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Review: Colonel Mustafa Elite

  Just when you think he’s gone, Iron Sheik always finds a way to come back when you least expect him… Hey! Wait a minute, that isn’t the Iron Sheik! This is Colonel Mustafa, a member of The Triangle of Terror! Back in 1991 when Sgt Slaughter turned his back on America and became an Iraqi sympathizer, the WWF decided he needed to be paired with Sheiky Baby, now reborn as the evil Colonel Mustafa. One problem…Sheik was from Iran. So it was a little weird to for many people to see Sheik, even in storyline, trade up for another country that was usually at odds with his homeland. But that’s another story for perhaps a more knowledgeable blogger.  This gimmick and storyline went over my head as a kid but in a bit of childlike naivety, I didn’t care because Sgt Slaughter was the champion and he was one of my heroes. Now? Yeah I can see it being bad taste. That said, Sheik got a nice little run alongside the Sarge and their manager General Adnan including a main event spot at Summerslam 1991!

Tribute To Lionel Kiddie City

  So a discussion on Twitter prompted me to think about my favorite childhood toy store and I thought I’d bring it here. I’ve been meaning to write this entry since I began this blog(I’m talking even pre-HorrorMovieBBQ days!) and while I’ve written tributes to other places and memories, for some reason this just always fell by the wayside. Well not after today. I’m gonna give you a trip down that blue and orange memory lane and help you turn that frown upside with a tribute to Lionel Kiddie City Toy Stores!!!! In my area growing up, specifically the Annapolis location, Kiddie City was king. From what I’ve heard other locations where called Play World but I can’t recall one being in my area. That’s ok, because we had a darn good store to explore. And it remained an enormous part of my childhood until it closed around 1993. At that point, Toys R Us had moved in, no more than 2 miles, down the street on West Street directly across the street from the Annapolis Mall(which had a great KayBe

Figure Review: The Warlord

The Warlord Elite 87. 2021   There’s a lot of excitement in the wrestling figure world these days. Lots of new independent companies popping up, some fun podcasts are thriving and new and old fans are rediscovering the hobby of wrestling figure collecting! It’s the best time to be a collector! Naturally, Mattel is at the forefront of the game with their WWE line. Continuing the tradition of delivering some of the best figures of the past and present in their Elite line, the company recently revealed that we fans will get a chance to grab a figure of one of the most memorable and intimidating stars of the 80s and 90s: The Warlord! Featured in his Powers of Pain tag team attire, this isn't Warlord’s first figure rodeo! He’s received many other figures through the years and while this new figure looks absolutely terrific, I wanted to showcase and pay tribute to what I believe is his best figure ever… Released by Mattel in 2017, this amazing figure    represented The Warlord in his Spa