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NECA 8-Bit Freddy

This 8-Bit Horror trend we've been seeing lately is pretty astonishing to me. This year we've seen a resurgence in the Friday the 13th video game all thanks to NECA releasing a San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure in a variation of his appearance in the classic NES game. And it paved way for many to reminisce about how awful the game was(including me, who spent more time than I care to admit playing it.) and eventually lead to people dressing as the NES Jason at conventions and even cooler, artist Chris Ott of London 1888 studios is releasing an AWESOME t-shirt showcasing great art of NES Jason.   If you're a Jason fan, it's pretty cool to see this happening. If you're a old school gaming fan, like myself, it's pretty cool too. And while this has lead to a pretty warm reception due to it's uniqueness(as well as being a figure we've never EVER seen done before!) it's starting to spread into other franchises. Shortly after Jason was made available, NE