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Review: No Holds Barred Ultimate Edition

​ It’s time to ask that age old question that I know has been on your mind for quite a while… Well after months and months of anticipation and excitement…well, it may be dookie. Sometimes a man can’t contain himself. But thankfully dookie it is not, it’s the smell of a new arrival to the collection, it’s none other than the SDCC Exclusive Ultimate No Holds Barred two pack!!! Of course, this didn’t come without controversy as the set almost immediately sold out on Mattel’s site. A few months later, as expected, a few left over sets ended up on WWEShop and also sold out in record timing but thankfully I was able to score one for me and my friend(and occasional podcast partner) Rich who was at SDCC but couldn’t score one due to quick sell out. Let’s take a look… The Packaging: Much like Bo Derek, this package is a solid 10. Modeled and inspired by the original NHB VHS release, Mattel went all out to make this as special as close they could. Slip off the VHS “casing” and you’ll find tonigh