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In Memoriam: David Hess

The world of horror movies is a very odd one, wouldn't you say? We actually look forward to seeing villains chase after and make innocent people their victims. I guess that says something about us, but all I know is some characters are just too memorable to forget and not like. Some are so charismatic and so memorable we can't help but love them. And the subject of the "Hell Of Fame"(or should that be "Heaven Of Fame"?) is honor of the all time greatest actors to portray a  villain in horror movie history. Mr. David Hess, whom was sadly taken away from us this past Friday, October 7th 2011 at the age of 69 due to a heart attack. Mr. Hess portrayed the character of "Krug" in one of the most controversial horror movies of all time, Wes Craven's stunning low budget masterpiece, "Last House On the Left" in 1972. In it, Mr. Hess portrayed the leader of a group of 4 degenerates that were set out to kill and main everything and everyone in

A Tale Of Two Cons: Horrorfind Weekend 2011/Monster Mania 20

My apologies to my fellow DE'ers for my lateness on my two convention reports. I've been currently planning my escape from Maryland to the Rochester area and it's been soaking up my time. That aid, I do have a few things I few I need to let out. You see, in the month of September I had the pleasure of attending two conventions. As noted in previous reports, I attend with my girlfriend Laurie and help out at her Knit Terrors table, which seems to be a real big hit amongst con-goers. That's definitely given more purpose in attending conventions other than running around buying bootlegged copies of Sid and Marty Krofft productions. So, imagine my joy when I found out that Horrorfind Weekend in the world renowned battlegrounds of Gettysburg, PA is on the weekend of my birthday, I got super excited in record time. After all, what better way to spend the weekend of my birthday than spending it at a horror convention with my girlfriend and my friends? It can't be beat! I