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Hitting The 2017 McDonaldHouse Sale

 This line means something...It means I'm insane for the 4 day journey I'm about to embark upon... Twice a year, the local chapter of the Ronald McDonaldHouse runs a 4 day donation driven charity sale with all proceeds going to helping local families in need. It's a great opportunity to help those less fortunate as well as a nice opportunity to pick up some good items to add to your pop culture collection. The sale takes place in a giant warehouse and is divided into multiple departments from clothes to jewelry to furniture to toys to movies and everything in between. And I do mean EVERYTHING. But to get to the sale, you have to walk through that legendary hallway. It's a good two minute walk, but until you walk into that sale, it feels like the longest two minutes of your life. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Be prepared to do a LOT of walking around. Everytime I've hit this sale, I've discovered new nooks and crannies that I find s