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Review: Sgt Slaughter GI Joe Classified Figure

​ Here’s a figure that I’ve been waiting a while for and if you’re a GI Joe fanatic, I bet you have as well. It’s time to fall in line, eat some snake burgers and head to the SlaughterHouse, because Sgt Slaughter has arrived to the GI Joe: Classified line!!!! Let’s take a look at what makes this particular figure so amazing: THE BOX: I know I know. No more plastic. Still dealing with that myself and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. But that’s another thought for another day. What we need to focus on is the amazing artwork by uber-talented artist and die hard, lifelong Joe fan, Adam Riches . Adam included as many pieces of Sarge’s legendary incarnations as a Joe for the art: The comic, the live action bumpers and introductions, the cartoon, the original packaging and my personal favorite, the Triple T commercial(where you see the fist breaking through). It really gives you an idea just how important Sarge is to the line and what he represents. And I know Adam was the right person

Review: Monster Mania Oaks Show

​ I’ve attended quite a few conventions this year, and I really would like to write full reviews on all of them. Especially Chiller Theatre Halloween, but this is just a quick review I wanted to punch out quickly. I’ll get to the Chiller review soon though. That was a weekend I need to share with everyone. So I attended Monster Mania at the Oaks Convention Center in Phoenixville, PA this weekend. This was MM’s second venture inside the convention center and I gotta tell ya: Monster Mania in a convention center>>>>>>>>>>Monster Mania in a hotel. That move to Oaks definitely helped add a better convention going experience. Hope they continue to run it more, I’d gladly go out of my way to attend that show again. I’ve been saying that Cherry Hill hotel shows are a disaster for fans attending for ages now to the point that I just feel like a broken record. There’s no room to move around, breathe, can’t catch up with your friends in the convention space itself w