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BUY ME TOYS! 5 things I want from Toyfair 2015

Well, Toyfair has come and gone and every toy geek on the planet is already making a list of the action figures and statues they want more than anything. And since I did my list last year , it's only right to follow it up with this list! And there's absolutely no better way to start then with... TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Muckman, Napoleon Bonafrog and Baxter Stockman(Playmates)  Ok, confession: I really believe this new era of Ninja Turtles is blowing the old series and toys out of the water. Yes, yes, I know. As someone who loved the original line more than life itself, I really shouldn't be saying that. But it's true. The monster/comic book-look definitely makes the figures stand out. The characters you see above were beloved action figures in the original run, especially MuckMan who was remembered for his TarMan meets Toxic Avenger look and this figure continues that in a more embellished way. Napoleon Bonafrog is on this list bec

Really Old Batman Valentines!

Valentines Day is upon us. You know what that means. CANDY. Lots of tasty chocolate and those neat Little Debbie heart cakes. And while the days of giving Super Mario valentine cards in first grade are far behind me, I'm always finding cool new and old valentine cards that I may have never seen or may have forgotten. It's usually pretty fun. In fact, my girlfriend still has a bunch of her old ones from her childhood that we have hanging on the fridge. Because our fridge needs a Valentine with Bebop and Rocksteady. And good gosh, I can honestly say I have NEVER seen these Batman Valentine cards from the 60's a day in my life. I'm sure if I had, I would've made a post regarding them before. Because they really are that fantastic. Check these babies out! Holy crap. Considering his parents died at a young age, you have to guess Batman has issues with being needy and stuff. How needy? So much, he's willing to follow you around town in his goofy Lego contrapt

Meeting Ric Flair!

He's the oldest ride in the park but still has the longest lines... Never has that line rung more true when it comes to Ric Flair. The 16 time world champion and pro wrestling icon came up to my neck of the woods to come meet and greet his fans at the Syracuse Crunch minor league hockey game in beautiful downtown Syracuse! Ric and a Crunch official. I took the risky drive from Rochester to Syracuse in the snow to come meet the legend himself. An hour and a half drive in the snow turned into a lot longer but I had to make this happen. Not to get too much into my personal life, but the past year has been filled with me having to cancel every event that I may have had planned. On top of that, I had back surgery in October so an hour and a half drive was not going to be too fun. But, I decided I had to attend this. If not just to get some stuff signed, but to slowly get back in the swing of doing more events all around. So, after a slippery trip on the New York Thruway,

Saved By The Bell 2015!

So, if you were watching Jimmy Fallon last night, you no doubt freaked out heavily over the awesome Saved By The Bell reunion that was very lovingly staged by the comedian for his Tonight Show audience. Longtime readers already know of my love for Saved By The Bell from previous posts  so I'll bypass any long explanation of my longtime love of the show. But last night was a huge moment for my fellow Bayside Tigers. Why? Well, first off, it was always thought it would never happen. Sure, we've gotten a reunion pictorial from People Magazine and even a campaign from Jimmy on his previous talk show. While a lot of fans, such as myself, had hoped it would happen, it was rather unlikely. For a full reunion, you'd have to have the entire cast of characters and Mr. Belding. Jimmy often had cast members stop by his show and give their stamp of approval by placing their face on a giant cast photo, including Mark Paul Gosselar showing up in character as Zach himself(which was a