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Hallmark Ornaments I'd Want For Christmas!

Ok, ok, ok.  Don't even say it. I know it's not even August yet, I get it. But this whole Christmas in July thing has had me thinking a lot about Christmas and how much I truly hope this years Christmas will be as great if not better than last . While I've got got a little under 5 months to worry about it, I do have to say that something caught my eye on a random trip to Hallmark this past Friday that made me wish Christmas was here sooner. I can only be referring to Hallmark's amazing ornaments. Yup! Every year, Hallmark delivers more and more awesome ornaments to doll up our Christmas tree in unlikely geek fashion. Which is awesome seeing as 15-20 years ago, all Hallmark put out was a replica lunchbox or a mouse opening presents. That was pretty much it. But now, the floodgates are opened and we can finally put Batman on a tree or a diorama of Clark Griswold plugging in his lights from Christmas Vacation. It's about time, too. I got tired of handmaking nWo and N

Conquering the 50 Mile Yard Sale

Oh boy. I've been waiting a while for this. After almost a month or so of nothing but packing for my upcoming move and working a new job, I've been tired and stressed out. Thankfully, the promise of 50 miles of nonstop yard sales was certainly a nice change of pace and the much needed getaway for an afternoon. So, after I woke up, I loaded up on sugar and made the hour drive down to Montezuma, a small town, right outside of Syracuse for this. Note: I apologize in advanced for the photo quality, I'm using an old camera so they aren't all perfect. Now, at first I expected massive failure. When I first arrived, I found miles and miles of nothing but baby clothes and old tools. Did I drive all this way for a free seat warmer that I found in some box on the side of the road? Well, it seemed like that. I went 10 more miles up the road before I found anything else of interest. But thank goodness I kept going because it got better... BATMAN CARRYING CASE WITH 13

Wild Thing(1987) Review

No, not the WCW payperview from 1990. Today, I'll be reviewing the movie "Wild Thing" from our buddies at Olive Films. No Ric Flair, but I'm sure you'll still enjoy it. Starring Robert Knepper, Wild Thing provides an updated Tarzan story. As a young child seeing his parents murdered, Wild Thing quickly abandoned any  form of a normal life to become a defender of the innocent in the big city as well as return to normalcy. Ok, now I know what you're going to say "Chad, I've seen this before" and most likely you have, especially with so many superheroes following that same basic premise. I'd say, this is the best Tarzan movie out there. Except it's not Tarzan. It's like a blend of Batman, Tarzan, and any Canon movie out at the time. Now, what are the high points? Well, the acting is all pretty fun. The cast is pretty good. Future star, Robert Knepper puts on a pretty good "silent savage" performance, which I'd say

Roller Boogie Review

Well, Olive Films is at it again. They just keep releasing some obscure and forgotten favorites that we've always been hoping to see get a bluray release. And the movie I received from Olive Films, Roller Boogie is one of those movies. I had never seen it all the way through before, so I jumped at the chance to not also get a screener but also expose myself to a new movie that I've always heard fun things about. The story of Terry, played by Linda Blair, wanting to achieve roller skating greatness while her favorite roller rink gets threatened by a bunch of mafia guys is a pretty straight forward story. In fact, it's a been done by other directors with fads. While I really wanted to like this movie, I didn't. Unlike Thrashin', I didn't grow up in this era and didn't have any emotional attachment to any sort of the story, nostalgia, or location. I haven't been a fan of roller skating since I was about 5 but I figured since I'm a fan of cult class

Ecto Cooler Candle Giveaway!

So with all the debate on the new Ghostbusters movie flooding the internet(half good, half good), I figure now would be a good time to do a quick giveaway. See, I'm in a pickle. My girlfriend ordered me the Ecto Cooler candle from HorrorDecor and FreddyInSpace and so did I. I now have TWO! And, as much as I'd love to hoard both, I know some didn't even get ONE. So, I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Slimer not included. Sorry! So here's the deal: like my Facebook page, here . Then in the comments here, please tell me what your favorite Ghostbuster is as well as your email address! That's IT. Plain and simple. Peter, Winston, Egon, Ray, Luis, even the Filmation Ghostbusters are eligible! Yes, I'm serious! Even Tracy the Gorilla! This contest will only last for the next week(7/18/15) so enter NOW!! And don't forget to give  Freddy In Space  and  HorrorDecor  a like on Facebook for more on their upcoming products! -Chad