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Ninja Turtles At 25 Giveaway!

25 years ago today, one of the most important movies of our generation was released. Yup. You know where I'm going with this. If you were an 8 year old boy in 1990, no doubt you remember the hype and the grandeur of the very first live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Yes indeed. On March 30 1990, all of us lined up world wide to view this amazing masterpiece. None of us truly knew what to expect other than some serious ninja action and pizza loving. Although, I'm going to guess we were expecting a more cartoony version along the lines of the popular animated series at that time. The movie was a little darker, along the lines of the Mirage comic. But I feel it's safe to say everyone who walked out of the theater, walked out very happy. There was enough action and comedy to make it not come off as goofy. Which was good, because Batman was still fresh in our minds so I don't think we would've accepted a cartoon adaption. I can remember going to school

WrestleMania Memories with guest Thomas Bryce!

Today is a very special day for us wrestling fans. It's the day where we join hands together and yell from the mountaintop without fear "I'M A WRESTLING FAN!!!!". And of course after being a fan for so long, you rack up a lot of fond memories, and today I wanted to call on my blogging tag team partner, Thomas Bryce of the great  ShitMovieFest  blog to help deliver some favorite moments in Wrestlemania history! So let's start off with Thomas' memories! Thomas, Charles Band and I. Demolition 2015? Favorite Match: Warrior vs Hogan at WrestleMania 6. Up until that point in my Wrestling watching I never witness two Good Guy do Battle against each other and this match blew my young mind! For the record I was pulling for The Ultimate one that evening so I was ecstatic by the result. Favorite Title Change: Demolition taking the Tag Titles off of Andre the Giant and Haku.Wrestlemania 6 . It's amazing to think how over as faces Ax and Smas

Monster Mania 30 Recap: Final Thoughts

Ok, it's been a week after Monster Mania 30. I've written up two entries  already on my experiences at the show. I did have a fun time at the show, but I wanted to share my final thoughts on the show. Some good, some bad. BAD: Ok...let's just get this over with. I don't like posting negativity on this blog, despite my sarcasm at times. I hate negativity in blogging, I think it's a rather unnecessary aspect. But, sadly, you have to take the bad with the good. So let's knock that out first, shall we? Hotel: The Crowne Plaza is truly a beautiful hotel. Most fans, including myself, have so many fond memories at the hotel. Whether its sharing the elevator with their favorite celebrity, sharing laughs in the bar, or just taking selfies in the hallways while drunk off their butts. And that's all good. But quite frankly despite going through renovations, the hotel just doesn't have the space for fans to truly enjoy themselves on an intimate level. G

Monster Mania Recap: Moments

As I discussed in my previous entry, I really want to cover everything I can about Monster Mania but to do it in one post would really be too much. So I wanted to break it down over the span of two or three entries. Yesterday, I discussed the stuff I bought and left with, today I discuss the moments I walked away with. Celebrities: Tobin Bell: The big draw to the general public for Monster Mania is meeting the celebrities. For some, this is the only reason to make the trek to Cherry Hill. I mean, who wouldn't want to head back to work on Monday with a story about hanging out with the T-1000 from Terminator 2? Sure, it would be awesome! Thankfully, Monster Mania loaded up some good names that both me and my best friend Andrew could agree on that would be great to meet. First name on our list? Tobin Bell aka Jigsaw from the Saw series. Now, Andrew is not the biggest horror movie fan, but Saw was always one of the exceptions to that. And why not? Tobin played Jigsaw so da

Monster Mania Recap: Awesome Scores!!!

I was originally going to do a huge writeup of the epic adventures at Monster Mania this past weekend in the beautiful Cherry Hill, NJ. It was definitely a great time had by all, but in order to truly break down the show and do it justice, I have to do over a few entries. It was a blast seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well as the great celebrities I met. But those will be chronicled in my next entry. Today, I'll be covering my pick ups during my multiple trips throughout the vendors room. Ahh...the vendors room. Yes! The place to make a pauper feel like a king. One mans Real Ghostbuster Winston is another mans prized possession. The vendor room has a great mixture of handmade goods, action figures of the past and present, custom shirts, movies and more. It's probably the only part of Monster Mania as a convention that has drawing power. Well, other than guests. Although, I'd rather peruse the vendors than drop 100 bucks on a guest. And boy, did I walk aw

Some Cereals I Wish Would Still Be Around.

Well, it's National Cereal Day! A day to celebrate the tastiness that is known as sugary oats and marshmallows! Personally, I have a box of Count Chocula that I've been saving for special occasions since October, and I don't see a much more special occasion that today! Better dive in! Now, as much as I love current cereals, I've gotta say, there's plenty of cereals I miss from my childhood. A lot that have either been just special promotions for a movie or tv show or just didn't last. Today, I want to take you down the cereal aisle of my past and discuss some of my favorites! BATMAN: THE CEREAL:  First up shouldn't be any surprise. Batman The Cereal. The box, just like everything to do with the movie from 1989, was sleek, dark and mysterious. Black. Gold. Simple. It's a pretty awesome box and even better, some came a bank in the form of the Dark Knight himself! I don't have the box, but I do have a mint condition bank! The cere