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Turkey Time Finale: Parade Floats I Need To See!

Today’s the big day!! Thanksgiving is here and I am very excited to enjoy the day as I hope you are as well. It’s been fun here on the blog and over at Twitter interacting and chatting about this very fun holiday but there’s one last thing I wanted to save for today. You guys know how much I love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and everything involved but I got to thinking…what kinda floats could we have gotten that never happened? So thanks to the power of my awful, primitive photoshop skills and a little imagination, I present to you 4 Parade Floats I Wish We Had! My Pet Monster: This is an easy one. We’ve seen a lot of kid friendly properties represented in the Parade through the years and in my opinion, a giant My Pet Monster float would’ve been a perfect choice. Big, bright, colorful and lovable! I think we all would’ve been talking about this one for years. It’s not like it wouldn’t have been possible as costumes were created for in store appearances, so you can use your imagi

The 2021 DinoDrac Thanksgiving Funpack

Just 48 hours away from the big day and I don’t think I need to tell you just how wildly excited I am! Thankfully finding a way to stay occupied and keeping my eyes on the stuffing filled prize has been fairly easy, as you can tell by the level of enthusiasm here on the blog and thanks to what I received in the mail, it’s gonna get to even higher level of excitement! Say hello to The DinosaurDracula November 2021 Funpack!!! Overwhelmingly filled with treasures that would bring out the Thanksgiving joy in anyone! I love these funpacks, I really think Matt pours his heart into them every single month and really tries to make them count. This one was no different.  And with the help of my very bossy and always curious assistant, Geoffrey Jellineck who never lets me get work done or even let’s me take a bite of a taco without racing over to investigate, it’s time to dive in and witness the fun together! Snacks! Delicious, fun, festive snacks! Inspired by the wild and crazy meal in A Charl

TPIF: Thank(sgiving) Pod It's Funny! featuring guest Mike Westfall!

 Turkey Time is chugging along here and in order to properly capture the feel of the holiday (or at least as it was in 1991) I needed to enlist the help of my TPIF co-hosts and for the very first time in the TPIF history, a GUEST! Yes, we found someone who loves tv just as much as we do and someone who can tolerate the three of us for more than 10 minutes, why it's none other than the great podcast extraordinaire and host of the Advent Calendar House , Mike Wesftall! Today marks the 30th anniversary of the "legendary" Thanksgiving episode and all the hijinks that comes with it! So check out today's episode where we barely stay on topic as usual! Come in, pull up a chair,. grab a plate of pumpkin pie and enjoy our audio feast! You can check the episode out here! Also, check us out on iTunes! And don't forget to check out Advent Calendar House .  -Derek, TC, Chad and Mike Westfall

Making The Great Slimer Sundae

(Ok I know this isn’t Thanksgiving related but it is food and Ghostbusters related so I’m counting it!)  I’ve talked on length about the memorable Ghostbusters 2-Hardee’s promotion a  time   or two rightfully so! It was AMAZING! If you were around for it, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. But if you weren’t, which a lot of people weren’t due to Hardee’s not being available everywhere, my deepest condolences. It won’t make you feel any better but here’s a commercial hyping it up: Aside from having fun kids meal toys, promo cups and a really cool commercial, the one things fans remember is of course the infamous Slimer Sundae which was nothing more than vanilla ice cream coated in GREEN bubblegum syrup. Read that again: GREEN. BUBBLEGUM. SYRUP. Wild stuff there for sure and it’s very clear why it’s talked about so much to this day. The problem is more people have seen the advertisements and posters of it than have actually had it, which leads more questions about it th

Turkey Time Kickoff: Perdue Turkey Nuggets!

Welcome to Turkey Time here on The BBQ! A celebration of that fantastic holiday know as Thanksgiving that brings everyone together to…well…gorge on food, I suppose. For the next week or so, I’m gonna bring you some fun Tgiving goodness including a very special (and warning: very unstable) TPIF episode! So put on your favorite football jersey, sweat pants, pour some Cranberry Ginger Ale and get ready for the parade of insanity here on this blog because it’s gonna be…well…kinda weird! We’re officially just 8 days away from Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more excited. Something about mid-November always just re-energizes me. No matter how great or maybe taxing the rest of year may have been, I always know Thanksgiving is gonna be a great day. Whether it’s starting off with a parade, the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, or the Mashed Potaters and stuffing, it just brings me utter joy. Ya know what also brings me utter joy? Perdue’s Thanks Nuggets! Finding new ideas to spice up my Thanksgiving da