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Friday Night Flashback: Sting and Robocop

As a kid, I loved both Sting and Robocop. Pro wrestling was still a big deal by 1990 and Robocop's popularity was peaking. With Robocop 2 coming out, someone, somewhere decided "hey, let's have him come out and fight the Four Horsemen". And that resulted in videos like this...  Something like having Robocop and Sting live and in living color can't fail right? There's even a macho handshake kinda like Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Carl Weathers in Predator! That's gonna sell tickets! I know it is! Well... Didn't turn out that way. During one of WCW's big PayPerView events promoted as the "Capitol Combat: The Return of Robocop", in Washington DC (a show that I gladly did not attend), the Four Horsemen locked Sting in a giant cage. Not a cage you'd put a dog in or something, but a cage that would be in a go-go dance club or something. So, Sting, helpless against the Horsemen's attack of locking him in a giant prop cage, nee

The Greatest Trip To Target Ever

Today's Friday and I was feeling a little adventurous. And it's payday. That's never a good way to start the weekend. And since I've been put on a new diet, I've been trying to find new things to do to get my mind off eating. Quite frankly staying active is the key more than anything. And living in a small apartment, it can be rather easy to be lazy and inactive. I mean, who wants to walk around and get fit when I could sit and watch Miami Connection? So today I ventured out to Target for a few items for around the house. I expected an average trip. Nothing more than looking at the mens ware, toys, seasonal items and the dvds. I expected no more, nothing less. I have my shopping regimen and I like to stick with it. But today was no average trip. And quite frankly, out of all the "big box" department stores, Target's usually the one to get the most enjoyment out of your trip. Target usually has cool new stuff and their clearance racks are always amazi

Some Of My Favorite Novelty Albums And Soundtracks! Part 1

I have a problem. I'm addicted to downloading soundtracks and novelty albums. I love them! Be it awesome soundtracks like the Batman Forever Soundtrack or goofy novelty albums like Freddy's Greatest Hits, my iPod seems to be filled more with albums that center around movies or trends. And today, children, I invite you to either laugh at them or bond with me over your love of them as well. First up, "Coming Out Of Our Shells". Released in 1990, when the Ninja Turtles were hotter than Sofia Vergara slowly eating ice cream at the beach in slow motion, this novelty album was sold in conjunction with the Ninja Turtles live tour of the same name. Yes. A live tour. Where they played their greatest hits such as "Pizza Power", "Tubin", "Walk Straight" and of course the title track "Coming Out Of Our Shells". I actually had both the live tour tape and the making of the live tour, which the latter was nothing more than a documentar

Treehouse of Horror: Monster Squad Style!

In a  recent entry  over at Freddy In Space, my friend Johnny Boots listed his top ten items in his Monster Squad-Style Treehouse. Now I had a treehouse, more like backyard fort, but it was nothing compared to the boys of the Monster Squad! How many of you saw this movie and thought "man, I would've loved to have had a treehouse like theirs!"? Well, I'm gonna list off my top ten items that I'd love to have in my treehouse. Now, following the Monster Squad and Johnny will be a tough task, but I'm up for a good challenge! And while racking my brain and trying to limit my treehouse items to only ten items was difficult, it will be a mean mama jamma in the end. Warning, this isn't the kind of treehouse you'll bring your little sister too unless you're trying to scare her into tears. But, let's take a gander, shall we? 1.) Talking Freddy Doll My holy grail as a Freddy Krueger collector. If I had this, it would obviously end up in my tree