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My All Time Favorite Survivor Series Teams!

Ahhh...the 30th annual Survivor Series happens tonight and I am hyped! I always loved Survivor Series as a kid. The unique aspect of seeing 4-5 wrestlers who would normally never be around each other to take on their most vicious rivals. It was a lot of fun to watch and it made Thanksgiving night that much better! And as someone who loves Thanksgiving, this just gave me something additional to look forward to. Recently, The Royal Rumble has overtaken the Survivor Series as my current favorite PPV, but for my money, nothing takes away the fun of being a kid and watching this and getting excited over the elimination matches. I even got to attend Survivor Series 2009 when it took place in Washington, DC. It was a great time. I really was happy to finally attend it, especially since I missed out on attending it in 1995 when it took place at the legendary Capitol Center. In fact, I still have my shirt from that night's event! On top of that, I also own a throwback S

5 VHS For A Day Off: Volume 3

It's been way too long since I've done this. But, now feels like the right time to do it again.  Having a day off and zero motivation to actually do anything is a very dangerous combination. I mean, I've had three days off this week and accomplished absolutely nothing whatsoever. Seeing as today is my last day off until I go back to work tomorrow, I need to at least do something. Clea the apartment? Play with the bunnies? Paint a portrait? Nah. I know what I need to do: A VHS MARATHON! Awwwww yeah! Time for some goofy movies with bad special effects and corny one-liners. But what did I choose? Let's take a little looksee: MONSTERS: Being a huge fan of anthology series, I've always meant to check this show out, but never could get a hold of the episodes themselves. I even missed the reruns on SciFi Channel  when they'd be aired back in the day. But, thanks to a fateful trip to the flea market, I was able to score this tape featuring two episodes. And

The Mickey Mouse Fan Club Kit!

Very few things scream "being an 80s kid" than signing up for a fan club. Back then, we as kids had so many different options in pop culture to sign our allegiance over to. GI Joe, WWF, Ninja Turtles, Barbie were just a few properties that had fan clubs. Heck, even local tv networks had "kids clubs". And who can forget the Burger King Kids Club? And of course, these days you can't get much cooler of a fan club than StrangeKidsClub , which you should be regular reading material for all of you! In the 1980s though, if you had close to 12 bucks and a lot of patience, you could receive a giant tyvek envelope filled with a bunch of crazy crap that would most likely get lost under your bed after a year or two. A sticker sheet, a membership card, maybe a t-shirt, maybe a magazine or a hat and some other stuff you could probably wow your friends with. If you're friends aren't impressed by a GI Joe fan club belt buckle, they're not really your fri