Monday, September 18, 2017

Graham And Chad Talk Rasslin: 25th Anniversary of SummerSlam 1992

Yessir, another episode of Graham and Chad Talk Rasslin' is live! In today's fun episode we discuss the event and spectacle of SummerSlam 1992, an event that left quite the impression as fans on both Graham and I.
Heck, if it wasn't for this event, may never have been born!

Other than Rick Martel's awesome tennis outfit, what else do we discuss?

-Graham's love of one of the HBK fangirls in the opening video.
-Why wouldn't Bulldog want to win the match?
-George Michael Sports Machine-wrestling connection.
-Wow, it's Virgil again.
-Sweaty Big Bossman.

These are just some of the fun topics we touch on! We also reveal what our next episode will be...


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Target's Monsterous Halloween Shop!

Ohhhh,'re one of the best providers of Halloween feels. And I'm all about the Halloween Feels. This is nothing new. I've written about how much I love Target's Halloween offerings before. And the feeling of happiness always washes over me whenever I first lock eyes on their amazing Halloween setups every year. So this year, Target has completely lost their minds. First off, the theme of this years tremendous event is "Trickus Treatus". Now, I haven't seen anything related to the Roman Empire other than Roman Reigns figures in the toy aisle, but I'm pretty sure I dig the name and the theme anyway.

As soon as you see the entrance, you know things are gonna be insane this year..."BOOPORIUM"? Whoa. Hit the brakes there, Target. I gotta take all this in. This is amazing! Look at that! A cemetary gate, straight out of...well, I'd say Stephen King, but it's more or less along the lines of Monster High. Gotta keep it appropriate for the kids, amirite?

So we've come into our proverbial treasure chest. But what goodies await our discovery?

Ok, so a good warmup. The annual offerings of home and party goods. For some, Halloween is all about the party, and Target is hooking you up with the essentials for that party in spades, brah. Plates, napkins, decorations, and more! Pretty sweet deal. I know a couple people who love Halloween so much, they'd probably keep these up all year round. Do I blame them? Nope. I can't fault anyone for keeping up those sweet pumpkins and a Trick or Treat sign out in March!

For those into lawn decorating, you're in luck. There's some new pieces for your display! This adorable ghost and his buddy the equally adorable Creature Fromt he Black Lagoon are here to light up your day. Now seriously, how can I truly worry about anything else in this world knowing these two are in such a good mood celebrating Halloween?

Hungry? Some of the year round snacks have been given the temporary Halloween facelift. Colors, themes, and even new shapes and flavors for your favorite treats. My favorite? Well, duh. The black and orange Annie's graham bunnies! Although, I can't help but fall in love with Halloween Goldfish.

Ok, I want them all now.

Got a pet? Target doesn't discriminate. Good! They want to ensure your pet will have a delightful season as well as us. Although, I must confess to wanting a squeaky Dracula for myself. Especially when it looks like he's stuffed in a sleeping bag. My gosh, how do they expect me not to want that?!?! They know the demographic for pets and humans and they have no problem exploiting it!

It would be silly of me not to mention the yearly tradition of my fiance becoming overjoyed by the Halloween Pyrex. This year, the favorite seems to be adorable monsters. In previous years, it's been sugar skulls, cats, and ghosts. We have stacks of these bowls and usually use them for our bunnies to drink water out of. In fact, I spy a Christmas themed bowl in their pen right now.

Also, I'm in love the green lid. I like green, what can I say?

On a budget this Halloween? Are you a teacher looking to plan a Halloween party? Target's no fool. They know their shoppers are going to need some items that are more affordable and these items are absolutely perfect for kids of all ages!

Plastic fangs, maze games,  buckets of slime, pencils, pens, coloring books and more. Man, these send me back to a first grade Halloween party. All that's missing is scratch and sniff stickers and a Entenmanns Halloween cupcake to nibble on while watching that Halloween short with the dancing skeletons in the cemetery on a film projector. I love that companies still offer these. Just packs an extra nostalgic Halloween punch!

Well of course it wouldn't be Halloween without the big props! A tv that features a head bulging out, a spooky phone, a microphone and this year, we seem to be getting a projection set! I always love seeing these items. I can't always afford those big items at Spirit Halloween, but these are more affordable and much easier to store than a gigantic Exorcist dummy on a swing. Plus, I'd totally keep that microphone out all year round!

The main event, in my opinion. All roads lead here. Universal Monsters have taken over Target and I'm ok with that. When I was a kid, the Monsters were everywhere. In fact, my all time favorite food promotion was the Pepsi/Doritos promotions, which I wrote about years ago. The Universal Monsters are always a perfect fallback for Halloween. I mean what's more Halloween than a Frankenstein costume?  Now, in the most recent years, it seemed that they were being used sparingly by companies and only brought back when they couldn't get the rights for Freddy or Jason. I always loved seeing these characters in stores, especially around this time. I love the more contemporary horror icons, but we gotta still show some love for those who brought us to the dance.  Masks, costumes, makeup kits (that is definitely welcome throwback!) and fun accessory packs to ensure a great Halloween had by all. The highlight though is the beautiful plastic masks.

 For only $5 each, you too can become a 6 year old kid again and become a trick or treating Frakenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and my favorite of the three, The Creature From The Black Lagoon. These masks are pretty fantastic and a metric ton of fun to wear. I can also envision using these as decorations on my wall in the spare room. They're so great and brings out the kid in all of us!

Target has brought the Halloween goods and my confidence in celebrating Halloween is at an all time high. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings us. If you're like me, you're constantly checking every store for more goodies, and this is your best starting point!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Chad Report With Corey Chapman!

In today's "lost episode" (read: I got wrapped up with other stuff), I present to you a fun conversation between UnderScoopFire alum, Chap Report Host and Garbage Plate connoisseur, Mr. Corey Chapman. Recorded in July 2017, Corey's been on a very brief hiatus from podcasting and since Corey has always made time for me to appear on his show, I'm more than honored to be the show he decided to make my show his jumping off point to return to the podcast world.

In today's episode, Corey and I discuss:

  • Where has Corey been?
  • D23 Announcements.
  •  Our favorite Disney related announcements.
  • SDCC overview.
  • Hot dogs.
  • What I refer to my bathroom as. 
 So have fun, enjoy and forgive me for taking so long to post this great episode!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Celebrating Umbrella's Love Of Cannon Films

If you know me, you know that I am what most therapists would refer to as "in need of help". Why, you ask? Because I have a deep love for Cannon Films.

Yes, while most people love their minds over the next big Marvel blockbuster or a new Adam Green movie, I'm still digging through old video stores and thrift stores for the most obscure and forgotten Cannon Films. Now, Marvel and Adam Green certainly know how to take care of their fans, but for me, nothing says "entertainment" than plots that involve monkeys and flame throwers backed by terrible music. I think it takes a special breed of human to really appreciate a very, very bad movie and oh boy, did Cannon release some real bad movies.

This year, mega Australian movie distributor Umbrella Entertainment has been feeding the need of Cannon Fans worldwide. Now, by now you've already picked up or watched that amazing documentary on the history of Cannon called "Electric Boogaloo". And it is indeed a great doc but the American dvd release left so much to be desired. Our friends in Austrailia took on that unenviable task and pulled out all the stops. However, be warned, you're not just getting EB as Umbrella also paired it with Machete Maidens, an equally perfect documentary about Filipino exploitation movies of the 70s and 80s, done by the same team responsible for EB. Now, you get TWO mindblowing docs on disc.

But since today's entry is all about revisiting my love of this doc, as I had previously reviewed this set, let's just take a gander at the amazing bonus features. The extended interviews and trailers on the US release are great and all, but Umbrella really went the extra mile for us by delivering some sweet features:

  • A Word With Frank Yablans (4 mins)
  • Michael Dudikoff Extended Interview (12 mins 30)
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes (37 mins)
  • Cannon Trailer compile (35 mins)
  • Behind The Scenes gallery (6 mins) 
  • Cannon Stills & Poster Gallery (18 mins)
  • Electric Boogaloo Trailer

Remember, that's just the features for Boogaloo. The bonus features for Machete Maidens are just as mighty. I mean, if this were released in America, you'd at least need a second disc.  I applaud Umbrella for this amazing release because in my opinion, this is the release Cannon fans should've gotten before.

Oh but we're not done...

Around 1980, Cannon became ntrigued by NINJAS. As if breakdancing and having sex in outer space wasn't enough, they just had to corner the martial arts market. Now, we can all sit here and mock Cannon but they definitely helped initiate the ninja movie sensation sweeping Hollywood in the early to mid 80s. I'd actually be hardpressed to say something bad about their foray into this genre.

Enter The Ninja was one of their finest moments. Absolutely. A great story and fantastic action. I'm no martial arts film expert, but I think that's a win in Cannon's book. The sequel "Revenge of the Ninja" though? Not bad, it's certainly not as good as the first but shouldn't be overlooked. It's pretty clear Cannon wanted to make the star Sho Kosugi, their Bruce Lee, and find a way to make him more profitable in future films. Sadly, it just didn't work out that way as Cannon didn't know how to make homegrown talent and make them blossom into the next John Wayne or Burt Reynolds but that's just the way it was with that studio.  But that leads us the first installment of "Cannon Classics", a bluray featuring two of Cannon's finest movies. The first two movies of the "Ninja Trilogy" have been given a beautiful bluray transfer and theatrical trailers as bonus features.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Ok, Chad, that's enough Cannon for me.".


So how do you follow up two fun Ninja movies in the Cannon Classics set? Simple...DEATH WISH 2 AND 3.

I mean...that's what you were thinking right? Right.

Early confession: I've never even seen Death Wish 1. Yes that's right. I'm a big phony. Be that as it may, I also never saw the sequels until I received this two disc set. Something about Charles Bronson always bothered me, so I never truly went out of my way to watch these movies and I'm glad I was able to get my hands on this set, because I can see how wrong I truly was. And yes, I am fully aware the first Death Wish and these are on totally different levels. But, I like mindless action flicks with lots of explosions, and these movies offer them up in volumes, so I'm ok with these.

As someone who has never seen them, I gotta say I was very impressed with the presentation of these movies. The picture was crisp, the audio was perfectly clear and the bonus features were tremendous.  Scream Factory released a fine edition of Death Wish 2 before this with a commentary track, trailer and an extended cut, but Umbrella is offering you even more:

  • DISC 1:
  • Death Wish 2 Trailer
  • Death Wish 2 TV Spot version 1
  • Death Wish 2 TV Spot Version 2
  • Death Wish 3 Trailer
  • Death Wish 3 TV spot
  • Interviews with cast members Alex Winter, Robin Sherwood, screenwriter David Engelbach - and Todd Roberts, son of producer Bobby Roberts.
  • Extended interviews from Mark Hartley's ELECTRIC BOOGALOO 
  • ACTION II: 52 minute making-of featurette with Behind the Scenes footage of Death Wish 3, Runaway Train and House
  • DISC 2 (DVD):

Yes, you're getting FOUR count 'em FOUR versions of Death Wish 2. All that crazy rape and violence TIMES FOUR. I always love when we get multiple releases on a single disc(Sleepaway Camp 3 workprint is my all time favorite) but this is insane. Out of all 4, I gotta tell ya, the Greek VHS Cut, which is not of the highest quality due to it's sources, is my favorite. Not because of what's in the movie, but because it's so unique and unusual to include such a random VHS cut on a bluray.

Best part? The blurays you see above WILL PLAY ON US BLURAY PLAYERS. Fear not. You can see Chuck Bronson in all his angry glory on your machine just fine!

Umbrella has really been bringing the Cannon love and as a lifelong Cannon fanatic, I couldn't be happier. Keep your eyes peeled on this company, as their releases seem to be getting even bigger and better with recent announcements of RazorBack, Suspiria, Devils Rejects, Cat's Eye and so much more. The sky is the limit for Umbrella and I don't think that'll stop them either! Don't forget to hit Umbrella's website and Facebook page to keep up on these great releases!

Hopefully we get more Cannon Classics!