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Hell of Fame: Freddy Krueger

In this wonderful and weird world of horror, we sure do have a lot of colorful characters. The hulking undead in hockey masks, butchers with chainsaws, candymen with hooks, cross-dressing freaks with mother issues. The list can go on for days upon days. And indeed they all deserve their place in a horror hall of fame. But none more deserving(at least int his writers mind) than the man I'm covering today.  By now it's no secret who my favorite icon of horror truly is. Frederick Charles Krueger, known to everyone and their grandmothers as Freddy Krueger. Brilliantly played by the extremely talented Robert Englund, Freddy was the brain child of Wes Craven in his opus "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Since 1984, Freddy Krueger has haunted our dreams and scared the pants off  us in 6 sequels, a crossover film with his rival Jason Voorhess, a remake in which Jackie Earle Haley donned the famous razor glove, a often forgotten tv spinoff and a slew of merchandising that would