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Review: DinoDrac Spooky September 2019 FunPack!

It's not Halloween without the presence of certain things: Candy Corn, pumpkin candles, horror movie marathons on tv, and of course DinosaurDracula , the amazing Halloween icon who has been entertaining us with some spooky goodness for almost 20 years now and in those years, he's also offered us some great maildays with his iconic FunPacks. I don't normally purchase FunPacks or subscription boxes as much as I used to, but Matt's FunPacks are usually the lone exception. This months subscription box may be his best yet... So if I'm going to review this, I'll need a little assistance from a mini Dinosaur Dracula himself... Thems the goods right there. So much Halloween goodness in one small package! Coming home to this after a long work day really helped turn my mood around. It's almost like that same feeling as when you were a kid and that mailaway toy finally arrived! I've ordered a few packs before, but this was one I couldn't turn down for m

Interview: Bill Moseley

Bill Moseley has done it all in film. He's played lovable goofballs, sadistic murderers, even cartoon characters. Well, ok, maybe that's just Otis Driftwood, but if you call yourself a horror fan, you've no doubt have seen him in your favorite movies. And it thrills me to borrow a moment of his time to chat with him about his time with Rob Zombie AND Cannon films. Ever wonder what Bill was doing on the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2? How did he come up with Otis' iconic look? And did Charles Manson have any inspiration on Otis? Check it out and enjoy his answers and don't forget to check out 3 From Hell, which opens today and stars Bill, Sherri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig and Richard Brake! -Chad