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The Story of the Amazing Burger King Coupons

This is a weird story to tell but it's something I've always wanted to write about and finally, 11 years later, I finally get to do so in the proper venue. One day after work, I went to the local library which was common practice for me. I'd sit there, go online or read a book and be left alone. It was pretty relaxing and since I didn't have a girlfriend and responsibility at all, I had nothing else to do other than smoke cigarettes and watch old copies of New Adventures of He-Man. Now, that I think about it, being 20 totally sucked. If I ever get a time machine, I should go back and smack my 20 year old self around for being such a obnoxious, lazy bum. And when I say obnoxious and lazy take a look at me circa 2003... I thought this was a cool look at a convention. Yeah. Tell me you don't want to smack me. Anyway, so there I was at the library one day after work, just chilling out with a book and my portable cd player and I get up to leave when I stop b

In Buffalo With David Venable

On May 28th, I got the chance to participate in something big. How big? Well, so big it brought in almost a thousand people and took the entire Canalside in downtown Buffalo which has to be pretty big. So why all the hub bub? Simple. A live taping of In The Kitchen With David. For those unaware, In The Kitchen With David stars the mega popular, food lover, David Venable, a happy and upbeat Southern food connoisseur who loves food so much he breaks out into Happy Dances.  Yes. I said Happy Dances. David is known to bust one or two out as he enjoys his favorite foods, usually mac and cheese or chocolate while accompanying it with a goofy facial reaction that would normally be reserved for a cartoon character or a very skilled stage performer. To some degree, I tend to think David was born to be the greatest entertainer-salesman hybrid ever. Accompanied by his on screen sidekick, Mary, David and QVC set up shop and filmed a live show in downtown Buffalo.  To my knowledge, this i

Freddy At 30: Freddy's Nightmares

 I feel like most people who know me know about my deep and long lasting love of everything Freddy Krueger. Usually I'm the one they ask "Hey, which movie did Freddy kill that kid this way?" or "What was the name of the blonde girl in Elm Street 4?" or "Did Freddy really beat Jason?". It's all generally harmless questions that I enjoy discussing with casual fans or just those who haven't seen the series in a while. And now that we're reaching 30 years of the first Elm Street movie, there's going to be a lot of questions. But one question I usually have a split reaction to is the question of "Hey, remember that Elm Street TV series?". I usually have to stop myself from shuddering at the mentioning of it. Ok, for the uninitiated, Freddy's Nightmares was a Tales From The Crypt/Twilight Zone-like show that was split into an hour of tales. After the first episode reached it's conclusion, the second part would be

The Joys of Being a Sleepaway Camp Fan

I discovered the joys of Sleepaway Camp just a mere 12 years ago during a very fateful trip to my local video store. Actually, my exposure with it came via Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers. Thanks to the back of the box depicting the sexy Ally being shoved in the porta john by that dangerous Angela Baker, I was officially hooked by the second I looked at the screen shot. Sure, starting off with a sequel is usually a bizarre way to get hooked on a film series, but this was the way it was meant to be. It turned out to be just what I needed at that point in time. The reason I'm obsessed. So, shortly after discovering Sleepaway Camp 2, I went back to the store and rented both Sleepaway Camp 1 and 3. Obviously having deep love of 1980's slashers, I instantly fell in love with the first movie. I can't tell you why, but it took me over and wouldn't let go. It was like a weird possession or something. I don't know whether it was Felissa Rose doing a great job a