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Flea Market 2015 Season Kickoff!

Finally, after a few months, the flea market downtown reopened for the first market of the season. And boy oh boy, I couldn't take it much longer. The wait was getting so excrutiating. Sure, thrift stores are a good way to feed the bargain/treasure hunting hunger between seasons but nothing beats the great tradition of going to a flea market. Hot dogs, baseball games and the beach? Nah. My summer traditions always consist of going to flea markets and yard sales. Now, I got the sense early on I wasn't going to walk away with anything. It's the beginning of the season, so it's not uncommon to walk away with nothing. And of course, you can't get too upset either. You've got the whole season of rummaging through peoples smoke filled WWF magazine stacks ahead of you. Don't lose hope on your first trip. And after all my years of doing this, I find that abandoning all hope is the best way to tackle a flea market. But this day, I was proven wrong. DEAD WRONG.

Reviewing 15 Old WWF Cards!

The other day I posted about a nice care package from my buddy Brian at PopPop!It's Trash Culture!  , which contained a lot of fun pop culture treasures. One of those treasured items was a pack of WWF trading cards from 1989 which, obviously I opened because I can never follow the rules set by society about ancient trading cards. So instead of just using them to decorate my end table like I originally planned, I figured I'd review them here instead. Because, boy oh boy, these are some real goofy characters...   Hillbilly Jim:  Vince McMahon loved making a fool of southerners, so goofy, naive redneck characters were always in the WWF. But none more popular than the tall, horeshoe lovin', square dancin', overalls lovin' Hillbilly Jim. He'd essentially just dance like a fool and clap his hands after throwing his opponent around the ring. He also was best friends with Hulk Hogan for a few months which lead to some less than memorable tag matches agains

Mail Call From Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture!

So it's been a normal day today. Went to work at for my normal shift on the first day Rochester decided to hit over 80 degrees for the first time since last summer. Which is nice since Rochester winters are the real life equivalent to a normal day on planet Hoth. So it was an exciting day. But, I'm not as excited for the weather as much as I was to see what arrived at my door step when I got home. A very loving care package from my friend Brian over at PopPop! It's Trash Culture! , a great pop culture blog! Brian had messaged me before about sending this. But he didn't reveal it's contents. So it drove me wild, as to what it could be. A trophy? A dvd of Stone Cold? A magnet featuring Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? No! It's something better! GOLD! THERE'S GOLD IN THAT THERE BOX! Holy crap! Comics, toys, pogs and trading cards!!!! Brian and I did a trade last year and he threw in a few extras in our trade based off our mutual interests, so none

Horror Movie BBQ Exclusive: the 25th Anniversary Release of Cool As Ice Coming Next Year!

Photo Credit: Universal Studios It's my absolute honor to announce, on behalf of Universal and Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice, that in the summer of 2016, the 25th Anniversary 3-d BluRay edition of Cool As Ice will finally be released! And, yes...IT IS THE DIRECTORS CUT! Yes indeed, restored back to the directors original grand vision. You can pick up your "Yo! VIP Edition" on October 18th 2016! Keep reading for the extras and details! Photo Credit: Universal Studios I'm proud to announce I'll be moderating the commentary and hosting the retrospective. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly will be working very close with the IceMan himself, Director David Kellogg and for his very first time discussing the movie, is TV icon Michael Gross for the retrospective documentary. So grab the popcorn, it's gonna be a great release to sit down to watch! I can't give EVERY detail, but here's just a little peak into some of the spec