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Introducing: Halloween Fright Packs!

Introducing...The very first HorrorMovieBBQ Fright Pack! It's pretty simple. I got a lot of cool stuff hanging around but I also have bills to pay. So what better way to make some extra cash than by putting together some neat fun boxes for my friends! I think you'll really enjoy these! But before I introduced the boxes, a few notes: 1.) Each box will be 26.95. That includes shipping. 2.) I'm doing a short test run. Only 6 will be available at this time. I'm more interested to see how well these are received before I do more. 3.) I cannot, at this time, ship outside the country. Sorry! 4.) These can only be purchased through PayPal, which you can find the link down below! Ok, so that's the not-so-fun stuff. Let's check out the loot! There's the entire loot! Enough to get you in the mood for Halloween! Some fun stuff from your childhood and the present! Let's dive deep! MONSTER CEREAL CAR: Somewhat of a "cereal box pr

Fall Flea Market Finds!

This year has been a pretty crappy year for flea marketing. I don't know why but I can't say I've been to flea markets and walked out with gems. Seems like last year's adventures seemed to have been a giant peak period. A little disconcerting but I still kept at it. A dry spell started in July. But dry spells don't last forever. Thank goodness. This past Sunday, my friend Sean was in town and he was interested in heading to the flea market. I was more than happy to oblige. I wasn't expecting much but I figured it would be a fun time with him. Maybe I could find a new VHS or a He-Man figure missing an arm, but I wasn't expecting to walk out with a complete Boulder Hill from MASK. Perhaps low expectations worked in my favor after all. Maybe being beaten down by the flea market fates for so long finally humbled me to just accept finding a worn out copy of Sleepaway Camp 3 and be happy about it. Humbling indeed. But today was my day. So, let's take a loo

Visiting Buffalo Comic Con!

Yay, it's comic con time! I made the relatively short trip to Buffalo for the Buffalo Comic Con last weekend for a day of fun, comic books, toys, celebrities and awesome cosplay. Now being new player in the comic convention game, there were worries that Buffalo Comic Con was just gonna be a small show. I wasn't expecting a lot, I had just done Fan Expo in Toronto a few weeks before, which was a claustrophobic nightmare, so this would've been a giant change of pace no matter what. But my expectations weren't the highest. Which may have worked for me. Me, Deadpool and JD So upon entering the convention with my friend and fellow General Geekery podcast partner. JD, I was very surprised at the layout. The convention center itself was split into two floors. A main show floor upstairs and the bottom floor with rooms for meetings/seminars/panels/whatever it may be. Which worked big time. Sometimes in a convention space, everything's just thrown together and

Review: The Punisher

The Punisher has always been tied with Batman as my favorite superhero. As a child, there was nothing cooler than a huge badass blowing things up and fighting for good. As an adult, I find him to be a sympathetic character and respect his belief of cleansing the streets and making those who get away with their heinous crimes. When you hear about the horrible things going on in life, even as a optimistic pacifist, wonder what life would be if Frank Castle was running around. At my current age, it's no longer about The Punisher blowing things up, it's cleansing the world of crime and perversion. And believe it or not, a LOT of that interest has to do with the Dolph Lundgren movie from 1989. I had been a fan even before seeing this movie with my brother in 1991 so I knew what the Punisher meant, which to a degree, the movie kind of delivered. If you talk to people about this movie, I would bet good money they will roll their eyes and ask to move on from discussing it. Rightfully

In Memory of Olive

So this entry is more of a release for me. Something I've been wanting to do for the longest time, so while it's not really my usual pop culture/horror movie/rasslin' entry, it is necessary and hopefully will help me. I'm gonna warn you, it will be a little long. It really will be. See, September 3rd is not a fun day for me and anyone who's lost a pet, probably can relate. September 3rd 2014 is the day where I lost my baby Olive. My now fiancée Laurie and I "rescued" Olive from the local animal rescue, LollyPop Farm, in March of 2013 after making the decision to find a friend for Laurie's longtime pet, Charlie, who she's had since 2010. Charlie has always been very loyal and a very well behaved bunny but we had heard bunnies do even better in pairs. So, after taking Charlie on a couple of trips to Lollypop to meet other bunnies, we finally found a good match in Olive(named Coolata by the staff because she had no name when dropped off). Beside