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Who put jelly in my glass? A guest entry by Laurie of Knit Terrors

source: myremoteradio Welch's jelly glasses. Every household had one (at least).  As a child, I always loved them - at one point landing myself a Sylvester & Tweety glass from their 1994 Looney Tunes series. As much as I love grape jelly, it wasn't about that. I mean, it was, in the fact that you couldn't eat the jelly fast enough, but then you got to have this sweet looking glass to use for years to come. They were on par with those Pepsi Looney Tunes glasses (I'm convinced everyone had those too). Nothing could touch my love for Sylvester. NOTHING . I remember going across the street to my cousin's house and they had a cupboard full of them. I always made it a point to drink out of one - I remember the T-Rex one most.  They were a great novelty, like getting the prize in the cereal box, but unlike some of those throwaway prizes, the glass served a purpose afterwards. Doppelganger to none other than Cheesasaurus Rex There isn&

Experiencing Jodorowsky's Dune

I hate the movie Dune. I hate everything about it. I feel it's one of the most angering and boring experiences known to man. Which is a shame, because I'm a very big fan of David Lynch. Anyone who knows anything about Dune, knows everything just fell apart and what COULD have been a great idea and a huge movie, turned out to be at least 2 hours of boredom and confusion.Now, I'm aware it has a cult following and there are fans that see past the nonsense, but for some reason, I can't. It's been a movie that I've hated since I was about 14 when I rented it and the copy got eaten up in machine leaving me without a vcr for a month. And then when I finally watched the movie, I found a waste of my life. Boring, boring, boring and just all over the place leaving me wanting to bang my head through a wall. Although, if I had at least one praise, it was the portrayal of Baron Harkonnen. The fight scene in the Beat It video was more action packed than

Hostess, Please Bring THESE Back!

These are Chocodiles. Food of the gods. So, Hostess announced this week that the elusive Chocodiles would be coming back on a national scale. Why is this such a big deal? Well, as longtime Hostess fanatics will tell you, they haven't been available on a nationwide basis in quite sometime. In fact, the only recent discovery I could even find is when Matt of DinosuarDracula found a way to obtain a box filled with them. You can read that particular adventure at this link. Truth be told, I had never heard of Chocodiles until Matt had posted his adventure. Which is odd in itself considering what a devoted Hostess-ee I am. Or is that Hostess-Host? Eh. I'm not too good at these things so I'll leave it at Hostess-ee. So, as you can imagine imagine, chocolate covered Twinkies were quite the world shattering idea to me the first time I discovered their delicious existence. Since Matt's article, I have never been able to even find ANY Chocodiles outside a site called &qu