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Wrestling's Greatest Mysteries Solved!

In the world of pro wrestling, many stories go untold. Being a lifelong fan, I always find it interesting to discover new tales of pro wrestling's most bizarre tales. And it seems new info comes out each and every day. With all the shoot interviews and podcasts, we hear a LOT of out of this world stories that you really can't believe unless you were actually there. And that's just the way it is with wrestling. The backstage drama is sometimes more interesting than what we see on the screen.  Of all the people involved in drama, no other wrestler has been quite the most unlucky when it comes to being passed over for new and big ideas quite like Marty Jannetty. The former Rocker seems to have missed more opportunities than anyone else in the business. While he got to play The Undertaker floating to the Heavens in the famous 1994 Royal Rumble casket match, his mythic career stalled soon afterwards. Today we look at the most epic bad decisions in wrestling that involved the l