WWF Superstars Cookies!

Searching for a treat that will body slam your hunger? Look no further than WWF Superstars!

WWF Superstars Oatmeal Cookies were released by Salerno in 1990. I believe it was around the same time every other kid friendly property were getting cheap cookies made. I think the most famous example was the Ninja Turtles cookies that came with a plastic coin bank, which I definitely remember more than these. I’m also kinda remembering a Bart Simpson cookie similar to these as well. I think that also came with a coin bank. I guess what I’m getting at is if these were released in the form of a Dusty Rhodes coin bank, I’d prolly have a clearer memory of buying them. The common man becomes the uncommon cookie. 

The box is pretty standard for the time. Throw Warrior and Hogan on the front posing like goofballs while giant cartoony logos adorn the package. Just for good measure, they threw in Andre the Giant as the cookie example too. Even better, this is the cookies actual size. So while I don’t have a bagged sample of these cookies(although at this point, I’m sure they’d all resemble Ted Danson as the seaweed creature in Creepshow), I’d assume that Andre was probably the biggest of the cookies. I don’t know though, it’s all speculative on my part. If you’ve got pics of these 32 year cookies, feel free to message me and set me straight!

The back showcases all 10 (well I guess 11, since there’s two Rockers) superstars immortalized in cookie form. The usual suspects:

I think I’m most shocked by Ravishing Rick Rude’s inclusion. Don’t get me wrong, Rick was an absolute legend but he didn’t exactly get a lot of merchandise. In fact, I don’t think he got anything at that time outside a figure or two. Besides I’d figure if they wanted a heel, they’d go with Dibiase or Virgil. Imagine the meatsauce flavored cookies!

I don’t think these lasted long on the shelves, in fact outside of one tv spot read by Lord Alfred Hayes, I can’t find anything else on them and that’s driving me crazy because I have so many questions though. Did they have second or third series with other superstars and personalities? Did we eventually get a Battle Kat cookie? Is there footage of Papa Shango cursing boxes of them at live events and making children cry by making cookies explode? I need answers.

Sweet! A coupon! Oh…dang. It expired 30 years ago. Who's got a time machine?


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