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Kenner Spotlight: Robocop And The Ultra Police

Hey, remember that awesome Robocop movie from 1987? A movie so violent that it was almost granted an X rating? Yeah, we all love that movie for good reason! It was a perfect blend of scifi, horror, violence and comedy. Peter Weller played that role so perfectly, you actually believed he was more robot than man. It's such a great movie and it still holds up! Yes, it was such a great movie, someone decided to take an almost X-Rated action movie and turn it into a kid friendly cartoon, which seemed to be commonplace at that time, a year later from Marvel Productions, one of the two companies that produced cartoons like Transformers, GI Joe and Jem. Confession: even as a kid, I simply could not get into this cartoon. I watched the cartoon around the same time the actual movie hit VHS so it was too drastic of a change even at age 5 for me to accept. What can I say? Even then I was demanding of my cartoons. Now, of course being the 80s, you can't have a cartoon without toys