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A Trip To Camp Crystal Lake...

I went to camp for this past weekend. It's been a long wait, but I finally got there. Of course it's a journey I NEVER would have guessed I'd make. After all, what would I gain out of this? Of course being an adult summer camps aren't even a thought, and if they are then you're absolutely insane... This summer camp was far different than any others. Ya see, June 3-5 was Monster Mania's Return to Camp Crystal Lake located in Hunt Valley, MD. Hunt Valley was previously the home for Horrorfind Weekend for years and years until Monster Mania invaded last September with their Nightmare on Elm Street 3 reunion.And that show was a blast and a half. But of course I'm a Fred-Head, so anytime Robert Englund is in town I'll be a bit biased. Camp Crystal Lake was different. VERY different. A few things stood out about this convention weekend. I'll get to those in a second but perhaps I should explain myself: I had no gain going into this convention. I've