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Reliving Past Shenanigans

So yesterday I discussed my love of Halloween related treats. Today I want to discuss something else close to my heart: Conventions. I've been attending conventions and shows since 1994. That year I got to play tag-along with my friend Ryan who was attending the local "Small Press Xpo" in Bethesda, MD. The convention focused on independent comics done by underground artists. I had never been exposed to indie comics before; I was a slave to the Marvel, DC, and Image machines at the time. I picked up a few comics by local artists. I lost them later but the impact of attending a show like this stayed with me to this day. Over the following years, I would attend every and any kind of convention in the book. Perhaps the biggest convention to happen to me at the time was my first out of town trip with Ryan yet again. Ironically, it was to Rochester, NY for Botcon, a convention dedicated to Transformers. Ryan had gotten me into Transformers in the past few years and I jumped

My Love Of Being A Halloween Fatty!

Halloween season is now in full effect. Sure, September helped kick it off. But today is October's crunch time, people. Preparing for Halloween is always fun for me. I'm a firm believer in having fun in everything you do in life, so Halloween is no different. I've always loved Halloween. It's just a fun feeling, especially as a horror movie fan and those young at heart. it's fun to be able o let your freak flag fly, dress up and indulge in the fun of the season. And lets face it, who doesn't love free candy! Halloween officially kicks off that end of the year holiday season that some of us dread and some of us love. It's right around that time of year where the weather gets a little chilly and that great Autumn smell is in the air. And who doesn't love having a bonfire with your friends while rocking your favorite hoodie? Halloween also gives us great special themed episodes of our favorite shows, horror movies being shown on every channel and