought the boys to big game and the Grammy's.

Others got their lines in, they had their chance to shine, but Jim made this song HIS. I defy you to show me any song where you can clearly spot a star emerging then and there. I. DARE. YOU.

Oh you don't believe me when I say this was nominated for a Grammy? Don't fool yourself. How can you ever deny the explosive performance of Willie Gault and Richard Dent? And even though they lost to Prince. There is no justice in this world. While all these guys are NFL Hall of Famers or HOF worthy, I just don't want to live in a world where I can't say "Grammy Award winner, William The Fridge Perry".


...tell me that's not a tragedy.


Friday, February 3, 2017

The Great 2017 Thrifting Adventure!

It's been a while since I gassed up the old battle wagon and drove around looking for old crap I can either put on my shelf or put on my table at the Village Gate Toy Show in March. I decided today I'd try my luck by driving up to Buffalo for a few hours. My head full of golden possibilities and my wallet filled with...well...not much. But I'm ready to make it stretch.

I hit about 8 stores total today. All within a 60 mile radius. Buffalo has a great thrifting offerings so I like to hit them up at least once or twice a year. It would be kinda tiring but thankfully, the first store I entered, I was greeted by some very good signs of what I could possibly expect. Or...posters...

A cornerstone in any 80s/90s kids bedroom or playroom. Or video stores. I tend to remember the kids section in a few places had these. Right on.

So let's check out my haul:


Westworld is my favorite scifi movie of all time. Since I don't have HBO, I haven't caught the TV show but it is very high on my list once it hits bluray. For now though, I can't turn down an old rental copy of the original in the MGM big box. Looks great on my shelf already!

Ok, Young Einstein. This was a ridiculously TERRIBLE movie that squashed any hopes that Yahoo Serious would be a star. I tend to remember it being hyped up pretty well that year and after a week, people stopped talking about it. If you've ever seen it, you'll know why.  So why'd I pick it up? Jeez, I don't know. I always hated this movie but for some reason I saw it and decided I needed it. That's part of the VHS collecting addiction. Well, that and the store had a 5 buck limit on debit cards. Don't worry. It gets better...


HUZZAH! Action figures! Right up my alley! An old WWF Christian, two Michaelangelo's, a Mario missing an arm and a couple other stuff that I don't really see any use. My personal favorite of the lot is definitely Christian. Oh sure, I can always make room in my collection for Michaelangelo but Christian is a fave of mine. Loved him as a tag team partner and goofball with Edge and loved him even more in TNA(in my opinion, his best run of his career). With rumors of Christian being nominated into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, the figure will totally reek of awesomeness on my shelf with the rest of my loose figures.


Transformers has always been a huge part of my life. I'll go into greater detail later this year, but I have such a soft spot for these wacky toy robots. The toys, cartoons, movies. I'll usually give it all my attention. This show was actually a little different than the other series. The designs were more cartoon-y if that makes sense. I actually always liked the look and tone of this show. Transformers can usually get pretty heavy so it's nice when we got a show that didn't take itself so seriously. Happy to find this. I know what I'll be checking out this weekend!




As a GI Joe loyalist, and more importantly a Dreadknok disciple, this was a huge find for me. This is one of my favorite vehicles of any toy line. So much that in 2003, I named my first car after it. Yeah it's a junker, but with a little love, it'll be ready to terrorize swamps everywhere in no time! Love that the antenna is still intact! Jelly donuts and grape soda, were NOT included.

Even more fun, I made a new friend today finding this. A member of the regional toy collecting group decided to try his luck at the same time I did and helped me locate some good stuff in the store. We chatted about thrifting, toy shows, collecting woes and the inevitable "item that got away". It was nice to be in a store I had never been to and having a helping hand. Pleasure was all mine, Dan! Thanks again!

Ok, I didn't buy this hat, but it was too weird to just not take a photo of. I love corny hats and this is probably one of the corniest.


At the same store I found the ThunderMachine, I found these beauties. My favorite find of the day. 2 Young Indiana Jones, A generic Dinosaurs, and two awesome Universal Monster cups. All from the early 90s Pizza Hut. Now, I'm assuming you can guess that the Monster cups are my favorite of the lot. You'd be correct. Frankenstein is my favorite of the UM's and I always get excited finding merch with good ol' Boltneck. Even better, if it's from that time in the early 90s when Universal Monsters was plastered on EVERYTHING. Toys, clothes, coloring books, even an old promotion through Pepsi and Doritos. I'll gladly put this on my shelf next to my Universal Studios Frankenstein cup and Bride of Frankenstein water bottle.

Well, it was a good haul, a good day, and a nice relaxing drive. But I had to get back home. I've got bunnies to feed, yo.

On the way back, I was treated to one more beautiful sight. Not one, but TWO out of date Pepsi machines!!!!

I couldn't think of any better way to close out my day-cation...


Monday, January 30, 2017

Review: Kevin Owens WWE Hasbro Flashback

I've written about the old WWF Hasbro figures so many times that I feel like I've run out of things to say about them. I mean what can you say? For a toy line that ended over 20 years ago, there's not a lot of new wrinkles to be discovered.

Until this year...

Mattel decided to send us back to our childhoods, and just like Jakks did a decade ago with LJN-style figures, give us some new "Hasbro" figures as a WalMart exclusive line. Yup. I'm just as excited at the concept as you are. But, I'll be honest, with a 10 dollar price tag, are they worth picking up and not being about to pay for a tank of gas? We'll see...

6 WWE superstars, were chosen for the initial run. The guinea pigs if you will. Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, The Ultimate Warrior and the Undertaker. Huh.

 Not a bad lineup if you ask me. A nice mixture of old and new. The sculpts are pretty darn fantastic too. A lot of the action features also seem pretty in line with the original figures. Some body slams, a punch, a clothesline. All basics of the Hasbro line. We didn't need pose-ability, but we certainly needed a Doink that could punch-out The Warlord!

So as I said before the figures themselves carry a $10 tag. Now, these days, it's hard for me to drop ten bones on anything that doesn't involve bills and food, but I decided to pick up at least one. I thought "hey, at the least I can use it for blogging and it'll look great on my shelf.". And I was RIGHT!

I picked Kevin Owens since he's been one of my favorites for years. He's just such a great, unique performer and deserves all the accolades he's gotten. Now, I don't have any issue with the rest of the guys released, but if I've gotta pick one, it's gonna be KO! Now, let's take a gander at the goods, shall we?

Look at that packaging. It's so spot on! The cut of the card, the logo, the "action feature" spotlight. It's very easy to see why so many fans have been trying to scoop all these up in record timing. The packaging sells you on this line very quick. If you're over the age of 25, you know what you're looking at. You're buying a Hasbro and you're rushing home to put them in your ring an have a Royal Rumble.

The figure itself is just as fantastic as it's terrific throwback packaging may suggest. I can't help but think someone, somewhere involved in this line was actually apart of the Hasbro production, just because it is so eerie how close it is to the originals. I can't help but look at it and just think that it's really a Hacksaw Jim Duggan figure with a new head sculpt. His pose, isn't the most fancy, but like I said, neither is Kevin. He's a barebones kinda guy. His pose fits him perfectly.

The tattoo on Kevin's right arm reminds me of Earthquake's shark tattoo. Sure it's a small detail but it's a great touch. I never expected for a second that Kevin's "EVIL" tattoo would've been a part of this, so I can't say I was even slightly disappointed.

His action feature, the main draw if you will, is rather dubious. Back in the original line, the "belly bop" was a feature given to the...shall we say..."larger" figures. Figures like Andre The Giant, Akeem and Dusty Rhodes would essentially hit other figures with their stomachs, if you pulled their heads back. It was weird, but it kinda fit. Kevin Owen's finisher is a "pop up powerbomb" so it makes sense for him to be given the belly bop to accentuate his powerbomb. It's a pretty good feature, but I would've preferred a punching feature, personally. But it's not enough for me to throw a fit and ask for my money back. It's a good feature that fits him and besides...WE'RE GETTING A KEVIN OWENS HASBRO FIGURE. How can I truly complain?

Size wise, compared to a Hogan for example, he fits in perfectly. Kevin isn't a colorfully dressed guy anyway, so he stands out in the ring and in my collection. Which is a stark contrast between the old days and today, too. We used to have wrestlers that looked like they rolled around in Fruity Pebbles. Now they dress like they shopped at Hot Topic. Makes sense to me. Gotta stay current, kids! Pass those Beats headphones!

As far as I'm concerned, this is already nominee for toy line of the year. It gives the current generation of fans something to want to buy and it gives us old farts something to put with our old figures. They look great, feel great, and send us back to a time when the world wasn't so bleak and we still had this big, bright-eyed innocence about everything. In the end, isn't that why we collect these things to begin with?

Now excuse me, I gotta find Demolition to team with Kevin to take on LOD and The Warrior...

(Hint: Demolition and KO win)


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Graham and Chad Talk Rasslin' Episode 2: The Royal Rumble 1992

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It's that time again, to join Graham of and Chad(me) of...well, this discuss one of the greatest Pay Per View's in history: The 1992 Royal Rumble!

Also discussed:

  • Other favorite Royal Rumble matches
  • Predictions for this year's show
  • Nikolai Volkoff and Virgil
  • Publix and Wegmans
  • What else was going on in 1992


Friday, January 20, 2017

5 More Awesome VHS!

Well, what can I say? I'm a slave of habit.  Another day off spent in bed with a gigantic bowl of buffalo chicken flavored pretzels and Ecto Cooler with a couple vhs. I can't truly explain it but it's a form of comfort. You most likely know what I mean. So without further adieu, let's take a gander at what I'm watching....


Tales from the Hood was one of the most fantastic horror movies of the 90s and one of my favorite anthology films. It's very unique in that it is all from an African American point of view. From the director to the cast to the stories themselves. Everything ranging from racism to politics to police brutality to inner city/gang violence are tackled in very intriguing ways. All tied together by Clarence Williams III as a funeral director taking three drug dealers through these stories and eventually ends...well...quite literally for them...

This movie has been sought after it's dvd release became out of print and not getting any form of rerelease in the years since. But thankfully, our friends at Scream Factory will be releasing a special edition BluRay this coming March. Considering how long fans have waited, it's long overdue and I get the sense that a lot of fans will be willing to consider it "release of the year" nominee.


I discovered this late in life, thanks to Bravo's 100 Scariest Moments in 2004 and I'm very happy I was exposed to it. Rutger Hauer as a creepy hitchhiker who seems so obsessed with making C Thomas Howell's life absolutely miserable. Through multiple mind games and a finale that will make you gasp, this really pulls you in. Now, the odd part is the fact that this movie hasn't gotten a lot of love in the past few years. Personally, I'd love to see a figure of Rutger's character to put on my shelf. On top of that, a bluray release would be fantastic as we haven't received anything past the dvd released about 15 years ago.


Gotta liven it up. Two real intense and dark movies, I gotta get a quick pick me up and put me in a lighter mood and what better to do so than GI Joe? Containing 3 of the best episodes Sunbow had to offer, the real draw is the live action segments featuring Mr GI Joe himself, Sgt Slaughter, who was clearly taking a break from defending America from Mr Fuji or something, to introduce the cartoons on this tape from what seems to be my back yard.
Not fooling anyone, Sarge. You're just filming these at the YMCA summer camp down the road, aren't you?

Ok, you can watch the cartoons anytime. But seeing Sarge acknowledge the continuity of the show was something else. Sarge plays the VJ so to speak and drops a witticism or two, gives us a preview and then throws it to the action packed episode. The segments themselves are so incredibly 1980's in nature in both the lines Slaughter spouts and the filming. But is it a nice comfort tape to watch when I need a quick pick me.


Oh boy. This is such a gem. The New Kids is about Lori Loughlin and Shannon Presby playing two military brats who just lost their parents in a plane crash, so they move to a small town and are soon menaced by the local bully, Dutra, and his hillbilly friends. Dutra is played by James Spader who plays it so well that it makes this movie my all time favorite role of his. On top of that, the cover just looks so cool. Definitely one of my favorite covers and one that sums up the era, if you ask me.

This is again a case of a movie that a lot of fans love but there has yet to be a solo bluray release. Mill Creek has released it apart of an 80's compilation on dvd called "80's Beat" that features other fun movies from the time, but it's inclusion of New Kids is truly what makes this set worth picking up, which you can do here.


If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I still watch SNL every week and live tweet it with the likes of Corey from The Chap Report and the famous William Bruce West of WestWeekEver. Yes, we may be the last three fans in existence of the show despite it's ups and downs. Nothing like a bunch of nerds in their mid to late 30's complaining about a 40 year old show but I've been watching for over 20 years and I don't see giving it up anytime now. I still look forward to it!

One of my favorite episodes is the infamous episode from 1977 that features Charles Grodin stumbling through sketches with virtually no rehearsal time and it shows. Yes, they centered an entire episode around the idea that Charles just couldn't be bothered to rehearse sketches. It gets really strenuous and very uncomfortable at times but for SNL enthusiasts, that's what we look for. It's such a deliciously terrible car crash that even Paul Simon gets irritated with him in hilarious fashion.

One of my favorite things of this tape is the ridiculously disco NBC Home Video theme. Check it out:

I'm not gonna lie, I totally have that on my tv theme's playlist. Don't judge me!

By now, I've already plowed through my snacks and tapes so it's time to get out of bed and actually do something meaningful. Maybe I will just walk down to the mailbox and see if any coupons for Arby's or something. Now I want curly fries.

So until next time, keep that VCR warm!


Friday, December 30, 2016

The Horror Movie BBQ 2016 Christmas Fallout!

Well...Christmas is over with.


I love Christmas so much. I've stated that before. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween but by the end of October, I'm over it all together. But starting around October, I want nothing but red and green. I want cold air and snow, I want peppermint everything, I want Christmas specials and I want houses with more Christmas decorations than should allowed by a court of law.
Just one side of the biggest display in the area. My camera died after taking this photo. Lame. But you get the jist of it.

Christmas, as always, went perfect. A trip to the fiance's sister house for a fun evening of laughs, food and presents. It was a pretty good time, especially considering the relaxing nap with cats I take after dinner. Here's one of them, Sprocket:

Cute, isn't he? And he loves attention. Even better!

So the real reason you're here is most likely to read about what I received for presents. Ya know, the materialistic part! Yay, presents! So let's knock this one out.

Ok, if I sound a little less than enthusiastic, it's only because working retail this season really took a lot out of me. As great as Christmas was, I'm still catching up on rest. But I'm trying. I really am. Besides, I didn't wanna let down my bro John of The Sewer Den or Matt of Dinosaur Dracula by skipping out.

Let's start off with the basics:

So check these out. My job did a sweet giveaway and I won a free pair of RayBan round shades! Had to have them adjusted bu they definitely fit...better. Still will need some getting used to. Plus they make me look like a Vertigo character. A very lame one with zero self confidence.

May not be the best photo of me.

Got some tasty sweets, a mini Bret Hart figure and a sweet Target beauty box containing all sorts of cool stuff so I don't smell like a filthy sewer anymore. Also a favorite? That mini-Nutella. It's big enough to look like a Capcom fight screen with mini Bret. Tell me I'm wrong, bruh:


I've always said that I'm the easiest guy to buy for. I just am. Not saying I need movies to be happy but they are a great gift that get a lot of mileage. I've been hoping for all of these movies to hit my shelf. Especially that Scott Hall collection. Great documentary and great matches. Also, Broad City and Key And Peele will come in handy on sick days or lazy days in bed(YAS KWEEN!). And on top of that, Warriors, Peanuts, Last Dragon and the Silent Night set are all must haves. Very happy with this!


A history of the 1985 Bears(Da Bears!), the amazing biography of Rowdy Roddy Piper and the Death of WCW. All essential books for lunch break reading. I love nothing more than just sitting in the break room, eating my lunch and reading a book. I had the original Death of WCW but it fell apart after reading it so much, so I'm glad to have this. Roddy's biography, lovingly written by his children, is a GREAT book too. I had Roddy's earlier biography but it was a little skimpy on good stories. This however, tells a LOT more stories and a much better read.

And after this season, I can use all the reminder that Bears actually used to mean something.

MOTU Books:

Hooooooooly craaaaaaaaaaap. These books are amazing and may be my favorite things in the world! Books containing never before seen art from the entire run of Masters of The Universe's fantastic run and a the entire mini-comic collection.

And that mini-comic collection is HUGE. How huge? Over 1225 pages huge, that's how. It also contains one of the funniest frames in comic history:

Skeletor is pimp af. Just filled to the brim with confidence. No one's gonna be able to knock him down anytime soon.

Design for Snake Mountain. 

These books are amazing and show so much cool stuff including sketches for unused figures, vehicles, designs, and even stuff from the movie and cartoons. Highly suggested you pick these up!

A nice Christmas overall, and I certainly hope yours was as well. Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanzaa. Or whatever you may celebrate.

Also, this blog is dedicated to the happy gingerbread man who gave his life so I could enjoy one more day of Christmas. He looks like the T-800 at the end of T2, doesn't he? Don't worry, he'll be back.


For past fun, check out my previous Fallouts from 2014 and 2015.