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The 2019 Flea Market Kickoff!

It's that time again. It's been way too long since I've hit the dusty trail known as the local flea market. And boy do I mean "dusty"... (We should all just accept that I'm gonna use that outdated banner everytime I write these. Good? Good.) For those just tuning in, the first flea market of the year took place and I way too woke up early to be one of the first in line. Time to dig through those old boxes filled with old soda cans and used car parts in hopes to find gold. Thank goodness for a tetanus shot, because I swear these places have more rusted metal than a junkyard.  As we've gotten closer to the big opening day, I've gotten more and more excited for the hunt. Some days will be gold, some days will be nothing but a box of Desert Storm trading cards. That's the name of the game! Due to rather unfavorable weather, the place wasn't as filled with vendors. But hey, this is just a taste of what to expect, so it's not l

Slamming Wrestlemania Axxess!

Well, after close to 30 years of being a diehard, loyal fan of the crazy sport called "pro wrestling", it finally happened...I finally made it to the dance. I attended my first Wrestlemania in New Jersey! It was a long time coming but I finally was prepared to make my Wrestlemania Moment happen. Of course, wrestling fans know that the events leading up, if not MORE important than what actually happens on the night of the big show. And one of the biggest events to happen is...WRESTLEMANIA AXXESS! For those who aren't wrestling fans, Axxess is like WWE's version of a convention if it took place inside a TGI Fridays. Almost every personality on the roster (even a McMahon!) appeared signing autographs and took photos with fans while a bunch of crazy crap on the walls and in other sections to distract you from the fact that you'll be standing in line for hours. It was pretty wild. I've had many friends attend these through the years who made me swell up with wr