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Hardee's Gives Us Ghostbusters 2 Stuff!

Last year, I discussed my love of Hardee's Halloween Hideaways, which was a fun part of their kids meal promotion for the 1989 Halloween season. But what about the adults? Sure, us kids were covered, but the rest of the family needs to have some fun too! In this instance, there's only one team they could call...

Even as a kid Ghostbusters 2 was my favorite of the two movies. No seriously, it is. I think it's a fun scifi movie, while the first one is more comedy than anything. Plus, it had a better song.

Before you tell me I'm wrong, keep in mind the Bobby Brown song was actually his own and not lifted from Huey Lewis.

So, being a huge fan of Hardees and Ghostbusters 2, I knew I had to at least own SOMETHING from their offerings. My father and I would go often enough that I could still get a kids meal and my father would be able to get me something Ghostbusters related. A perfect crime. I won either way.

Before I start rambling some more, check out the commercial to ge…

Ranking The Original 5 Horde Toys

I love the whole Masters of the Universe mythology. The action, scifi, horror, all rolled into one awesome cartoon and toy series.  If you were a young boy in the 80s, there was no bigger hero than He-Man.

That said, for every awesome hero, you need a lot of cool villains and Eternia was filled with them. Skeletor was cool and all, but his cartoon persona was just so weak and made him came off like a sissy. But come 1985, Hordak and his troop of The Evil Horde stormed the scene and gave us someone even cooler. Hordak ruled with an iron fist and a gaggle of monster sidekicks trampled over the previous bar set by Skeletor and his henchmen, even if he was relegated to being the villain in the She-Ra cartoon (not a bad thing, mind you!). That's how I like my villains. Unapologetic, raw, and downright evil. Hordak embodied all those things and more. So today, I'm paying tribute and ranking the Horde toy roster.


I'm very aware that the new MOTUC line has ShadowWeaver and S…

Day 15 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite 2000's Movie: SAW SERIES

Play Me...

"Hello...I wanna play a game...

The name of this game is to marvel at the legacy of the Saw series in which John Kramer forced people to make choice: value their lives or die. The sins these scourges of the earth committed against others in society were all but washed away once they came face to face with the one known as Jigsaw as their blood was spilled via various traps. Throughout 7 movies, we gasped at the gore and began to ponder the simple lesson Jigsaw taught us: Cherish Your Life. What will you do with your freedom to live? Did you truly learn anything? Make your choice. The clock is ticking..."


The Halloween Cookie Challenge!

Well, allright! Finally! I've been waiting a good year or so to do this. See, last year I had a lot of medical issues including back surgery so most if not all blog projects I had planned had to be halted. One of those projects I really wanted to do was what I'm presenting today. So, I hope you enjoy!

Presenting...The Halloween Cookie Challenge! 3 combatants of chocolate cookie and orange colored cream goodness! Three different companies with three different tastes and looks. Your challengers are:
Halloween OreoHalloween JoeJoe's from Trader JoesHalloween O's from Wegmans
All pretty tasty but have their own attributes that could earn them the crown of King of Cookies. I'll be judging them in several different categories:
Best Cookie DesignBest CreamBest PackageBest DunkingBest Double Stuffed Cookie So with those categories, it's going to get real ugly. Only the most loyal and unbiased cookie fanatic is suited to make these unenviable decisions. So, let's beg…

Day 14 of The Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite 90s Movie

A movie about a bunch of hot girls portraying witches and messing with their classmates who wrong them? Come on. How can I not love the Craft?

The 1990s kinda sucked for horror, maybe that's just my opinion, but I think we were all worn out from the slasher overkill of the 80s and creativity kinda ran out of gas. So, while horror was still profitable, ideas were usually left to slasher sequels, maybe an occasional Universal Monsters remake or rehashing, or a very, very, very generic slasher reserved for a straight to vhs release. This was different though. This was the opposite of Clueless. This wasn't bright and dopey dripping with sarcasm and cynicism. No. This was four girls who weren't afraid of you and ready to beat you down.

Each girl had their own personality which was awesome. It wouldn't have worked if 4 valley girls just gushed about guys and stuff. The relationship between Fairuza Balk and Robin Tunney's characters are my personal highlight, especially t…

Day 13 of The Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite 80s Movie

I've written about plenty of times that Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 is one of my all time favorite movies of the 80s. And it is. So writing it again would just be rehashing and that's not what I wish to do. So, I thought of another movie from the 80s that I enjoy so much, I'd gladly put it in my top 10 of the 80s! 976-Evil.

To date, this is the only movie directed by Robert Englund, known more for playing Freddy Krueger. It tells the very bizarre story of a young man Spike who discovers a magical hotline that makes nasty things happen. His cousin Hoax discovers the number as well and turns from good natured, bright eyed kid, to evil demon bent on making all those made his life miserable downright hell.
Ok. I know. You've seen this movie. It's boring. I get it. But what exactly did you expect when a witchcraft powered phone was the main plot device? It's going to be silly and hokey. It's a fun movie. But, that's just me. I like gimmicky, silly movies. I…

Day 12 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite 1970S Horror

This is no question for me, whatsoever. Hands down, my favorite movie to come from the 1970s is Tales From the Crypt.

I first discovered this around Halloween 2000. SciFi had begun reairing Tales From the Crypt and through the power of loitering in a video store, I happened upon this tape one Friday night. Now, as much as I loved the TV series, I never knew about the Amicus anthology film. But after one viewing that fateful night, I was hooked. This was an instant favorite and one I had to own. Problem was at that time, the only way to get it would be Sam Goody or copy it. And uh...well, sorry to say, I didn't make the trip to Sam Goody...

It took years upon years for this movie to be released on DVD and when it did, all we got was a cheap double feature that included the sequel, Vault of Horror(edited for that matter), which is good, but it's no Tales. I was happy to see it and own it on dvd after all those years. Thankfully in 2014, we got an upgrade in the form of a Scream …

Catching Up With The Holidaze Halloween Challenge!

Hey guys, thanks for staying with me as I attempt to tackle The Holidaze 31 Days of Halloween Challenge! I had a VERY busy weekend this past weekend as I'm in the process of moving so there may be a day or two(or int his case, 3) where I miss.

So by my count, I've got three categories to catch up on, not including today's entry which would be the 12th day. So, I hope you guys don't mind if I quickly skim through the entries I've missed.

DAY 9: Favorite Universal Monster: FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER.

I'm 6'6 and rather clumsy at times. So it goes without saying that I can relate to him.

Bonus point: His wife is hot.

DAY 10: Favorite Horror Art.

Ok, it's hard for to pick one piece of art, so instead, I picked some of my friends who are artists and display their art instead.

Artist: Chris Ott of London 1888.
Artist: Daniella of Little Punk People
Artist: Jeff Zornow

Day 11: Favorite Halloween Decoration: ANYTHING PEANUTS!

I guess that goes without saying. Keep…

Day 8 of The Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite Halloween Song

This was kind of a hard one. There's a lot of "Halloween" songs to pick from! The Ghostbusters theme(which was played by my music teacher every Halloween in elementary school), Monster Mash, "The Halloween Song"("H! A! Double L O!". You know that one. Don't tell me you don't!), ANY Alice Cooper song, even the theme to Halloween! I honestly had to dig deep and think about my fondest memories and pick that one song that represented Halloween to me more than any other...

Pet Semetary by the Ramones, from the...well...Pet Semetary soundtrack! I've been a huge fan of the Ramones since middle school and I have no issue saying this is not just my favorite Halloween song, but my favorite Ramones song ever. It may not sound like your normal Ramones song. In fact it's their most poppy song, and that's what I like about it. Sure, I love Rockaway Beach as much as the next guy, but it's a nice change of pace. Plus it's a fun video. The …

Day 7 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Favorite Halloween Candy

There's a lot of great Halloween candy that I could pick from. I mean, M&M's were always a favorite, nobody DARED to touch my Butterfingers and have mercy on your soul if you even considered reaching for my fun sized Skittles. All good and great choices that are welcome in any trick or treat bag. But for some reason there's only one candy that sums up Halloween to me...


Come on, like this wasn't one of the first things you ate after coming home. It's peanut butter and chocolate! How could you not love it?

As great as the normal peanut butter cups are, nothing beats the Reese's Pumpkins. Something about the peanut butter being creamier and the chocolate meltier makes the holiday variants that much better.  Usually the first Halloween related candy I go for when I head into a store now and even then, I usually buy a bag of these to throw in the freezer.They just taste so good. And they're a perfect lazy day snack too!


Day 6 of the Holidaze Halloween Challenge: Fave Horror Character

Favorite horror character? C'mon...this is easy...

I've written about Freddy Krueger more times than I can count. In fact, come to think about it, I've probably written about him more than any other subject. To me, no bigger film icon exists. That includes James Bond, Darth Vader, Don Vito Corleone, ANYONE. Plain and simple. Freddy is KING. There is no greater villain and no greater horror icon than Freddy.

The Nightmare on Elm Street movies represent when horror was entertaining and didn't take itself so seriously. Freddy went from scary burnt faced mofo to maniacal merchandising maniac pretty quick. And that was pretty cool. Sure, his origins were deep rooted in being a killer but it's when he made the leap from dark and dry to wild and goofy that he hit his stride. I mean, lunchboxes, pajamas, action figures, comics, everything you can think of! I love super dark Freddy, don't get me wrong, but Freddy cracking a joke while forcefeeding the intestines of his …