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TPIF: Thank Pod It's Funny! Episode 7: Moms!

Well, we're about 2 weeks late, but we can't truly celebrate the zaniness without discussing the true heroes: THE MOMS. In today's episode, we discuss our favorite moms, their impact on the TGIF Universe and who we think is the Ultimate Mom of TGIF! Also discussed: -Thundercats and She-Ra revivals -Danny/Pam conspiracies -Who was the best Peter Venkman? -TC watches Michelle-less Full House - Chad's earth shattering theory about Carol's previous relationships! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! And yes, I'm fully aware today's episode is labeled "8" instead of "7", but uh... powered by podcast garden -Derek, TC, Chad

8-Bit Zombie Presents: Wizard Wednesday!

It's #WizardWednesday and our pal Ross over at 8-Bit Zombie (who I interviewed years ago about his love of The Wizard!) has unveiled a brand new collection of awesome shirts, a hat and other goodies. By now, if you follow me on any social media platform, you've figured out how much I love these shirts and products due to the incredible passion put into the artwork, themes and the originality that goes into thesm. In fact, alongside Fright-Rags (who offered their own Video Armageddon shirt earlier this year, but seems to have sold out!) and WWE, they're the only shirts I own anymore! And today, I'm happy to share with you some of the coolest products I've seen Ross release. Ladies and gentlemen, 8-Bit Zombie brings you...THE WIZARD... Check out that sweet gear! Patches, a pin, a hat and some sweet new shirts! Let's take a closer look though... Let's start off with the patches. The purple and pink Power Glove are very reminiscent of the box

TPIF: Thank Pod It's Funny! Episode 6: Musical Guests!

The boys are back and ready to rock! In TGIF's long history, a lot of famous musicians popped in for an appearance or two and jammed with our favorite characters! From The Beach Boys to Debbie Gibson, we cover them all! Also discussed: -TC's love of Furries -TC's love of Big Dogs shirts -Derek's love of Debbie Gibson -Chad's hatred for Michelle powered by podcast garden -Derek, TC and Chad

Making Love To 7-11's Deadpool Promotion

Oh boy...7-11 has done it again...