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Happy 30th Anniversary Freddy!

30 years. Wow. Feels like a lifetime ago! Yup, today, November 9th, marks the 30th anniversary since the release of Nightmare On Elm Street and the introduction of my favorite horror icon, Freddy Krueger! Can you believe it? 30 years?!?!   Now, I was only a year old when the first Elm Street movie was released but being a child of 80s, Freddy was everywhere. My brother was a fan and rented the movies, Freddy gloves were in stores, Freddy's Nightmares were on tv. If you were a young fan of creepiness and horror, he was your number 1 guy. By the time I saw my first Elm Street movie at age 6, I knew the deal. I knew Freddy wasn't real, he was just a character on a movie. Some kids wouldn't be able to separate reality from fiction and would've become terrified of ol' pizza face. Not me. I embraced him. He was no different than a Ninja Turtle or He-Man. He was just pure entertainment. Since age 6, I've become immersed in Freddy. Be it merchandising, meeting