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Flea Market 2016 Season Kickoff!

Has it really been a  year?  Really? Wow. Last year was no doubt one of my greatest ever when it comes to digging through the unused crap of complete strangers, but I have zero doubt that this year will be even better. Sure, I've got thrifting to keep me busy from October to now, but there's something so much more exciting and spontaneous about the summer flea market season. The heat, the smells, the bees and the terrible cigarette smell surrounding's all worth the fantastic rewards. And today was the perfect way to kickoff said season. So without further adieu... Yes, I know, I said I wouldn't use that after last year, but there's a new graphic coming soon. I promise! Today, with very little sleep due to my excitement for this and the local comic con "Flower City Comic Con"(report coming soon!), my lady and I headed to the Rochester Public Market, which is the official start to flea market season. No doubt about it. It's the

Hitting Up The Salt City Horror Fest!

So I made a fun trip to Syracuse yesterday. Now, it usually takes a lot for me to drive to this big beautiful city but today was the most spectacular reason.... Oh yeah baby! Salt City Horror Fest! This is now the fourth show I've attended and every year, I get more and more excited as if I was going to my first. I discovered this in 2012 through multiple friends who had been attending for a while, so being new to the Rochester area, I knew this would be a good place to make new friends as well as hang with familiar faces with great horror movies(only being shown in 35mm!) as a great background noise. It's definitely the best horror film festival I've ever been to. And it's held in an older theater that most likely hasn't been cleaned since the 90s. And that's part of the charm. Well...until you use the bathroom. What? I'm being dramatic? Well... Ok. Not so bad yet, right? IT'S A FREAKIN' MAUSOLEUM PEOPLE!!!!! THAT'S NOT A BATH

Come To Flower City Comic Con!

I'm very, very proud to be living in Rochester, NY. I can't say that enough. I love this town. Whether it's Gates, Greece, Brighton, or just downtown, I love this town! All of it. But what do I love more than this town? A convention. Well, thanks to a few local comic fans and smart business men, Rochester will have a comic/pop culture convention! Flower City Comic Con will take place on April April 23 and 24th is the date, the Riverside Convention Center will be the place to be. Look at that banner, there's some familiar faces there.  Some artists, some Power Rangers alumni, a wrestler, and a legendary voice actor. Not a bad lineup for a first show. I'm super excited to see whats to happen at this convention. My wallet on the other hand...may not... Let's take a look at the guest list more in depth, shall we: Certainly looks to be a fun time, if you ask me!  While other conventions rely heavily on huge,

WWE Hall of Fame Preview

I am absolutely thrilled that WWE finally decided to induct the greatest legend of our era into the WWE Hall of Fame! IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Virgil joined the WWF in 1987 as the manservant of "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. Realizing that Ted Dibiase would soon be in the shadow of this charismatic performer, Virgil was made the silent bodyguard with the fast fists. Virgil would take the brutal punishment and bumps that Dibiase was clearly unable to take and Virgil made the otherwise boring cards headlined by stale acts Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage, the most memorable shows in wrestling history, as he took on the uber-talented Outback Jack and Ted Arcidi. Main eventing Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Survivor Series, and Summerslam as well as constant request for personal appearances for 7-11 openings, as well as spending his weekends selling his wares at that food court his local mall, in an attempt to stay grounded and reconnect with his community, c