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Flea Market and Thrift Store Finds August 2015

I'm pretty sure I said I wouldn't use that header photo again, but screw it, I've been way too lazy to make a new one. Sorry. I know it's an awkward eye sore. So it's been a little over a month since the now infamous "50 Mile Yard Sale" and in that month, I decided to take a small break from flea marketing and yard sales. I mean, why not? I struck it pretty big down in Montezuma. I had a hard time believing I'd top that trip. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. It started with finding THIS at a local thrift store for only 6 bucks(7 including tax): Yup. You know EXACTLY what that is. An almost complete(just needs the Ecto Plasm) Ghostbusters house with instructions and the promo poster. Neat huh? Now, I'm sure after this, I could've retired. But I'm too greedy for awesome finds. So I took a chance today, preparing to fail and headed out. Boy, am I glad I did. VHS LOT($6): Ghoulies 1-3, a movie called Karate Cop, Howard the Du

Student Bodies Review

For a while, I've always been told that if I really wanted a fun, tongue in cheek horror movie parody, to forgo the Scary Movie series and pick up Student Bodies. Well, after years and years of putting it off, Olive Films hooked me up with that opportunity. And boy am I happy they did. First off, this was at a time when slashers were in their so called "golden age", after Halloween, Prom Night, Friday the 13th, and whatever other slashers we got, so it's fun to see how Hollywood perceived some of the slasher of the day. Which, considering how popular and cash-cows they were, Second, every cliche of slashers are tackled in this movie. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. From the "Body Count-er" in which the body count number appears on the screen itself(my personal favorite gag), to the ditzy and sometimes stupid characters we've come to see in every single slasher film at the time(and since, really). Oh, and worry not, the creepy and pervy Janitor IS in

The Babysitter Review

Remember back in the 90s when you could make a movie about some young teenager obsessed with their neighbor or teacher or mom's sister or something weird like that? We had a lot of those movies. And they're pretty awkward(in a funny way) to watch now. The Paperboy, being my favorite, of course , then you have Devil In The Flesh with Rose McGowan and a few others that are downright terrible. But today, I'm gonna give you the 411 on 1995's The Babysitter. Starring Alicia Silverstone, hot off Clueless, as Jennifer a local teenage babysitter, hired by the Harry and Dolly Tucker for a night while they attend some fancy, rich person shindig. Now, this is where it starts getting weird because, Harry, played by JT Walsh, spends a lot of time fantasizing about Jennifer. A lot. Like, someone needs to check his computer for this behavior, because it's pretty unnatural and quite creepy. Well, that's hardly the worse problem(well, maybe not) with this family, because

The Sender(1982) Review

I have a tendency to review movies I've never heard of or seen before. Mainly because, when I review them, I really want to go into them with an open mind. If I haven't seen it before, what better way to have an open mind? The Sender is a good example of one of those movies. Until I received a PR list featuring the Sender, I had never EVER heard of it. So I took a gamble and placed the order. Glad I did too, because this movie is a VERY interesting. It starts off haunting off with a young man(later to be known as John Doe #83, played very well by Zeljko Ivanek), assumed to be dead, in the middle of nowhere. When he gets up and starts walking around though, is when things really get haunting. Admitted after a failed suicide attempt, it turns out John believes his dreams are the root of all his problems. After being assigned treatment by Dr. Gail Farmer, played by Kathryn Harrold, who starts to believe him after she starts experiencing a few strange visions herself. Wh

The Hardees Gremlins Flicker Button!

So my awesome girlfriend got me an awesome early birthday present. So what's the natural thing to do? Share it with the world! So I'm a promo button collector and a Gremlins fanatic. So naturally, I've always needed a Gremlins button for my collection. But, other than custom buttons, there aren't a whole lot that I liked. But then, I found, after a fun eBay search, there was a Hardees employee button that I wanted. I had gone to Hardees plenty of times as a kid, it made perfect sense! But, the seller was asking way too much. I'd look for one a few more times, but again, too much. As great as it looked, I'm not spending 35 bucks for it. Then, it happened. My girlfriend loves to give me an early present for my birthday. She's given me some nice stuff, and usually it's with the quote "You probably already know what it is", when in reality, I never do. So, I open the little package and there it is. THE GREMLINS FLICKER BUTTON: Yup. Tha

Remembering Rowdy Roddy Piper

So, there I was buying a sub for dinner at Wegmans yesterday. It had been a very long and strenuous day of moving to my new place and all I wanted was to finish my day, eat some food and watch Wet Hot American Summer. But that wouldn't happen. Right as I was about to pay, my phone went off with a text from my friend Tanski of UnderScoopFire saying that my lifelong hero, wrestling icon and overall nice guy, Rowdy Roddy Piper had died. say this was a blow was an understatement. After reading this text, I immediately scrambled online , hoping it was just a hoax or a joke or something. No. Sadly not. This time it was true. Still in Wegmans, I began to tear up. This is not something I was ready to handle right now or ever. Roddy has been my hero since I was a young child. After my father died in 1989, I looked for a lot of heroes to look up to. Roddy fit the bill. He was rough, he fought for pride and much like my father, Roddy was from Scotland. He reminded me so much of