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The 2018 HorrorMovieBBQ Podcast: Thanksgiving Spectacular!

The 2018 HorrorMovieBBQ Thanksgiving Spectacular is here and boy was it a lot of fun to do! Joining me today is my pal Jayme K aka BrainExploderrr joins me for a fun discussion about our favorite Thanksgiving tv specials, sitcom episodes, The Macy's Parade, Charlie Brown vs. Garfield, who are the major Thanksgiving icons and even pro wrestling moments! As always, going off topic is encouraged and boy do we ever go off topic! The podcast starts off with a fun chat about the Halloween/Burger King burgers, Jayme's fantastic creations, My Pet Monster and so much more! Enjoy! :) powered by podcast garden -Chad

6 Great Things About Survivor Series 1991!

No matter how old I get, I always look back with fondness on certain wrestling events. Especially when it comes to certain seasons. Winter? I get nostalgic about Royal Rumble. Summer? Well, obviously Summerslam. Spring? You best believe I'm sitting back and waxing nostalgic about Wrestlemania's of the past with friends! But Thanksgiving holds a special place in my heart for wrestling just as much as it does the parade because as a kid, I could spend Thanksgiving night(or sometimes Thanksgiving eve) with my favorite pro wrestlers and soak in the madness that was The Survivor Series. And none got me more hyped than the 1991 Survivor Series event! Photo Credit: CrazyMax A little background before I continue. This was the FIRST Survivor Series to not take place on Thanksgiving Night but on Thanksgiving eve. Which works just as well. Still plenty of time to discuss the events at the big dinner table the next night. Of course, at that time, I would've rather had wrestli

Cringerale Love!

There aren't a lot of thing I expect to be apart of my Thanksgiving meal or else it could ruin my day. Stuffing, cranberry sauce and biscuits are three of my demands. If my plate doesn't have at least those three components, you don't want to be around me the rest of the day. I will sit by myself and eyeball you while you eat your food and make you feel as uncomfortable as possible. Of course, that's on the plate, but what about the side? Even with the most mediocre plate, there still is a way to salvage your evening plans. You're thinking "pumpkin pie, right?". Good call, but I'm talking about something that should be considered the official drink of Thanksgiving. A drink as old as time that has always found it's way to the table that I lovingly refer to as CRINGERALE! Some prefer it with 7-Up, Sprite, Sierra Mist, heck even Mountain Dew(I've seen it), but for me, it's not Tgiving without some Cringerale. Whether it was you at th

The Carvel Turkey Cake!

\ No. Not at my table it wouldn't, Moss. In fact, I'd encourage it because what better dessert to start off this countdown with than THE CARVEL TURKEY CAKE?!?!?

The Thanksgiving Celebration Kickoff Featuring the WWF Superstars!

Ahhh, it's that time of year! That amazing time of year where things go from spooky and orange to chilly and brown in the matter of just a few days. Still in the shadow of Halloween and still far enough from Christmas, Thanksgiving is just a mere two and half weeks away and it's time to kick those post-Halloween blues aside and soak up all the great things we can in this very brief time period. Besides, as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, you're gonna be thinking about Christmas. That's where the real stress begins. Don't believe me? Look at your credit card summary and just think of parking at the mall. But, that's ok. Just part of the Christmas season. You take the good with the bad. Mrs Garrett taught us that a long time ago and it still stands true to every part of our lives. But we'll worry about that bridge once we cross it. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Mood (from last years review of Garfield's Thanksgiving ) But before your b