Friday, December 15, 2017

Horror Movie BBQ Podcast: The Wizard!

Happy Wizard Day! Ok, maybe not an official holiday, but I love this movie enough to make it one! ;) You guys have heard me blab on and on about my affection for this movie over and over, so I won't rehash what I've already said countless time before.

Well, this has been an episode I've been wanting to do for quite some time now and seeing as today is the 28th anniversary of The Wizard (you didn't think I could wait another two years to truly celebrate this movie, did you?) what better day to drop the episode?

I had the thrill to be joined by my friends from one of my favorite movie podcasts, The Cult Film Club to discuss this movie. Shawn of (Branded In The 80s), Jamie (the infamous Shez Crafti) and Pax (Calvacade of Awesome, Nerd Lunch, and more!) join me on a fun conversation about what makes this movie so charming, what makes it hilarious and just what was Christian Slater thinking about while recording certain scenes?

And while you're in the mood for more Wizard goodness, check out 8-Bit Zombie for their gnarly Loser Lucas shirt! Some of my favorite shirts come from Ross. In fact, you can check out the interview I did with him where we dish about our mutual love of this fantastic movie!

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You can check out Cult Film Club on iTunes and their website. I always enjoy their discussions and trivia tidbits they drop, so be sure to check out their back catalog of great episodes!


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Meeting The King Of Rock!

A few weeks ago, DMC of the iconic rap group RUN-DMC came up to The Record Archive in Rochester, NY for an in-store signing of his new album "Back From The Dead" and discussion of the importance of vinyl.

Monday, December 11, 2017

5 Tapes To Get You In The Christmas Spirit!

2 weeks away from the big day. How are you feeling? Happy? Sad? Feeling down? Hey, I understand. This can be a stressful time of year for a lot of people and sometimes it can lead to the loss of the spirit of the season. I love creating a new tradition but to get into the Christmas spirit, sometimes you gotta rely on the classics and today I have some fine selections of classic Christmas movies and specials that will be a surefire way to get you back in the holiday mood.


Ziggy is a character that is made for one reason: to make you to smile. There's not a bad bone in that little guy and this special proves it. Ziggy becomes a Santa for the season while working with others who took up the Santa mantle for their own greed and dishonesty. Staying true to who he truly is and never losing his trademark smile, Ziggy teaches others the true spirit of Christmas. While not the most memorable or cherished holiday special, it is a very heartwarming one. I recommend it only if you wish to fall back in love with the character of Ziggy and need a cry or two.


Oh boy, another one that'll tug at your heart strings...well, maybe not. It may just make you laugh for all the wrong reasons. In this 90 minute tear jerker, an old hobo comes back to his hometown to reunite with his son who wants nothing to do with him and in the meantime learns a lot of his mistakes came back to bite him on his old smelly, hobo butt. This was a made-for-tv movie airing on CBS and it definitely shows. I don't exactly know how else to sell this movie to you other than Gerald McCraney and the grandfather from Lost Boys are in it and at their all time corniest. But that's ok because the producers of this movie knew what they were doing and the audience they were going after. It's hokey, silly, but it reminds you of watching bad Christmas movies with your family while eating Christmas cookies. So in the end, not so bad.


One of my favorite Ren and Stimpy episodes ever and not just because it's a special Christmas tape either. This was one of the funniest episodes where Stimpy let's out a nasty fart who names "Stinky" and heads out on an adventure to find him after he goes missing. What could make this tape even better, you ask? Add on two music videos featuring awesome Christmas songs sung by the gross duo that belong on everyone's Christmas playlist. It was pretty common for these Nickelodeon releases in the 90s to contain music videos and extras, all of which were made specifically for the tapes themselves, and were all pretty great. But what if I told you this tape had a reason to be even MORE amazing and gave you even more reason to drop money on a show you've seen a million times on tv and probably even recorded the episode (you dirty pirate!)?

Yup. A gift set! Featuring an awesome gift box and a fun plush Stimpy so you can cuddle up with your favorite gross cat and enjoy this fantastic tape. One last thing that you MUST know about this set...

Yup. The doll even has a fanny flap. What else would you expect?


I've said and done a lot involving my friend and star of the movie Eric Freeman, but I very rarely speak about the movie itself. If you're not aware of this ultimate cult classic, it's known for it's low budget, cheesy acting and ridiculous action. While it's easy to point to it and laugh at the production values but it does tell a fun story of Ricky (the little brother of Billy, the killer in the first movie) going through life, despite watching his older brother being killed in front of him. Is it worthy of an Oscar? Nah. But is it a fun watch and a movie that did have a charm. It may be a giant pile of...ahem...garbage...but it's infamy lives on through every viewing. Despite not ever receiving a bluray release, new fans are discovering this movie every year and falling in love with the main star and his memorable line delivery...


One of the best Christmas specials ever. Pee Wee plans a Christmas party with a lot of famous friends including Little Richard, Oprah, the lovely Del Rubio Triplets, Cher, CHARO and more! PeeWee gets a little greedy though and asks Santa for a LOT but then realizes that receiving his Christmas wishes would affect the wishes of other children across the world. Thankfully, PeeWee comes to his sense and realizes it's better to give than recieve, so demands Santa gives all his presents to other children. A beautiful ending to a magnificent Christmas special! Oh and bonus, this is where I learned the Dradel Song from!

Credit: (Check out my buddy RoG's great review of this special!)

Now, I gotta tell you guys, watching this special as a kid was HUGE. I was obsessed with Pee Wee Herman, despite my brother absolutely HATING him to the point that he would just get angry walking into the room when I was watching it. Oh well. It's not my fault he can't appreciate the greatness of Cowboy Curtis. Be that as it may, when I found out we were getting a Christmas special as a kid, I couldn't miss it. Missing it would be out of the question. The night it aired, my father had recorded it for me and I was able to watch it the next day. It was a pretty big event for me. Watching it the next day? I was in heaven. The silly songs, the over the top ridiculousness that we'd all come to love, the characters, the guest stars. I couldn't get enough. So many great skits and segments that if you were to watch today, you'd still love them. It may not be remembered in the same vain as A Charlie Brown Christmas or a movie like It's A Wonderful Life, but for me as a kid, this was bigger than any viewing of Miracle On 34th Street. Revisiting it in recent years, I've fallen in love with it all over again and continue to watch every year with as much enjoyment as I did as a child.

I don't know how to end this article any better than with the inclusion of a childhood (and adulthood) favorite. Honestly, they're all favorites and great additions to your yearly Christmas viewings. I hope you get to enjoy them just as much as I do ever year!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Village Gate Toy December 2017 Show Pick Ups

It's time, it's time! The Village Gate Toy Show took place on Sunday December 3rd and I did not hesitate to keep my hunting eyes open for great deals and fun treasures. For the past 3 years, my goals have been more to sell my goods but I've become friends with so many of the dealers and usually that leads to great deals and trades. And this show was absolutely no different. Let's take a look at the goods:

BATMAN RETURNS CUPS ($2 for all 3)

Back in the 90's, McDonalds would offer large cups for their major promotions. Usually a movie, sports team, cartoon, whatever they could spread across both regular items and their happy meals and there was no bigger movie in the summer of 1992 than Batman Returns. One of the big hype machines behind it was McDonalds, who offered these awesome cups along with neat frisbee toppers as the lids.So not only were you getting an amazing illustration of The Penguin giving a gruesome speech, you get a sweet disc to throw around. And if you were lucky, you got the glow-in-the-dark lid.

I'm gaga over anything glow-in-the-dark, so I got very excited for it. If you think I didn't request that particular lid at age 9 from the visibly frustrated fry cook, you just don't know me well enough.


Speaking of awesome Batman items, check this out! From the glorious Dark Knight Collection by our friends at Kenner, The Joker finally has a sweet ride of his own to escape from the Batmobile. It kinda resembles the Green Goblin Truck from Maximum Overdrive in motorcyle form, but Joker's a vain guy, you can't tell me he wasn't above getting his painted puss on a purple hog. If his face on a $100 bill doesn't happen, this will suffice.


One of my vendor buddies came by to chat and told me he had a few loose Ghostbusters mini ghosts and he's also trying to eliminate all of his stock, so he was doing a "Buy 1 Get 1". Naturally I had to dig around his old, dusty boxes and found this sweet ghost along with an awesome JLU Green Lantern figure for my always growing JLU collection but the ghost is what excited me the most. Originally, I believed the ghost was the final piece to complete my Ecto 1, but I was wrong. Looks like it's the one that came with the mini GhostTrap. Which I should've known, since I had the Trap as a kid. But like I said earlier, glow-in-the-dark anything is the way to my heart, why wouldn't want to add this to my shelf?

nWo War Bonnet: ($3)

Collecting nWo merch, as discussed in previous articles, is a huge hobby of mine and this is an item I haven't seen pop up in quite sometime. The infamous "nWo War Bonnet" was a follow up to the the wildly popular Hollywood Hogan bandanna although this wasn't as well received by the nWo-ites across the world. In fact it was downright hated by many fans mainly because it looks silly and resembles an old dirty sock with the nWo logo on it. Admittedly, it's not the most visually pleasing headwear but as a addition to my nWo collection, it works. Maybe to wear in a future photo op with an nWo member or...oh heck, you know I had to try it on then and there, despite my wife hating it...

Not bad for an almost 20 year old piece of goofy headwear!

Not so bad of a haul. But it was time to pack up and leave. Laurie and I had made some nice dough and we were exhausted. So while we're taking stuff out to the car, we find someone selling some old Ninja Turtle items but I saw one piece I couldn't pass up...


My all time favorite cereal is the Ninja Turtles cereal from 1990. Oh sure, it was just Chex with marshmallows but it was so delicious. I can still smell the way the box smells as weird as it sounds. But one of the biggest reasons I loved it was the free cereal bowl you see above. Attatched to the box, this delightful small cereal bowl. I had two as a kid and used them heavily and I would love to use one again, but it looks like this is just too banged up and marked up, so I won't be using this particular bowl. But a buck for an instant flashback? Wasn't turning it down.Would you? Nah.

I had a great time at this toy show and can't wait til March. Here's hoping for even bigger successes! If you're coming by, stop by my table and say hi!

Today's Stocking Stuffer is a real winner, and you're gonna need these to get through Christmas Eve's crazy madness:

Hershey's is putting a delicious, Christmas-y kinda twist on a traditional favorite! These "Hershey Kisses Deluxe" are a great addition to that candy bowl in the dining room.

Not only do they contain a hazlenut in the middle with some delicious crispies, but they're even bigger than a normal Hershey's Kiss! Any Christmas related candy that has a mini nut reminds me of those Christmas parties as a kid where I'd sit on the couch trying to watch holiday specials and eat chocolate covered macadamia nuts while the adults bickered over politics and sports. They have a very familiar taste even though they're new to me.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Season Is Here!

December is finally here! That means Christmas is upon us and you know what that means: family, food, and parking lots at shopping malls will be filled with insane shoppers who have apparently never been to a mall around this time of year before. I mean come on, people. It's not science.

I know Christmas has turned into a very commercialized holiday for some and a lot of people have been turned off by the whole aspect of it, but for me, this season means a lot more than just green, white and red tinsel all over snack cakes and stuff. I mean sure, that's a small fraction but for me, it's all about giving to those I love and those in need, traditions, nostalgia, and making new memories. Now I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, but when it comes to really having a good time and involving all my friends and family, Christmas is the best holiday. The buildup for the Christmas can be long on paper, but it goes by fairly quick. Too quick for my taste. By the time my wife and I are done designing Christmas cookies and decorating our Christmas tree, it's already the 26th! Time to hit those clearance racks for next year's decorations! I got my eyes on those sweet Masters of the Universe ornaments from Hallmark!

Every year I try to do my hardest to provide new and fun Christmas content here on the blog (and starting this year, the podcast) which is something I always look forward to. There's a lot of fun stuff from the past and present just waiting to be discussed. Toys, candy, tv specials, movies, and some of my favorite rituals and past Christmas memories! I can't wait to share this fun season with you!

So now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let's talk some fun stuff: Stocking stuffers. We all continue to put up our stockings and usually get some fun stuff, which is a nice start to the day. I actually got a stocking for my bunnies too, which they usually spend more time crawling in and getting stuck than they do actually eating their treats. But if you're stuck for ideas on what to get your family, don't worry! I got you! Throughout the month, I'll be offering suggestions for good stocking stuffers! Let's take a look at a classic choice today...

Christmas and Reeses go hand in hand. Well honestly, that could be said about any holiday. I can't imagine a holiday without a specialized Reese's treat. Whether it's an heart, easter egg, a bat or pumpkin, you can't go wrong with these. Slipping a few of these in your loved ones stocking is definitely a home run!

Ok, it's a little melty but it it's even better melty. Also, I'm very aware it looks very turd like in this pic.

I love these so much. They taste better than a regular Reese's cup. A perfect combination of the smoother chocolate and richer peanut butter. I don't know who came up with these crazy shaped Reeses for every season, but I sure am happy they did. It makes for a great tradition!

Let's be fair, even if it's not for a stocking, you're totally looking at that melty tree and thinking two things:

A: "My gosh, Chad, you left that tree under the lights too long and it looks like a giant turd".-NOTED. Fair. That's kinda my fault. I get it.

B: You're planning a quick dash to the grocery store to pick up a few for this afternoon's sugar rush. It's amazingly delicious and nobody would blame you. In fact, hide them before the office busybody tries to come over and mooch them off you.

So now that we've started off the Christmas season, let the peppermint and gingerbread flavored madness begin!

Happy December! :)


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Countdown: Garfield Thanksgiving!

I've come to the realization that doing a Thanksgiving week countdown and not touching on the amazing Garfield Thanksgiving Special would be an absolute crime. One that I would deserve a severe beatdown for excluding...

Released today in 1989 on CBS, this classic has gone forgotten by many people, mainly due to it's lack of reruns over the years. Now I'm gonna tell you something you may not like and owning it as MY opinion alone, but I actually believe this to be even better than A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Make no bones about it, I'm the biggest Peanuts fanatic in the world and I love watching Snoopy's insane junkfood dinner, but just in terms of fun and Thanksgiving-ness, Garfield takes the pumpkin pie here. But that's a very close call to make. Now why would I make such a bold claim and make up a term such as "Thanksgiving-ness"? Well, let's take a look at this beloved holiday special and hopefully we're on the same page by the end.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanksgiving Countdown: A Gingerbread Turkey!

We've all enjoyed the tradition of making a gingerbread house for the Christmas season. There's not a lot of traditions that can make people smile and satisfy their holiday theme hunger quite like it. Personally, I find building a gingerbread house frustrating and time consuming. But it's usually worth and leads to happy faces and tummies and a nice photo for Instagram. Now...what if I told you that you could capture that same feeling but for Thanksgiving.

Yes folks, I'm talking about a GINGERBREAD TURKEY!!!!

This new tradition comes to the Thanksgiving table thanks to our friends at Trader Joe's. Always a popular spot for some good holiday treats and food no other store will have the balls to offer. I mean, where else can you find turkey and gravy potato chips that taste so close to the real thing, you're gonna need a nap after?

Ok, they're not the greatest. In fact, they taste downright bizarre but points for originality. Let's focus on something that you can consider the greatest.

There it is. I physically did a double take when I saw this box in the store. I knew I had to own it and assemble the greatest piece of holiday food art I could. Wasn't gonna be easy, but for my love of sweets and Thanksgiving, I would at least try. Are you ready for this? I don't think you are. I know I wasn't. This is life changing on a grand scale. Thanksgiving will never be the same again and all other food related traditions have been put on notice...

All the pieces are here to make your turkey. The tools of the trade are also included. You want to make a fabulous turkey with sprinkles, gummies and generic M&M's? Great! You don't? Hey, that's ok! It's your turkey. You be as over the top creative or just keep it basic. I'm not judging. Fair warning though, you will have to make the frosting yourself. I'm ok with that. Give me homemade, fresh frosting over that weird tubed frosting any day. That's part of the magic of this fun kit. You gotta earn it. And earn it I did.

Making a turkey to reflect my personality, was no easy task. But I did it. Not a bad looking guy so far. I'm almost gonna hate to eat him later tonight while watching Survivor Series but for the time being, he's rather precious. Sure, he looks more like that guy who fell in toxic waste in Robocop mixed with the Cryptkeeper than what's on the box, but we're not done yet. Almost there. With a little help from the wife who has more steady hands than I do, we created quite the beautiful turkey...


A gingerbread turkey! Well, kind of. A turkey mixed with the NBC Peacock, but hey since they're airing the Macy's Parade, isn't that kind of appropriate?

Now, as a gingerbread enthusiast, I rank this pretty high but as a Thanksgiving fantatic, you can't get much higher of a recommendation. If you're gonna be offering anything as a pre-Thanksgiving treat, it may as well be this. I mean, 'tis the season for everything gingerbread, but why not bridge the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas with this?


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thanksgiving Countdown: Talkin' Turkey With Corey Chapman

The HorrorMovieBBQ Podcast is back once again with one of my favorite people in the world and Thanksgiving fantatic, Corey Chapman of the Chap Report (maybe returning soon?) to discuss one of my favorite days of the year THANKSGIVING!

It's a great time of year, it provides some fun moments with family and you get some relaxation, unless you're one of the people going insane and running around like a chicken without a head. Or is that turkey?

Topics discussed:

-Where has Corey been?
-Corey's favorite pregame ritual.
-Black Friday legacy.
-Katie Holmes as an art school goddess.
 -The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
 -That time I drove around around town all morning to buy a bunch of wrestling figures.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Joker At The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Well, Thanksgiving is almost here, but the Thanksgiving Countdown has begun on the blog. I'm a huge fan of this very special day. Why? There's a lot of reasons I'll explore throughout the next week or so, but quite frankly one of the big reasons I love the big day is none other than the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

The pageantry! The floats! The lip syncing! The dancing turkeys! How can I not love this parade? There is literally nothing to hate. And it bridges the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once you see Santa coming down that street, it's all over. You're ten years old again and you believe in everything great this world has to offer. It's a beautiful 2 hour time period where absolutely nothing can bother you or go wrong.

Welll...There's always an exception to the rule. Just like there's always a Joker in the deck...

1989 was the year. A pretty solid year for the Parade but a pretty huge year for Batman. Now, obviously, Batman was the biggest movie of the year and anything that had black and gold was automatically a license to print money. Of course, anything that had the Joker involved as well became white hot. So obviously, the natural inclination is to include either Batman or the Joker into the Parade somehow right? Maybe have The Joker run around and steal things from kids in the audience, maybe even recreate the float scene from the movie and have Batman fly in and beat him up? Not bad ideas, really. I mean those could work big time. Especially since the VHS was being released a week or two before. It would be great hype for that and a great time for the Parade.

Therein lies the problem.

They gave us The Joker, but they didn't really give us The Joker we knew and loved. He at least threw money out to the crowd and kinda resembles the scene from the movie. But why is there an elephant on the float? I mean, ok, to his credit he looks like The Joker, but instead of playing pranks, shooting people and calling out the Caped Crusader to the ol' duke-a-roo, someone decided to put him on a float with a bunch of kids singing about clowns. I always have to keep in mind that this event is for families and no way would they ever consider a poison gas expelling float while The Joker laughs at people dying. The Joker would never wear yellow gloves either.

Part of the appeal of this act wasn't just the man in purple, but who was PLAYING him. The announcers of the show kinda hinted at that the man behind the makeup was someone famous, but it was our task to guess WHO.
There he is...

So let's see our options. It's a Joker. It's 1989. Hmmm...

Bill Murray? Nah. He's prolly back home watching the parade with his 800 brothers.

Robin Williams? Expecting him to even consider it after being lied to by WB would be silly.

Hulk Hogan? No way, brother.

So who could it be? I'm stumped!

The big reveal finally comes. The answer is...



Yup, Presidential impressionist and comedian extraordinaire, Fred Travalena became The Joker. It kinda makes sense they'd get a comedian if you think about and it's probably best they chose Fred instead of say, Andrew Dice Clay or Sam Kinnison. Mr. Travalena is a funny guy and all, but stepping into that purple suit after Nicholson was an unenviable task. Now, I'll admit, Fred tried his hardest to make this his own and really seemed to have fun but I could forgive him a lot more if his choice of song wasn't so corny. I'm making a bigger deal about this terrible than I should but I still find it insanely irritating. It's a song about clowns and playing cards. Listen to it without punching your screen and I'll buy you a Pepsi.

As a fan of The Joker, I was pretty let down by this but as a fan of the Parade, I give it some slack and let it slide. It is what it is, it's silly, it's fun, and everyone involved is having a ball. And in the end, isn't that what the spirit of the Parade is all about? Corniness and fun?


Friday, November 10, 2017

What A Lovely Day For A Transforming Exorcism...

A few weeks ago, I found myself down in the DC area for a fun afternoon of toy robots and legendary voices. I must be in town for TFCon, the annual Transformers convention! I also attended the Toronto edition in July with my longtime buddy, JD of General Geekery, where I met voice actors Michael Bell and Arthur Burghardt, but this show was a bit different. Toronto was a lot of fun and I hope to make it back next year, especially if the caliber of voice actors is what it was this year!

Arthur Burghardt aka Destro

Michael Bell aka Duke, The Hulk, Chucky's Dad on Rugrats, jeez I wish I had more space...

Whereas the Toronto edition overtook the entire hotel, this show was only given two ballrooms for the voice actors, panels, and vendor area. Obviously, there was a giant difference. Now this sounds like a bad thing on paper, but the show was packed on a Sunday, which is very hard to do for most shows. Of course not attending the show on the busy day, Saturday, didn't give me the opportunity to witness just how big it could be. For me, the main draw is always meeting the voice actors and getting a chance to shake the hands of those who provided me with such entertainment in my youth. In my opinion, voice actors just don't get enough credit for what they do and the volume of work they amassed int heir careers, so it's always an honor for me to shake their hands and say thank you.

The guests in attendance for this show? Neil Ross and Jack Angel.

Neil Ross aka Shipwreck from GI Joe, among his other amazing roles!

Jack Angel aka The Flash, Hawkman, Ultra Magnus, WetSuit and so many countless others!
You definitely know them from Transformers, GI Joe, Hannah Barbera and just every cartoon in existence. Both men have worked extensively in animation and have some of the most impressive resumes ever. I only spent a few moments with each, but I got them to sign my GI Joe The Movie DVD, which is running out of room, and even told me a fun story or two about working on them. I was absolutely thrilled to finally meet them.

So after the show, my friend Andrew and I headed to Taco Bell for some lunch and a suggestion came out of me:

"Hey, Andrew. We're 30 minutes away. Why don't we hit the Exorcist Stairs once and for all?"

Andrew looked at his taco, looked at me, took a sip of his Mountain Dew Baja Blast and replied:

"Let's f'ing do this, man.".

Well now. Andrew has a had a busy weekend, was probably a little worn out from my bachelor party, his NY Giants were about to play this afternoon, so I didn't expect him to be so open. Not that I would've been upset had he said he just wanted to go home considering how busy he's been carting me around all week, but hey we once drove 3 hours for White Castles, what's a 30 minute trip to see a famous movie location? Nonetheless, after some nachos and stopping at a gas station for a cigar and some bottled waters, we were off.  For years when I lived in MD, I've talked about hitting these legendary steps before but never made my way out to Georgetown to do so. I just never made it my highest priority. But, once I moved up to NY I started to regret never going. So it made perfect sense that if we were only 30 minutes away, we should at least  attempt to head over.

Well...after a drive on the beltway, which apparently they were doing work, because this drive was not 30 minutes after all, we pulled in to a small parking lot adjacent to a gas station and lo and behold...WE'RE HERE!

 And so were many other locals to check it out as well!

First impression of the steps? Man, these suckers are HIGH!  I was expecting a lot of steps, but if you've never been here, the pictures you see don't do it justice. There's a lot of steps here and they're STEEP too.  People in better physical shape than me were having toruble conquering the devilish creation. I tried my hardest to walk up and down these things 3 times and I needed a nap afterwards. It wasn't common to see people walk or jog up, and take a breather halfway.

At the bottom of these iconic stairs is a plaque, recognizing it's legendary status as well as it's role in the movie. Not bad for a horror movie icon, eh?

I swear I'm not urinating

So of course, being a big ham, I had to wear my Exorcist 3 hoodie from Fright Rags and that lead to lots of locals asking me to play tour guide and wanting to know more about the movie. Now, that wasn't my intention, I just wanted some cool photos but hey, you wear a cape, you gotta be prepared to save people I guess!

Again: STEEP. For someone who's completely uncoordinated and trips over his own rabbits when they race around the apartment, I got a little overwhelmed here.

Just don't look down. You WILL feel like you're about to fall and plummet to your doom. Looking down from the top to bottom can especially cause a little fright. Not like Vertigo, of course but it's still a lot to take in. Thankfully I didn't fall to my death like Father Merrin...

Oh wait...

slipped on a banana peel...

I'm so glad I finally had the chance to check these stairs out. If you're a horror fan and are in the area, stop by. It's well worth the drive, and the visit! Of course, if it's at night, I bet they're even creepier...

Big thanks to Andrew for being willing to travel this day to both TFCon and The Exorcist steps. I wouldn't have been able to have as much fun without him!