Monday, March 30, 2015

Ninja Turtles At 25 Giveaway!

25 years ago today, one of the most important movies of our generation was released. Yup. You know where I'm going with this. If you were an 8 year old boy in 1990, no doubt you remember the hype and the grandeur of the very first live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Yes indeed. On March 30 1990, all of us lined up world wide to view this amazing masterpiece. None of us truly knew what to expect other than some serious ninja action and pizza loving. Although, I'm going to guess we were expecting a more cartoony version along the lines of the popular animated series at that time. The movie was a little darker, along the lines of the Mirage comic. But I feel it's safe to say everyone who walked out of the theater, walked out very happy. There was enough action and comedy to make it not come off as goofy. Which was good, because Batman was still fresh in our minds so I don't think we would've accepted a cartoon adaption. I can remember going to school the weekend after and gushing with all my friends, repeating the lines, laughing at Mikey's pizza shenanigans. In fact, my friend Brian threw a book at me all while screaming like Splinter had done in the movie and got in trouble with our teacher for doing so. Worth it. And of course when my friends and I met at the bus stop, we'd give each other a high five and scream COWABUNGA! Yup. It was a great movie for kids our age and to this day still holds up!

Of course, there were so many great moments. Shredder's appearance, the Turtles training at the farm, the final stand off between Shredder and Splinter, and of course, a huge highlight for everyone, Casey Jones. And let's not forget the soundtrack. While it's more of a hiphop/dance album, it definitely stood out. "Turtle Power", "Spin That Wheel", "This Is What We Do". If you hear those songs, you definitely think of this movie. It was a great companion to a fun movie.

And come on, that poster? AMAZING. Definitely captured our imaginations as kids. It just looks like a movie poster should. Doesn't give us ANY information other than the Heroes In A Halfshell are coming to our local theater. It works. It gets burned into your memory quickly upon viewing. To this day, one of my favorite posters of all time.

Now, since this movie is just so important, much like the Wizard, I wanted to celebrate it by doing a giveaway. So, I'm partnering up with QuiltFace Studios, to give away one of Quiltfaces best and most elusive posters ever. Yes, this glow in the dark Secret of the Ooze poster can be yours! These posters were limited to less than 5 worldwide. So if you own one of these, consider yourself one of the mighty elite!

Interested to see what it looks like when it glows in the dark? Click here! It's a real beauty!

The dreamy Chris G with the prize!

Oh that's not enough? I'm all about pleasing my blog readers, so fine. On top of that, I'm also going to throw in the first three movies on bluray!

No? Still not convinced? Fine! I'm throwing in a giant Ninja Turtles button as well. You remember these! Your sister had a giant button featuring Danny from the New Kids on the Block!

Now, I've got your attention! How do you win this awesome prize pack? Simple!

1.) Head over to the Quiltface Facebook page here and give it a liking.

2.) Head over to my Facebook page here and also give it a liking, if you haven't done so before!

3.) Finally, in the comments section, all you have to do is tell me your favorite Ninja Turtles related memory. It doesn't even have to be from the 80s/90s era either. Did you grow up with the Next Mutation? How about the 4Kids series from the early 2000s? Or maybe the newest series is your personal favorite! Either way, please share your personal favorite!

A winner will be chosen at random on April 13th and announced on the Facebook page on the 14th!

Good luck to all who enter! Just remember, like the pizza man, no tip will be given for late pizza.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

WrestleMania Memories with guest Thomas Bryce!

Today is a very special day for us wrestling fans. It's the day where we join hands together and yell from the mountaintop without fear "I'M A WRESTLING FAN!!!!". And of course after being a fan for so long, you rack up a lot of fond memories, and today I wanted to call on my blogging tag team partner, Thomas Bryce of the great ShitMovieFest blog to help deliver some favorite moments in Wrestlemania history! So let's start off with Thomas' memories!
Thomas, Charles Band and I. Demolition 2015?

Favorite Match:Warrior vs Hogan at WrestleMania 6.

Up until that point in my Wrestling watching I never witness two Good Guy do Battle against each other and this match blew my young mind! For the record I was pulling for The Ultimate one that evening so I was ecstatic by the result.
Favorite Title Change: Demolition taking the Tag Titles off of Andre the Giant and Haku.Wrestlemania 6.

It's amazing to think how over as faces Ax and Smash were at this point in time only to turn Heel now long after with the addition of a third member named "Crush". Bonus point for the Andre face turn and him going out on top at the The Grandest Stage of Them All!
Favorite Moment: Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth reuniting after him losing his Career Ending Match against The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 7

This face turn for Randy was perfect and lead to many great moments over the next few years, including their wedding and memorable feuds with Jake Roberts and Ric Flair!
Favorite Mania Overall: WM 30

Last Year's Mania had it all imo: Daniel Bryan having two fantastic matches and capturing the Championship, The End of the Taker's "Streak" and a great Battle Royal. The only complaint I had on this show was Cena winning against Bray Wyatt. That did neither man any favors!

Now for my personal picks!

Favorite Match: Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels. Wrestlemania 12.

Bret and Shawn were the WWF's best in 1996. There was only room for one at the top of the marquee and at Wrestlemania 12 we were gonna discover who that was going to be in an hour long Iron Man match for the WWF title. After an exhausting 62 minutes of back and fourth action and close calls, Shawn finally nailed Bret with a superkick and realized his boyhood dream of becoming the champ. Bret would take a hiatus while Shawn carried the company on his back for the remainder of the year until Survivor Series when he lost to Sid. But the excitement of seeing Shawn win the title lasted forever. Still to this day, my favorite match of all time!

Favorite Title Win: Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 8:

It had been 3 years since Randy won this title. So after defeating the Nature Boy Ric Flair in one of the "double main events" in a very emotionally charged match(the catalyst being Ric had an affair with Randy's wife Elizabeth. Major stuff back then), fans were delighted to see him win a title he very much deserved for a very long time.

Favorite Moment: 21-1 Wrestlemania 30

OK, ok, ok...I know this is going to be a controversial one, but I'm a firm believer that the Undertaker's streak should've been broken long ago. So when Brock Lesnar F-5'ed the Dead Man for the 1-2-3, I was ecstatic.Undertaker's streak will never be repeated, but nothing lasts forever.

Favorite Wrestlemania Overall: Wrestlemania 8

Between the double main event of Hogan vs. Sid, Randy vs. Flair, as well as the Undertaker vs. Jake Roberts, and a great IC Title match between Roddy Piper and Bret Hart, this show has a lot of rewatchability. A fun show that I always loved. And it was the first Wrestlemania I truly got hyped up for thanks to a great buildup.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts!!!

Special thanks to Thomas Bryce for sharing his thoughts! Please visit him at ShitMovieFest for the best in wrestling, toys, and horror!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Monster Mania 30 Recap: Final Thoughts

Ok, it's been a week after Monster Mania 30. I've written up two entries already on my experiences at the show. I did have a fun time at the show, but I wanted to share my final thoughts on the show. Some good, some bad.


Ok...let's just get this over with. I don't like posting negativity on this blog, despite my sarcasm at times. I hate negativity in blogging, I think it's a rather unnecessary aspect. But, sadly, you have to take the bad with the good. So let's knock that out first, shall we?


The Crowne Plaza is truly a beautiful hotel. Most fans, including myself, have so many fond memories at the hotel. Whether its sharing the elevator with their favorite celebrity, sharing laughs in the bar, or just taking selfies in the hallways while drunk off their butts. And that's all good. But quite frankly despite going through renovations, the hotel just doesn't have the space for fans to truly enjoy themselves on an intimate level. Growth for a convention is ALWAYS a good thing, despite what some people may complain. But you still need  to have sufficient space to enjoy the show. Now thois show isn't as bad as Walker Stalker or Chiller, where the Fire Marshall has had to come in and cap attendance or even clear people out. But it's still just so small for the show. The vendors rooms hardly give enough room to stroll through. Fans sandwiched between tables and pressed against tables isn't really too pleasant. It really isn't. But, at the same time, I get to support my favorite vendors!


Oh man, here's the big one. Betsy Russell, who I was really looking forward to was charging $40 for a photo op. 40. DOLLARS. Yup. You read right. Now, this convention is a business of course, but for someone with Betsy's resume, asking $40 is way beyond ridiculous. While the argument of "well, if it sells, it's worth it". Well, crack sells too. But is that worth it? Look at someone like PJ Soles who has starred in Rock N Roll High School, Carrie, Halloween, and Stripes! How much does she charge? $20. For an autograph and photo op. Yes. Compare that to Betsy Russell who is known for being in Private School, Avenging Angel, Cheerleader Camp and a few Saw movies. How many of those movies do you recognize? Come on! In my opinion, a star's price should reflect their body of work. And while she's still very attractive, Betsy's body of work is about as impressive as "WWF Superstar" Virgil's. Crap like this has been happening for years upon years and it's getting ridiculous. It is what it is though. As long as people still pay, it'll just go up. But it seems that people like PJ Soles, Sid Haig and a handful of others will seem to continue to stay firm on their low price while flash in the pans like Allanna Masterson from the Walking Dead will charge a $10 "meet and greet" fee as she did at HorrorHound Weekend. I have serious doubts that'll happen at this show, but the way it's going, conventions are in trouble as a whole.


Lines suck no matter where you go. That's unavoidable, I understand. But that doesn't mean I wasn't gonna include this.



Arguably the more enjoyable part of the entire experience. As I've mentioned before, I've made so many great friends, including my girlfriend Laurie, at this show. Quite frankly, I had more fun spending time and chatting and sharing some laughs with my buddies. Those are the most fond memories I always walk away with. Whether it's a chat over who's hotter: Batgirl or Wonder Woman or a laugh over how terrible Miami Connection is or a discussion about why Lazarus Effect sucked, I know I can have a good time with my friends. While prices go up, the opportunity to sit and laugh and share a can of Surge with your boys, is something priceless.

The Vendors Room:

The best part of the convention itself, despite my comment about it being a squished walkthrough. Spanning THREE rooms in the hotel!

Ok, the Q&A's are fun sometimes, it's nice to chill out and watch a movie, but the vendors room is where it's at. I've made so many great friends and connections through the vendors I've met and gotten to know over the years. VHSPS, Little Punk People, Quiltface Studios, Fright Rags, London 1888. The list goes on. Great people, great talents, great one of a kind items lovingly done by these great artists. But, you need to make sure to act fast. If you turn around, you may have missed out on that once in a lifetime item! Speaking of which, I need a viewing of Silent Night Deadly Night 5. Thanks VHSPS!


The convention aspect is DEAD. Plain and simple. Guests are no longer a huge part of why I go. I'd rather spend some cash on a pizza with friends and watch Happy Gilmore and of course the expanding vendors room with great talent. That's what appeals to me. Monster Mania was always a "party show" but I feel like I've heard more people talk about getting drunk or partying than how much fun they had at the show itself. Monster Mania is no longer a show that stands out as a huge priority, it's just another show. Still getting great guests and fun reunion shows, don't get me wrong, but it's no longer a huge deal to me as it was 5 years ago. That's not an insult, it's just an observation and one man's opinion. In no way is this how everyone sees the show. In fact, if you're looking for a show to make your convention debut, this a very good show to go to. Or if you're looking for a weekend horror getaway, this is a pretty good option too. But personally, it's just a little stale to me. Been there, done that.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monster Mania Recap: Moments

As I discussed in my previous entry, I really want to cover everything I can about Monster Mania but to do it in one post would really be too much. So I wanted to break it down over the span of two or three entries. Yesterday, I discussed the stuff I bought and left with, today I discuss the moments I walked away with.


Tobin Bell:

The big draw to the general public for Monster Mania is meeting the celebrities. For some, this is the only reason to make the trek to Cherry Hill. I mean, who wouldn't want to head back to work on Monday with a story about hanging out with the T-1000 from Terminator 2? Sure, it would be awesome! Thankfully, Monster Mania loaded up some good names that both me and my best friend Andrew could agree on that would be great to meet. First name on our list? Tobin Bell aka Jigsaw from the Saw series.

Now, Andrew is not the biggest horror movie fan, but Saw was always one of the exceptions to that. And why not? Tobin played Jigsaw so darn well that made you buy your ticket just by saying "I want to play a game". So we knew we had to meet him. His line, as expected, was sizable. 2 hours. Yup. It was pretty bad, but he and I were pros. We've stood in line for longer than this. And honestly, by the time we got to Tobin, he was worth the wait. No doubt. He asked Andrew and I about ourselves and wanted to get to know us. Especially as to why we're both so tall and not related. Andrew purchased an autograph for $40 and I decided to pay for our photo op at $20. The price wasn't so unreasonable but I really hate paying for photo ops. But, it was either that or nothing.

That said, as much as I love Saw, I love Seinfeld even more. So, for those who don't know, Tobin played a grumpy record store owner at the legendary NYC record store "Bleaker Bobs". My idea for a photo was to get Tobin to hold a Sergio Mendes record(he got into an argument with Kramer and Newman over their poor taste in records). Well, Tobin was so blown away and appreciated the thought, he offered to sign the record at absolutely no charge! That was a generous surprise! In fact, I'd dare say I'm the only person on the planet with a Sergio Mendes record signed by Tobin with the inscription "Bleaker Bob"! And if you've never seen Jigsaw with a huge smile, brace yourself!

If you ever get the chance to meet Tobin, please do so. You won't regret it!!!!

Robert Patrick:

Andrew and I both have been huge fans of Terminator 2 since it first hit theaters in the summer of 1991. It was a natural for kids who loved action movies, Arnold and crazy special effects. And of course, you can't have a good hero without a great villain. Robert Patrick made that happen. His cold, blank stare, his frightening run, charisma. He was perfect. So despite $40 for a photo or autograph, we knew we had to meet him. He also asked if we were brothers due to our size. Andrew and Robert discussed motorcycles and Sons of Anarchy. For our photo, I had Andrew pull up a photo of Eddie Furlong to recreate Robert's appearance in Waynes World. He gave us a great T-1000 face too!

Claudia Wells:

Jennifer from the first Back to the Future. I had originally planned on getting her but expected high prices. Thankfully, she wasn't as expensive as I had hoped. Only $10 for a photo op. That's hard to turn down. I always preferred her over Elizabeth Shue, so it was a no brainer. She was very gracious with all her fans and very appreciative. And she looked pretty darn good too!

Judge Reinhold:

An easy name for me. As a huge fan of Gremlins, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Clerks The Animated Series, I knew I had to get a photo. But much like Claudia, I had fears of high pricing. I didn't want an autograph, just a photo. So for $20, I was more than happy to splurge. He seemed friendly with everyone and shook everyones hand who met him. With his big trademark smile, he thanked everyone for coming out. I told him I loved Clerks and he let out a big laugh. And of course, much like Tobin, I had to have a Seinfeld photo with him as the Close Talker, which may be my new favorite celebrity photo! He was more than willing to pose with me like this. He was great! Credit to Chris Beaumont for letting me cut in line! Haha.

Making Connections:

While celebrities are a huge favorite at Monster Mania, meeting up with friends is my personal favorite part. And over the last year or two, I've been making friends and chatting it up with fellow bloggers thanks to my blog and wackiness on Twitter. Four of those, have been Thomas Bryce of ShitMovieFest, Jay of TheSexyArmpit, Johnny of FreddyInSpace and Matt of DinoDrac. Now, I've met Thomas and Johnny, but I've never met Jay or Matt despite being huge fan of both blogs for sometime now and had many fun conversations with. I ran into Thomas Bryce and the awesome Jason of IconVsIcon, who was unloading the SMF-mobile and gave me the most delicious pretzel ever from PhillyPretzels. I didn't get a lot of time With Thomas Bryce during the weekend, but the time I did get, was highly entertaining and great as always.

But, as I was on my way out for a cigar, I literally bumped right into both Jay and Matt(As well as the mysterious Mrs. X, the charming girlfriend of Matt) who were checking in with Johnny, We exchanged pleasantries and immediately started chatting about the show. It was a real pleasure to meet them especially since I had a fear of making an ass out of myself with a first impression. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. Later that night, I'd find the crew at the bar eating dinner. I stopped by and Matt showed off his toy find of the weekend(I'll let him cover that if he chooses to do a report).

Johnny and I would meet up and chat a little here and there and caught up. It's always a pleasure to chat with him about movies, the goingsons of the horror world and me stealing cookies from the buffet. And to be able to meet his great family, was also fun.

Another group of fellas I wanted to meet was from the page HorrorSexy, that I contribute from time to time. I was recruited by Shawn Savage and thankfully I was given a great opportunity. Meeting DocTerror himself Jimmy Harris and fellow contributor Chris Beaumont was great, as we've had many conversations and contributions together, but never had the opportunity to meet. So Friday afternoon, that changed with this epic photo of the three of us. Horror? Perhaps, but definitely sexy!

Monster Mania has given me the opportunity to make a lot of friends. Some of my closest friends attend the show and I owe the convention for introducing me to them. Sadly, I only get to see them at the show. So rooming with them was a no brainer. I got to spend a good two days with the best people in the world, people who I can tell anything, share my deepest fears and secrets. I couldn't ask for a better group of friends in my life. I'm glad I got to spend my weekend with them.
L to R: Andrew, Brandon, Chris, Jay, and Me.

While the convention aspect is somewhat of a dead notion to me, the social aspect is still very much alive. I'm so glad I was able to get away from my worries for a nice weekend to hang with the people I love and meet people I admire. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Thanks for all those who made me enjoy myself and contributed to some great memories.

Next entry, I'll put my final thoughts on this show as a whole. It was a great time, but that's not to say it didn't have it's issues.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Monster Mania Recap: Awesome Scores!!!

I was originally going to do a huge writeup of the epic adventures at Monster Mania this past weekend in the beautiful Cherry Hill, NJ. It was definitely a great time had by all, but in order to truly break down the show and do it justice, I have to do over a few entries. It was a blast seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well as the great celebrities I met. But those will be chronicled in my next entry. Today, I'll be covering my pick ups during my multiple trips throughout the vendors room.

Ahh...the vendors room. Yes! The place to make a pauper feel like a king. One mans Real Ghostbuster Winston is another mans prized possession. The vendor room has a great mixture of handmade goods, action figures of the past and present, custom shirts, movies and more. It's probably the only part of Monster Mania as a convention that has drawing power. Well, other than guests. Although, I'd rather peruse the vendors than drop 100 bucks on a guest. And boy, did I walk away with some good stuff. Instead of hyping it up, I'll just dive in to the goods:


Ok, after Christmas, the last thing I need is more movies. But I couldn't help myself. Some movies from VHSPS including Open House, Silent Night Deadly Night 5, The Spookies, and the legendary bmx classic Rad! From filmmaker(and big supporter of this very blog) Rob Dimension comes his movie Rabbit Hole and Baggage. Hostel, American Psycho and the Divimax edition of Day of the Dead came from a random dealer. All in all, this lot came off pretty sizable and respectable. I always have to put some money aside for VHSPS at shows but the rest of the haul was a nice surprise. If only I can find a way to take a day off of work...

Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2 cardboard standup!!!

 Courtesy of the awesome brain behind Knee High Horror, maker of great horror characters and posters that come alive! This great 12 inch replica of the movie poster mounted on foam is a beautiful addition to my horror shelf and overall decor. It stands out pretty well and gives me to have Mary Lou in my living room. So that's a plus!!!!

Love bunnies from Little Punk People!!!

Daniela and Justin at Little Punk People do some amazing art including portraits done of my girlfriend and I that hangs in our hallway. And of course, being bunny lovers, I knew my lady and I had to have these. The last two left too! The pink bunny represent our little girl Penelope and the blue-ish fella represents our boy Charlie. Even if you're not a bunny lover, there's no way you'd pass these up!!!


Given to me by my buddy Travis, this classic childhood special has been meant to land on my shelf for years. Thankfully, Travis hooked me up with a spare copy he had floating around and saved me a good 20 dollars on ebay. I remember watching this as a kid and being very entertained. Seeing it as an adult, it's extremely entertaining for the wrong reasons. A bunch of animated cartoon characters ganging up on a kid to stop him from doing drugs? Oh yes. Must own. Expect an entry later down the road on this, because it's just absolutely mindblowing how ridiculous this really is.


Yes, I totally had to use green in that title. This was huge. For some reason as a teenager when it debuted, I just wasn't blown away. Maybe it's because it didn't come with a kick from Bill Goldberg as promised in those old commercials. That and I'm super loyal to Mello Yello. But, considering their from the same company, I decided to take my friend Chris' offer on having a can from his massive collection that he brought with him. So, needing something tasty and cold on Friday, I decided to give it a shot. And you know what? I think I like the taste MORE than Mello Yello. It's been over 15 years since I last had a can and I was more blown away now than I was back then. So three cans later, I knew I had become a loyal member of the Surge Movement. Now to get some cases...

So, there you have it. The vendors room and a few friends helped make this show successful on a purchase and gift level. I'm very happy with the things I brought back. But, the moments I shared with friends will be even more memorable. But I'll save that for next time!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Some Cereals I Wish Would Still Be Around.

Well, it's National Cereal Day! A day to celebrate the tastiness that is known as sugary oats and marshmallows! Personally, I have a box of Count Chocula that I've been saving for special occasions since October, and I don't see a much more special occasion that today! Better dive in!

Now, as much as I love current cereals, I've gotta say, there's plenty of cereals I miss from my childhood. A lot that have either been just special promotions for a movie or tv show or just didn't last. Today, I want to take you down the cereal aisle of my past and discuss some of my favorites!


First up shouldn't be any surprise. Batman The Cereal. The box, just like everything to do with the movie from 1989, was sleek, dark and mysterious. Black. Gold. Simple. It's a pretty awesome box and even better, some came a bank in the form of the Dark Knight himself! I don't have the box, but I do have a mint condition bank!

The cereal itself! photo courtesy of: X-Entertainment/

Now, the cereal itself was nothing more than Captain Crunch in the form of the Batman logo, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it was so delicious! And back then, anything with Batman was a success. This cereal by Ralston(you'll see them pop up more) was no different. No marshmallows, but that didn't take away from it's amazingness in my opinion.

BREAKFAST BEARS!!! this is a obscure one. Back when Teddy Grahams just hit the market and became an instant sensation (complete with a commercial where a bunch of bears in a rock band scared kids into eating their cereals seen here,) Nabisco decided "Hey! Kids are putting them in milk anyway! Why not just put them in another box and call it cereal! And it's as simple as that. The cereal didn't taste much different than the cookies themselves. But hey, it gave use an excuse to eaty Teddy Grahams for breakfast, so why complain? Teddy Grahams are still tasty, but I can't say I've tried recreating their cereal in some time. Maybe it's time to change that...

Nintendo Cereal System:

Another entry by Ralston! Ok, this one wasn't as delicious as the others as much as it is just very weird. See, it was too bags of cereal in one. You can tell by the box, but it still doesn't do it justice. I tend to remember the taste itself was pretty bland on both sides. Mario was a fruity concoction while Zelda was more of a berry variety. My taste as a child is different than now, obviously. Back then I wasn't a big fan of berry flavored cereals. Today I welcome it. So I feel like if this were done again, I'd prolly like it better. 

Taste aside, it was a clever idea and Nintendo was white hot at that time, so Ralston definitely gave us, good or bad, a memorable cereal. I'm kinda surprised no company has tried to do this since. I feel like the "two in one" box could be better done today. 

Courtesy of: Mr.
Not the most delicious cereal, but still delightful. This cereal was like mixing all the fruity Monster Cereals together, but taking out the marshmallows and just a little less tasty. Which, I guess isn't bad, but I just tend to remember thinking it was eh. But that's not that why I loved it. Check out that box. My favorite Sunday Morning comic characters(that aren't named Snoopy or Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes) were at my breakfast table every morning now. If memory serves me right, different boxes had different strips, so every box I got was a different laugh. So, that's always a nice thing to have at the table!


I saved my favorite for last. Quite frankly this is my all time favorite cereal from the past. Yes, I'm very aware it's nothing more than Chex with Marshmallows (As shown in a great entry by my buddy at The HolidazeBlog!) but between the smell of the box when I'd open it, the taste of the Chex mixed with the marshmallows and eating them out of a Ninja Turtles bowl, it was a perfect combination. And much like Batman, nothing the Turtles could touch could fail at that time. The memories of eating these on the couch while watching cartoons on Saturday or before school, are some of my fondest as a child. And hey! I still have the bowl that came with it! It's banged up, apparently has pen marks and ink stains but if I could remove those, I'd use it in an instant!!!!

So there you have it. Some of my favorite breakfast companions. Some remembered fondly, some forgotten. Some tasty, some bland. Either way, they were delightful to have at the table!